Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees – Including Care Guide (With Pictures)

Dwarf weeping cherry trees are short-lived, fragrant deciduous flowering trees. They’re ideal for tiny garden settings. The tiny weeping trees create abundance of pinkish-white blooms that cover the drooping branches when cherry trees bloom in the spring. Weeping cherry blossom trees are a beautiful addition to your front or backyard because of their small size … Read more

Croton Plant: Care and Growing Guide of Codiaeum Variegatum (With Pictures)

Croton plants (Codiaeum variegatum) are gorgeous red, green, and yellow patterned leaves that are evergreen and blooming in the tropics. Croton plants, such as the Croton “Petra,” are popular houseplants that flourish in bright settings with ordinary room temperatures. Croton plants are typically simple to maintain indoors. Grow croton plants indoors Plant them in a well-draining … Read more

Weeping Cherry Trees: Types and Care (Including Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees)

In the spring, weeping cherry trees with cascading branches produce masses of lovely pinkish-white flowers. While weeping cherry blossom petals are brief-lived, they produce wonderful hues in the gardens of a short time. Their drooping, umbrella-like growth habit is thanks to their pendulous, arching branches. From tiny weeping cherry tree blooms at 8 feet (2.4 … Read more