15 Mid Century Modern Wall Decor Ideas

Maintaining classic design principles with new and more fun and current innovations is what mid-century modern (MCM) design is all about.

Several MCM ornamental components, including traditional ones like wood and modern ones like metal and vinyl, are included in this definition. There are also a lot of wooden frames and metallic embellishments, as well as subdued and lively hues.

The greatest mid century prints, MCM clocks, mid century paintings, and stunning wall mirrors are all shown below:

Embrace Unorthodox Design with a Geometrical Wall Clock

This unusual clock combines metal and wood components, staying true to the mid-century modern design. This design has a fascinating combination of smooth metal spokes and beautiful wood rectangles with various textures, which is why it’s so appealing.

This clock is ideal for midcentury modern homes with a similar color scheme, because of its black and silver color scheme. Place this clock against a contrasting white wall to emphasize its visually stunning look.

Introduce Your Wall to the Phases of the Moon

This mid-century home will benefit from this minimalist approach to expressing the moon’s many phases.

Remember that MCM fashion is about blending unexpected art forms with reverence to conventional mediums.

The wooden frame and its clean-cut borders would be the conventional elements in this situation. The gouache-like texture decked across the moons distinguishes the unusual approach.

Introduce Faux Texture with a “Wooden” Bird Print

Why not go for a fake wooden effect instead if you don’t like using actual wood? A stylish look may be achieved with this art print.

Both birds have a mid-century modern wall art appearance with a printed wooden look. The bird legs are also decorated with an ode to minimalism. Although this painting isn’t particularly vivid or forceful, it creates a lasting effect on the audience.

Appreciate Muted Pastels with a Unique Framed Print

A modest range of muted pastel colors characterizes this mid-century modern artwork. Keeping things simple and functional is the goal of MCM design. Experimenting with bursts of color that look wonderful but don’t take center stage is also part of the equation.

This is a fantastic example of mid-century modern wall art because it contains all of these elements. The clean, prominent frame that surrounds it adds to the MCM feel.

Add a Pop of Color with a Colorful Wooden Frame

This painting, like many others from the mid-century, has a distinct color scheme that meshes with the retro design idea.

One of the most common materials used in mid-century modern design is wood canvas, which is seen in this print.

Another aspect that connects it to the MCM aesthetic is the design’s straightforward approach to creativity. Mid century modern design is more concerned with functional, minimal patterns than with flamboyant themes like glam or electric.

Bring the Sun Home with this Sunburst Wall Clock

The sun in all of its glory is represented by this golden wall clock. This clock not only tells the time, but it also gives your room a glossy finish that can enhance its appearance.

This clock will fit in nicely if your furniture has gold trim! There is a good chance that this clock will match mid-century modern dressers, beds, and chairs since they all include golden elements.

Deck Your Walls with Succulents

Succulents are a big hit with mid-century modern planters, so check them out if you love them! These planters pay homage to MCM design with their use of straight, unbroken lines. Moreover, tiny plants can be added to the pots to give it an organic feel.

These tasty pots can also brighten up a dreary space without straying from the core concept. These planters will stand out against even the plainest of walls thanks to their eye-catching golden finish.

Appreciate Symmetry with this Minimalist Art Print

This design is compatible with both contemporary and mid-century modern furniture, owing to its subdued color scheme.

The clean, unbroken lines that characterize mid-century style are featured throughout the creative design. There is also a nod to MCM design in the form of a keen homage to symmetry art.

Furthermore, there are different sizes of this print available. As a result, you may pick one that complements your home’s design.

Decorate with a Framed Cat Print

This print is ideal for you if you adore cats and have a mid-century modern home!

With its use of retro-themed colors and geometric forms, this art print pays homage to the MCM style. Its mid-century modern appearance is further emphasized by the wooden frame around it.

This print is neither dull nor retiring, despite its simple approach to art. The hues are able to attract the attention of the observer by barely leaping off the canvas, even though they have a subdued tone.

Feel Like You’re Flying with this Airplane Print

With this beautiful art print, take a journey to the first-class seat of a mid-century airplane. This masterpiece is a true MCM masterpiece! It comes with a peek-a-boo feature from the 1960s classic brown leather seats.

To emphasize the mid-century modern aesthetic, try pairing this print with a dark wooden frame! This print’s margins will be protected as well, thanks to the frame.

Appreciate Colorful Minimalism with this Yellow Art Print

An unusual pattern made entirely of yellow circles is featured in this minimalist print.

During the 1960s, mid-century geometric prints like this one were quite popular. When the MCM style was at its pinnacle, the notion of using creative geometry in art prints was conceived.

This one would be ideal for you if you’re trying for a realistic mid century modern art print. Furthermore, since its frame is made of wood, it will match your MCM pieces.

Hang An Abstract-Patterned Circular Mirror

experimenting with a mid-century wall hanging that’s more beautiful than muted is definitely safe! This mirror will fit right in with the rest of your MCM room if it already has elements with a shiny luster.

You may view your image in this wall hanging because it has a lot of space. As a result, it has a lovely design with practicality. This mirror’s ability to follow the principles of mid-century modern design makes it reliable.

Opt for Functional Minimalism with a Simple Wooden Mirror

Functional minimalism and woodworking are emphasized in McMM design. Both are included in this mirror. This mirror is big enough to be used as a beautiful addition to your dresser because of its broad diameter. In addition, this mirror can function as a decorative wall piece because of its attractive wooden rim.

This mirror has clean, unbroken lines, similar to those seen in mid-century modern design. The relevance of this feature to the MCM aesthetic is enhanced.

Experiment with Color Using These Framed Prints

A balanced color palette of bright and subdued colors is included in this exquisite frame set. The MCM aesthetic is exemplified by this mix of traditional, plain colors (such as grey and black) and eye-catching hues (like yellow).

The entire black backdrop pays homage to the mid-century modern aesthetic as well. The unbroken, solid lines that characterize MCM frames are once again visible.

Decorate with a Vintage Framed Picture

This picture is from the twentieth century, which makes it a fantastic midcentury modern classic. Its old aesthetic is created by its grayscale color scheme, while its crisp dressing adds a contemporary touch.

This piece has no hazy illusions or vivid colors that are unnecessary. The few photographs that approach the MCM aesthetic closely are rare.

Ultimately, by emphasizing straight, unbroken lines over more flamboyant alternatives, the precise, rectangular frame effectively captures MCM design.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after going through this list of MCM décor ideas, you’ll have a good idea of what to hang on your empty wall.

Remember to consider your room’s color scheme when making your final decision. Although all of the pieces mentioned above are mid-century modern, not all of them will suit your room’s distinctive interior.

So, for instance, if you have yellow accents in your room, get a wall frame with a dash of yellow. This will make your room look more attractive than it did before.

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