20 Gorgeous Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas That You Will Love

The use of natural materials like wood and untreated metal is what rustic décor is all about. In addition to traditional, coastal, and modern decor styles, this distinctive look is frequently combined. Given that you find the appropriate goods, it is a versatile theme that can instantly improve any interior space’s appearance.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re interested in revamping your home based on rustic style! The greatest rustic bathroom décor ideas are shown below:

Install a Barn Door

Natural materials, especially wood, are emphasized in a rugged design. As a result, if you want a bathroom door with a strong rustic atmosphere, you’ve come to the right place! Why not choose this elegant, natural wood barn door?

This rustic-themed bathroom will be perfect with this door’s rough, natural wood print. So you don’t have to be concerned about how this door will blend in with the background. It will fit in with any rustic interior design thanks to its neutral brown color scheme!

Decorate with Steampunk Pendant Lights

The marriage of industrial design culture to traditional rustic design is represented by these steampunk pendant lights.

The natural, unfinished state of products is the focus of rustic décor. These lamps stand out among other bathroom light choices because of their ornate or polished finishes.

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at these lights is the tungsten interior of each bulb. They aren’t covered up by big lampshades or veils. Instead, these bulbs have been left in a state of “unfinishedness,” allowing their original beauty to shine through!

Install a Grand Dark Wood Vanity

If you want a opulent, dark vanity that exudes an air of imperious might, you’ve found it. This is the ideal vanity for you because it is heavy and double-cabinet.

This vanity features a rich, impressive look with a dark Maplewood finish that is fashioned from real wood. Nevertheless, by allowing the wood’s natural cambium patterns to shine through, it maintains its rustic character. The knobs are simply fashioned from rough metal, giving the vanity a lived-in appearance.

Opt for an Oversized Wooden Mirror Featuring a Metallic Finish

Plain wood finishes will be used on many rustic interior items. This does not imply you must always have a wood-only finish, even if it precisely fits the topic.

A wooden frame may be found in this large, exquisite mirror, although it is also coated with a beautiful metallic finish. This mirror stands out among a thousand other pieces because to its unique approach to rustic design.

It has a distinct ability to blend in with various decorative styles thanks to the metal finish. This rustic mirror, for example, may be combined with an industrial sink to create a stunning combination!

Opt for Barndoor Style Mirrors

Barndoors, as previously mentioned, are a rustic design staple. In fact, if you want a pair of mirrors that go perfectly with the rustic design concept, then these are worth considering.

Their brown frame will go well with the other rustic furniture in your bathroom. In addition, you may utilize a few indoor plants to decorate the area surrounding these mirrors. They’ll simply seem to be an extension of the plants themselves due to their natural wooden finish.

Install an Antique-Looking Wooden Vanity

Because of its natural wood finish, this vanity already has a rustic appearance. Nevertheless, due to its antique-style construction and arrangement, it also pays homage to previous vanity creations. Of course, this adds to its appeal – few pieces can achieve both the antique and rustic styles!

This vanity, therefore, is perfect for you if you want to try out an old or vintage-style rustic bathroom design.

Optimize Your Bathroom’s Rustic Look with a Barndoor-Themed Vanity Set

Why not boost up your bathroom’s appearance with this barndoor vanity if you’re interested in utilizing the classic barndoor design? This vanity is made of dark wood and fits in with the rustic décor aesthetic. It features an unfiltered, raw cambium pattern, as well as being composed of organic material. This permits it to maintain a rustic, natural appearance that is difficult to match!

Install an “Oil Rubbed” Bronze Bathroom Faucet

A unique “oil rubbed” matte finish is found on this sink faucet.

The rustic style doesn’t like gleaming metallic finishes or a lot of luster. As a result, this sink is ideal for people who want a creative sink that stands out against the backdrop of rustic fashion trends.

Two separate taps are also included, making it simple to tell when hot and cold water is being used. You may run both applications at the same time and adjust them until you reach your desired water temperature.

Revamp Your Bathroom Walls with Rustic Porcelain “Wood Look” Tiles

Why not decorate your rustic tiny bathroom with these lovely, reclaimed wood-style tiles if you want to maximize the most out of your rustic small bathroom?

They’re made of porcelain, which isn’t a typical rustic substance, yet they resemble wooden tiles in appearance. In reality, unlike actual wood, their porcelain finish protects them from water and mites.

Because of their resemblance to natural, reclaimed wood, these tiles may easily be classified as “rustic” at the conclusion of the day. They are also perfect for dark, dramatic colors in rustic contemporary bathrooms that want to try something different!

Install Hexagonal “Wood Look” Tiles…

A variety of distinct wood patterns go into the creation of these tiles. This product is ideal for homeowners who desire creative décor because no two tiles are alike.

These tiles may be used for both the floor and the walls because of their various appearances. Decorating your entire bathroom with the same print, on the other hand, may reduce its visual appeal. It’s best to stick to just one.

Or Opt for a Blue-and-Brown Plank Combo

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for rustic-themed items with a tiny coastal vibe to them. In a blue-and-brown themed bathroom inspired by both rustic and coastal design, these distressed wooden boards would look fantastic.

You may, of course, use them in rustic settings as well. They’re a terrific option for adding a splash of color to a normally monochrome area when you don’t want something bright.

A high-quality wallpaper base is used to print these wooden boards. Installing them is also very simple! Just remove the protective coating and stick them on your bathroom’s empty wall to complete the project.

Install a Hand-Hammered Copper Sink Bowl

18-gauge copper was used to create this sink bowl. As a result, if not for more, it’s sure to outlast you. Copper is a frequently used metal in rustic design, and designers use it to express the spirit of rough, natural beauty.

This bowl was hand-made in addition to being made of high-quality copper. It has a fascinating texture that only hand-hammered products have. So, if you want a rustic sink bowl that has a narrative, this is the ideal item for you!

Place a Cowhide Bathroom Mat

Real cowhide mats are both costly and unethical. Investing in an inexpensive synthetic material faux cowhide mat is a better option.

A synthetic mat, on the other hand, may easily achieve an organic, rustic appearance despite its synthetic origins. Remember, cowhide is a fantastic option since it embodies the rustic design philosophy of emphasizing rough, natural components.

Toss Your Dirty Clothes into a Wicker Laundry Basket

A wicker laundry basket is a safe bet. Wicker baskets are not only environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives, but they also suit the aesthetic of rural décor.

This woven wicker basket is a great way to add some texture to your bathroom, made from organic rattan. It’s also perfect for holding your old, unwashed garments since it has such a huge volume. And, of course, this basket is a superb fit for rustic-themed rooms because of its use of natural materials.

Store Toiletries within a Rattan Basket

These tiny rattan baskets are perfect for stowing your shower supplies away. This is where you’ll fit your shower towels, face towels, loofah, and shampoo.

Remember, the more the merrier! Having a set of three baskets is much preferable than having a single big basket. All of your items may be neatly organized by category and kept in their own basket. You’ll never lose or mix up your toiletries by doing this.

Install Wooden Bathroom Shelves

The pinnacle of modern rustic bathroom decor is these wooden shelves. They’re beautifully designed and have a nice, eye-catching finish, which makes them ideal for contemporary homes with clean-cut, chiseled furniture.

These shelves are ideal for rustic interior settings since they are made of pure wood. The stunning black support hooks placed beneath each single shelf also make them appealing to look at.

Store Bathroom Essentials within a Reclaimed Wood Multi-Tier Ladder Shelf

The reclaimed wood of this shelf makes it appropriate for rustic-themed bathrooms. This shelf is all that and more, since it has a rustic design that emphasizes natural, organic-looking furniture. Moreover, it has three levels, giving you enough storage capacity for all of your needs.

Alternatively, you can use it as a decorative element, decking it with stunning rustic decorations. If you want, you may put a lovely conch shell or some flowers, for example.

Decorate with a Reclaimed Wood Toiletry Rack (with Towel Bar)

This reclaimed wood toiletry rack is a wonderful, eco-friendly option for your rustic bathroom because of its stunning appearance! It’s a gorgeous blue that works in rustic bathrooms that require some color. Because of its lovely, nautical color scheme, this item can be mixed with a few coastal décor items as well.

This rack is very functional and has an ergonomic design, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. It’s spacious enough to hold multiple bathroom items and a single towel.

Opt for a Bamboo Ladder Towel Rack

A good towel rack is created using this basic bamboo ladder. You may readily store all of your bath towels here because of the numerous rungs. Your smaller face and hand towels will also fit in the space.

This ladder rack has an unbeatable rustic charm due to its wood finish. In addition, unlike its unbecoming plastic counterparts, it’s made of natural bamboo wood, making it significantly more environmentally friendly.

Add Texture with a Crocheted Bathroom Mat

Natural textures, such as those created by crocheted goods, are championed by rustic design. Don’t be afraid to try something new if you’re worried about all of the smooth, untextured surfaces in your bathroom! Add some much-needed texture to your bathing area with this mat.

This mat is a fantastic addition to any room’s décor. The bright, bold yellow color scheme that it has can help to brighten and bolden the space under your sink.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these rustic bathroom ideas have helped you envision how you’ll decorate your new bathing room.

It’s important to check whether products complement one another when you’re choosing them. Bright-colored floor mats are a bad idea when purchasing a vanity made of dark wood, for example.

You may quickly design a gorgeous, rustic-themed bathroom by taking little factors like this into account.

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