Butterfly Vanessa Dining Table by Bartoli

There’s a mesmerizing quality to the delicate dance of butterflies, their ethereal flight punctuated by vivid wings.

Bartoli Design’s Vanessa Table – Take Three

The way their wings gracefully arch and curve sparked inspiration in Bartoli, leading to the creation of the Vanessa Dining Table. The table’s legs replicate this wing shape, crafted from stratified, multilayered wood into a distinct triangular form. Topped with resilient glass molded into a rectangular shape, this table is both sturdy and captivating.

When nestled in your dining space, the Vanessa Dining Table exudes elegance, its unique design certain to captivate your guests. Don’t be deceived by the seemingly fragile and delicate butterfly-inspired legs – they underpin a robust and enduring piece of furniture.

The Third Installment of the Vanessa Table by Bartoli Design

Every meal at this stunning table transforms into a delightful moment, adding a touch of charm to your dining room. Tailored to meet your needs, it comes in various dimensions or can be custom ordered to suit your interior perfectly.

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