7 Amazing Wall Decal Ideas for the Living Room

Walling that is plain, with no pattern or design, is no longer available. Decorating your walls with stylish new decals and wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular among interior designers and homeowners. There are a variety of designs, dimensions, and materials for these decals. Popular options include watercolor prints and vinyl stickers, but there are other options out there!

Therefore, you’ve come to the right place if you’re ready to join the fantastic trend bandwagon! The most appealing wall decals for the living area are shown below:

Decorate with Life-Sized Watercolor Cactus Decals

Have you ever wished you could bring the Wild West home with you? So here is your chance! This realistic watercolor cactus wall decal set is what you’ll need. Your living room will look fresh in no time if you pair it with some dependable wall glue.

Minimalist residences with muted hues and a (but eye-catching) design will love this wall decal set. These cacti decals don’t need to be combined with other wall art pieces because of their low visibility. If you prefer, you can leave the remainder of the wall blank.

Celebrate Family with these Heartwarming Vinyl Wall Decals

It’s where the heart is at home. With this heartwarming wall decal, you can show your loved ones how you feel about them!

This decal won’t stain over time since it is fashioned from waterproof vinyl. If you’re lucky, it’ll last you for a couple of years.

Moreover, due to its complete black color scheme, this sticker is ideal for most living spaces. Minimalist, contemporary, farmhouse, and coastal are just a few of the styles that will work with it.

Try Some Watercolor Floral Wall Decals for the Living Room

These watercolor peonies are excellent as stickers to brighten a dreary living space because they are full of life.

Therefore, why not bring some pretty peonies into your home to help revive the atmosphere? They’re ideal for contemporary settings that match with their pink and white color scheme.

This wall decal may also be used in conjunction with other botanical hues. A brown sofa or a green couch, for example, may be perfect.

Try Out Some Acrylic Mirrored Circle Stickers

When used with gentle, rounded furniture, these 3D mirrored acrylic decals would look stunning. Living spaces with numerous soft couches or sofas with inward curves are examples of this.

You may also match this decal with a loud, contrasting color wall to emphasize its natural look. The most effective dark solid hues include navy, brown, and red. If you want to go with plain white walls, that’s fine too. After all, this is a very versatile decal.

Bring the Jungle Home with a Birch Forest Mural

This woodland-themed mural might be exactly what you’re looking for if you enjoy watercolor and gouache paintings!

This wall decal is best-suited to contemporary residences that appreciate understated art and has a stunning collection of gently painted flora and animals. When used against both plain and textured walls, it will perform well.

The decal has a modest white backdrop and features a delicate pastel palette. Other pastel-colored walls, or even white brick ones like in the picture, will blend it in nicely!

Celebrate Abstract Art with this Paint Drip Wallpaper

This stunning wallpaper has a striking marbled pattern in neutral tones that looks amazing. This wall decal’s white and black design makes it ideal for blending in with modern-themed home furniture.

When used with gold-accented décor pieces, as seen in the image above, it will really shine.

Why not finish the effect with this stunning abstract wallpaper if your living space has other contemporary elements? You may also emphasize the visual by placing some stunning picture frames on top of it.

Celebrate Color with this Sewzinski Banksia Floral Wallpaper

Look no further if you’re looking for a bold, bright, and one-of-a-kind wall decal. This vibrant, warm living rooms wall sticker is perfect for psychedelic decorations. It can be combined with mid-century modern furniture with similar designs or a lot of color.

Wall decal: Do not put posters or ornamental frames on this wall decal. Instead, leave it alone in the spotlight. This will help your furniture blend in with the rest of the room and enhance its natural look.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve been able to choose the ideal new decal for your living room thanks to this impressive collection of awe-inspiring items.

Take your room’s theme into account when picking a wall decal. For instance, if your current furniture is cheerful and floral, try for a decal that fits.

Before you purchase a new product, make sure that the décor is not mismatched!

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