About Wyandotte Chickens: Gorgeous, Heritage Dual Purpose Chickens

Wyandottes are generally regarded as the most suitable breed for life on the farm by most homesteaders. Wyandottes piqued my interest for their exquisite plumage when I was researching chicken breeds I wanted to own. For years, the versatility of chicken keepers has made this breed attractive. Wyandottes are excellent layers, egg producers, and mother … Read more

Eastern Red Cedar Tree With Pictures and Identification

Scale-like leaves, tiny yellow blooms, and blue berry-like cones characterize the eastern red Cedar, which is an evergreen tree. North America is home to the medium-sized coniferous tree. The reddish-brown bark, blueish-green leaves that turn bronze in the winter, and columnar or pyramidal structure distinguish the red cedar. Easter red cedars are popular as evergreen … Read more