13 Ideas to Match the Backsplash with Granite Countertops

In the kitchen, granite is one of the most popular countertop materials. Granite is a fantastic option because of its obvious physical qualities: durability, strength, and longevity. Yet, finding that ideal piece of backsplash while renovating your kitchens can be difficult.

There are several types of backsplash designs for your kitchen, depending on the size and scale, as well as style and vibe. Since each granite piece is unique in its own way, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. As a result, here are the greatest conceivable granite countertop options to consider.

Cement Patterned Backsplash Tile

This abstract and trendy backsplash tile on board adds a sense of drama and character to your kitchen. This pair will quickly blend to produce an energetic and exciting effect on your granite countertop, which has warmer hues.

Additionally, this design is ideal for medium to bigger-sized kitchens. These backsplash tiles pair well with your granite countertops, whether you’re looking for modern, contemporary, industrial, rustic, Mid-Century or Spanish Colonial style.

Natural Pebble Ceramic Tile

This genuine pebble ceramic tile goes wonderfully with your real granite worktops, as it strives for an exquisite Italian look. It adds a soft and warm feel to the panorama by completing your color palette and giving the walls a visual dimension.

Amalgamating the subtle brown with warm gray, this weathered-looking tile proves to be an extremely versatile and timeless option with all of the interior design styles.

Black and White Mosaic Tile

The walls of your kitchen will benefit from the glossy backsplash tile, which will add a touch of class. Because black and white hues are classic, they go wonderfully with your deep granite counters. You should be cautious when using them because they may seem excessively loud at times.

secondly, keep in mind that these tiles are peel and stick, so they may be put in by the homeowner himself.

Polished Copper Backsplash

Consideration of the color and style of the cabinets, as well as the type of countertop, should be made when selecting backsplash tiles. Sometimes, you may pick to go focal and bold even though you want your backsplash tile to blend perfectly with the palette.

And by installing a polished copper metallic backsplash to achieve a “wow” effect, you may add an eclectic touch to your kitchens.

Unglazed Black Hexagon Tile

This matte finish geometric tile generates a seamless minimalistic appearance, and it can transform your kitchen into a contemporary and stylish wonderland. This black tile has a lot of personality and complements the warm or cool-toned granite.

For black and white monochromatic kitchens that appreciate the various hues, tints, and tones of gray, this is also a fantastic recommendation. Thus, black is a fantastic color to conceal food stains and dirt since it is an easy-to-keep hue.

White Subway Glossy Tile

A versatile option in your kitchen is the water-resistant and stain-resistant white subway glossy tile. This tile has an impervious surface that prevents food stains and dirt from absorbing, making it a great kitchen purchase with a simple-to-keep feature.

Finally, this is a wonderful way to make your kitchen seem alive and bright. On the other hand, it makes your kitchen appear to be bigger than it is!

Patterned Porcelain Wall Tile

These Moroccan-inspired backsplash wall tiles are very stylish and quirky, and they have an intriguing pattern that perfectly complements your granite countertops. This combination will result in your tile projecting out more, with a hint of style!

Additionally, make sure to choose black, white, gray, or blue as a hue for your cabinetry systems to provide a truly stunning experience. The walls will also be given additional depth and visual appeal as a result of this pattern.

Natural Stone Herringbone Mosaic Wall Tile

This vibrant and exotic natural stone backsplash wall tile is the perfect way to elevate the aura and presence of your kitchen. This tile really complements your granite countertops to provide a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere, with a feeling and texture of marble.

And these marble tiles don’t just offer interesting hues and patterns, they also offer a variety of different patterns. A sense of peace and symmetry is often created by the chevron and herringbone pattern.

Multi-Colored Geometric Ceramic Tile

Isn’t it wonderful how this multicolored geometric tile looks? The little specks on the marble tend to complete the palette, so it really complements your granite countertops. This Moroccan-inspired tile has the perfect solution to your kitchen, with hues of mint green, blue, burnt orange, and pale yellow.

You can use this tile in the shower areas, patios, entryways, and even around the fireplace. Apart from the kitchen backsplash, there are other ways to do it.

Pebble Textured Backsplash Tile

This nature-influenced backsplash tile adds an organic aesthetic to your kitchen by imbibing a feeling of biophilia. This busy backsplash for granite countertop grabs the attention of your guests while soothing the look of your kitchen.

This tile will undoubtedly impart a feeling of hierarchy when combined with your granite countertop due to the lack of uniformity in the pebbles.

Yellow Patterned Backsplash Wall Tile

To inject the hue of friendship, let’s forget about the gray, black, and white. Yes, yellow it is! As a result, when choosing vibrant yellows, blues, or even greens for your kitchen, you don’t have to be concerned about creating a sense of contrast or visual interest.

In the event that it doesn’t complement your granite counters directly, you’ll need to introduce tinges of yellow elsewhere to create a cohesive palette.

Night Sky Interlocking Tile

This intriguing blue and teal backsplash interlocking tile would be perfect for your cool-toned gray granite. Another stunning way to introduce a classic and stylish figure to the kitchen is through this. For your brown or beige-based countertops, however, it isn’t a particularly good option.

In contrast, coastal, contemporary, and modern-styled homes will find this to be a terrific option. Lastly, this backsplash tile is ideal for kitchen with a high volume of traffic because to its pure gloss finish.

Rustic Stone Backsplash

Do you prefer the look and feel of rustic or industrial kitchens? So, if you and your granite countertops are looking for this textured stacked stone tile, then it’s for you. This tile adds a modern and minimalist atmosphere that you must embrace, in addition to showcasing your walls in three dimensions.

This tile has a rich, earthy feel that will give your kitchen the look of a natural paradise. You can use it in any size kitchen, and it wouldn’t seem too boldly done.

Summing It Up

When it comes to selecting a granite countertop backsplash tile, there are no limits. So, there’s no limit to how imaginative or extravagant you can be! Let your backsplash reveal the actual style of your kitchen by taking inspiration from exciting hues and then adding textures and patterns.

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