8 Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas

The color combination of blue and gold is spectacular. The calmness and serenity that come with blue make it a popular hue. In contrast, gold is eclectic and dramatic, drawing people’s attention.

This unlikely duo may appear to be a strange match at first, but it will undoubtedly make you fall in love. It’s especially effective in rooms with children! For blue and gold bedroom ideas, here are a few of our favorites.

Navy Blue and Gold Make a Perfect Match

We can’t help but mention a contemporary navy and gold bedroom first when discussing this gorgeous color scheme and where it succeeds best. Navy is a beautiful shade of blue that appears sophisticated and dramatic.

It has a distinct style all its own. And this space will stand out by adding some dramatic golden accents. Among the navy furniture, you may see a golden chandelier with a modest design that looks so beautiful in such a space. That’s precisely why this color scheme has such strong impact!

Find a Blue and Gold Wallpaper to Make Your Room Pop

We emphatically recommend purchasing a decent wallpaper if you’ve been interested in this hue combination for some time but aren’t sure how to use it in your room. Begin with the blue and gold combination, which is the simplest and best route. It is, too!

A dark blue backdrop, with rose gold and gold accents, is featured in this wallpaper. With a touch of blue, this wallpaper ties in the pinks and golds, creating a comfortable boho heaven that anybody could easily fall in love with.

Blue and Gold Work Amazingly in a Modern Bedroom

It seems that this gorgeous color combination was specifically designed for contemporary bedrooms. It just takes the room to a new level altogether. Even if you’re looking for a more comfortable environment. Another excellent example of this may be found here.

The room feels lighter right away because of the white walls. Against the wall and the light blue pillowcases, the bed is painted a deep midnight blue that is virtually black, producing a stunning visual contrast. But, the room is totally transformed by adding gold accents over the top of it, such as this throw and fan. Gorgeous, elegant design!

Make Gold the Dominant Color in Your Bedroom

You may try as many variations as you want with this combination. While keeping the details gold, you don’t have to be conventional and choose blue as the primary color. The inverse is equally attractive.

The walls, as well as certain elements, are painted gold. The room has a bright, lively feel when the nightstand is set up against these rich walls. It’s a nice option, but it doesn’t seem too intrusive. This is an intriguing notion to consider.

A Blue and Gold Combination Looks Amazing With Almost Any Decor

You might believe you’re “stuck” with a certain style of décor when it comes to blue and gold bedroom ideas. You may do anything you want in a contemporary bedroom, even if this color scheme performs miracles! This color scheme is still in fashion.

This is a fantastic example of a blue and gold transitional bedroom. It’s bright, beautiful, and very spacious. The bed is made of beautiful golden velvet, so Gold takes the wheel here. Yet, the room’s details appear stunning in lighter blue tones, demonstrating that this color scheme may be used in a variety of ways.

A Golden Bedframe Always Looks Stunning

When it comes to this color combination, there’s a simple rule that always applies. Investing in a golden bedframe is never a bad decision. It has a royal and gorgeous appearance. It can, however, have a vintage feel and appear eclectic depending on the remainder of the décor.

A golden bedframe seems bright, vibrant, and contemporary in this happy coastal room. The greens and yellows in the room are harmonized perfectly with the golden frame. Yet blue and gold are the dominant colors in this daring bedroom, with sky blue bedding and the wallpaper’s base. It also seems to be quite nice.

Blue and Gold Details Make the Room Look Regal

Maybe you’re considering adding some blue and gold to your bedroom design, but aren’t sure whether it’s for you. That’s absolutely fine! When you want to inject some grandeur into a space and elevate it, minimal blue and gold decor can help you do so.

When you add just a few basic blue and gold accents, a neutral bedroom becomes immediately more interesting. You don’t have to commit yourself fully. The room appears and feels royal with the addition of a few drapes, a nightstand, and other accents here and there.

Dark Blues With Golden Accents Look Stunning in Traditional Bedrooms

The classic is a design that will never go out of style. That’s a classic style. Therefore, you may not assume that navy blue and gold bedroom designs would match into a traditional bedroom. But you’d be mistaken, since that’s where it stands right now.

In a traditional bedroom, navy blue holds so much sway. It has a sense of richness, complexity, and excitement. That traditional bedroom tone is perfect for it. This can raise the already exquisite bedroom to a new height by providing some appropriate golden décor!


You can’t go wrong with blue and gold, as we’ve demonstrated in this article. From the vibrant and energetic sky blue to the sophisticated navy, this color scheme works with all hues of blue.

It’s also effective with various interior design approaches. This color combination may be made to not just fit, but also shine from coastal to traditional. We also provided you with some of our favorite looks. So, what are you waiting for? Enter the blue and gold universe and discover your ideal combination! We wish you success in your endeavors.

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