45 Free DIY Potting Bench Plans & Ideas That Will Make Planting Easier

One thing that will make your job easier is if you spend a lot of time each year planting new pots of flowers, herbs, and potted veggies to fill your back and front porches.

A potting table is a useful tool to have.

Potting plants will no longer be a chore and a back-breaking effort thanks to the bench.

So if you’re looking for a planter, here’s one that’ll work for you. Today, we’ll show you a range of potting bench designs and inspirations that will make your yard more beautiful while also saving you time.

1. RyobiNation Potting Bench

When potting your plants, this bench includes everything you need. It’s also a high place.

The plans to construct this bench are also free, which is another huge benefit. It also seems to be a simple construction! What more could you want in a potting bench?

2. DIY Potting Bench

That potting bench is really cool. It features additional counter space, allowing you to spread out your products freely.

The bench also has overhead storage. That is a terrific feature since you can store your pots and other gardening knick-knacks in additional places once you are done.

3. The Little Red Potting Bench

This tiny bench is one of my favorites. It shouldn’t be difficult to construct since it isn’t very complicated.

I also appreciate how bright red it was painted. It would definitely add a little character to any outdoor area, and it would stand out. If you want a lot of room, you’ll have to expand this one since it isn’t particularly huge.

4. The Wood Post Potting Bench

This potting bench has a one-of-a-kind design. To give your bench a little uniqueness at first glance, they created the rear of it with lattice.

It also has a lot of storage space. Little clay pots are held in little locations on the top. Nevertheless, enough space for potting soil and other planting supplies is available at the bottom.

5. Potting Bench Perfection

The potting bench section definitely adds a lot to this room’s personality. The bench, on the other hand, remains quite useful.

There’s plenty of potting space and also storage in this plan. The open shelving is great, but I like the cabinet door because it allows you to conceal some of the less appealing items without taking up valuable space.

6. The Simple DIY Potting Bench

For anybody who pots a lot of plants throughout a season, this bench is ideal. I believe this is the greatest size we’ve examined thus far. It’s honestly the biggest one we’ve examined.

The back is also Mesh Wire, which I adore. It’s a smart way to keep tools secure and organized. It is, nevertheless, a very good value.

7. The Homey Potting Bench

When I imagine someone’s garden area, this is the potting bench that comes to mind. This bench’s colors and traditional design are beautiful.

Any supplies you may need are readily accessible thanks to the open shelving. I also appreciate how they utilized the top shelf for trinkets.

8. The Solid Wood Potting Bench

This isn’t a particularly attractive one, but it gets the job done. This may be a great option for you if you aren’t concerned about the “glam factor.”

There are many surfaces on this bench for storing and growing plants. Little cubbies at the top of the bench are designed to hold all of your pots. This potting bench would come in handy for keeping things neat.

9. The Little Blue Potting Bench

While it’s simple, this potting bench does what most users want. There is enough room to do basic potting in this space.

A nice pull-out drawer feature exists on this bench. It’s simple to reuse the dirt and save on waste when you’re putting it in the drawer since it may fall through.

10. The Outdoor Planting Table

Building this planting table appears to be straight forward. After each planting, it has a large stainless steel surface that is simple to clean.

Additionally, there’s a large open area at the bottom that’s ideal for holding essentials. You may add hooks to the side for gloves and tools if you really want them, but this doesn’t include enough hanging space.

11. The Smaller Potting Table

A lesser version of the potting table seen above is this one. It lacks a stainless steel planting area as well.

It does, however, have a narrow bottom shelf designed to hold tiny pots and an open area for potting things. If this table isn’t suitable for your needs, there are other options.

12. The Picket Potting Bench

There is a bit of personality in this potting bench. The back of the bench was made from an ancient picket fence.

That extra touch makes this piece because it obviously goes in a garden setting. It is, nevertheless, fully functional and comes with plenty of potting space and storage.

13. The Green Chicken Wire Potting Bench

If you stick with the same color scheme, this potting bench won’t go unnoticed. It’s extremely bright, and it would undoubtedly attract attention in your yard.

Additionally, there is a lot of potting and storage space on this bench. The back of the potting bench is also made out of leftover chicken wire, which I adore.

14. Free Wood Working Potting Bench

This potting bench is also reported to be totally free of charge. How many of us are aware that free stuff makes a qualitative difference?

So, if you’re looking for a basic bench that’s not too difficult to construct, this potting bench may be the one for you.

15. The Potting Bench/Bar

So, what if you only have a small patio? You want a potting bench, but you also want to entertain in a nice environment.

So, as this bench may also double as a potting bench and a bar, there is no need to worry about these concerns. The problem has been solved!

16. The Compact Potting Bench

In one small package, this potting bench has everything you need. It features a closable flat cabinet area. It’s great for storing gloves and other potting accessories after you’re done.

This potting station, however, offers you more planting area as well as an uncovered shelf at the bottom to keep bigger objects. This tiny bench may be your answer if you’re tight on space.

17. Potting Table On Wheels

Are you a bit unsure about what to do? There’s no need to be concerned; I can be like that as well. So if you decide you want to move your large potting station, it’s simple to do so because it’s lightweight and portable.

So, the problem is solved by using a potting table. It’s a mobile potting table. Rolling it to its new location is all you need or want to do if you’d like to relocate it.

18. The Potting Bench With Sink

Upcycling an old sink in this manner is a neat idea. They built a bench, but in the center of it they set an antique sink, rather than leaving it flat.

Don’t throw out an old sink if you’re not sure how to use it. Build your own unique potting bench for yourself.

19. The Potting Bench With Tub

These black tubs are used to grow fodder in. They’re cost-effective and long-lasting.

This potting bench might be what you’ve been looking for if you enjoy the notion of having a sunken in area on your potting table to allow the dirt to fall in one place.

20. Open Up Potting Bench

Don’t want a huge, heavy piece of furniture taking up your outdoor space? So it’s all right. A potting bench is still possible.

How does this happen? By using pallets to make this bench. It’s attached to your home or building on the side. It’s a potting bench that is ready to be opened

21. The Organized Potting Table

This small potting table is really well-organized and simple to make. Its rear is made of wire mesh, which prevents your heaviest things from slipping off.

However, it has enough room to store your tools and other belongings. You also have a lot of space to plant.

22. The Super Simple Potting Table

So it seems you aren’t very good at carpentry. Yet, you desire a tiny area for potting your plants.

So, this is where it happens. This is as basic as it gets. As a result, putting it together should be simple. It doesn’t take long to have your own potting area.

23. Pallet Potting Bench

This tiny potting bench was originally made out of an old pallet. You’re well aware that I adore pallets. They’re extremely durable and cost-effective building materials that may be used to build practically anything.

However, this is not the case with this bench. It’s also delightful to gaze at, in addition to being Adorable. Don’t worry if you have a limited budget. This potting bench is a great value for anyone’s budget.

24. Pallet Potting Bench #2

This rustic potting bench is a little different. The bench could be what you need if you’re unconcerned about things being attractive but merely functional.

It continues to function well and has plenty of growing area. However, a potting bench is simply made out of an old unpainted pallet.

25. Potting Bench With Storage

This potting bench is both minimalist and unusual. It’s just a table with a bottom shelf that extends all the way to the floor.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop there. When utilizing the table, there is a hidden storage area beneath the table that isn’t visible. Potting tools and gloves can easily be used to utilize that space, and they don’t have to hang out in the open like that either.

26. The Free Potting Bench

Since the instructions are claimed to be fully free, this potting bench is another one that is totally cool. So isn’t it true that free makes things much better?

So if you’re in search of a basic bench, this may be the one for you. It’s extremely basic, but it definitely gets the job done.

27. The Potting Cart

A potting cart is something I find intriguing. You may simply place your plants on the cart and roll it to each location where you want them. That will help you conserve energy.

It’s also worth noting how compact it is, since you can roll the cart out of sight when it’s not in use, which saves space on your property.

28. Cedar Work Bench

The cedarwood used in the construction of this garden work bench is stunning. It provides plenty of work and storage area.

I like the fact that the back of this bench has a receptacle for your potting accessories. Potting your plants is so much simpler when you’re organized. So having everything in one location will undoubtedly be beneficial.

29. The Classic Potting Bench

This bench is stunning in its simplicity. The builders of the blueprints made it as easy as possible for others to construct them. The materials list and cutting schedule are included.

If you’re looking for a potting table that’ll make potting easier and keep you organized, then look no further. In addition, since the plans may meet all of these demands, this might be a great place to begin if you’re a novice at constructing.

30. The $15 Potting Bench

This potting bench brings a lot of charm to your outdoor space. The fact that it will only cost you around $15 in lumber is the best part about it. Depending on where you live, this is just an estimate.

Yet, this potting bench is inexpensive and eye-appealing, especially if you merely require a bench or maybe a lovely outside table.

31. The Big, Rustic Potting Bench

Those who are committed to their planting will appreciate this potting bench. It’s also beautiful!

So if you’re an avid flower grower (and have a lot of outdoor area) who plants a large number of flowers every year, this potting station might be for you. The see-through cabinet doors are made out of old windows. Such a rustic and lovely touch.

32. A Simple DIY Potting Table

This potting table looks to be rather basic. Even if you’re a beginner with carpentry, assembly should not be difficult for you.

They appear to have simply grabbed an old table and added a shelf and a skirt for secret storage at the bottom. I don’t believe you could make it any easier.

33. The Organized Potting Bench

This potting bench is fantastic! It seems to be rather simple to construct (always a plus in my opinion), but it also has nice little organizational features that make potting easier.

The spacious open shelving and plenty of space on this potting bench are great. It also features a sink area in which debris flows into a collecting bin below. Dirt is reduced as a result of this. I appreciate that.

34. 3-Tier Potting Bench

A three-tier potting bench is available. Honestly, when potting numerous plants, it doesn’t appear to be that comfortable to use.

That would, however, work well if you just needed a little area to show your plants and wanted to pot them in the same spot. It’s either unique or it can expand your yard, whichever way you look at it.

35. The Potting Cart

Another potting cart can be found here. I am a big fan of these. They’re so adaptable and mobile, and I appreciate that.

Because you can use them for obvious potting purposes, the versatility is amazing. However, having your potted plants on display would be really cool too. You may also roll the cart into a building if you are constrained on area, as it will not take up much outdoor space.

36. Monterey Potting Center

This potting center is essentially a work table with two open shelves. The simplicity of the concept is what makes it so great. Simple is a good choice for these circumstances, as well as keeping you organized.

Nothing is more unsettling than heading to plant flowers and realizing you’ve lost your gloves and tools. If you have this potting bench, though, you don’t have to worry about storage or planting space since it has plenty.

37. The European Garden Table

A table with a tub in the middle is referred to as a European garden table. Since it helps to prevent dirt from being wasted, this is a wonderful design.

Dirt isn’t cheap or effortless to acquire, whether you acquire it yourself or not. As a result, the less you have to be concerned about after you’ve saved as much of it as possible. That is what makes this proposal so appealing.

38. Two-Shelf Potting Bench

However, above the counter area, there are two open shelves. Because it stores your pots and tools, this is a great option.

However, above the customer area, there are two open shelves. Since it stores your pots and tools, this is a great option.

39. The Covered Potting Bench

I think the covered workbench is a good idea. The fact that there is so much storage for your pots and plants is wonderful.

Additionally, the potting bench has a spot for pots to be hung. However, the work area is also covered by a roof. That’s fortunate, because it gives us the needed cover on hot days.

40. The Greenhouse Potting Bench

Since it resembles a cold frame greenhouse, this is a really neat potting bench. When the workbench is in use, there is a door that may be opened and closed.

That’s a nice feature since it keeps your supplies from getting wet or damaged in the elements if you have your potting bench in an area that isn’t covered.

41. The Wooden Potting Cart

A potting cart with another planting. It seems to be a simpler construction made of solid wood. Potting flowers in this manner is truly innovative.

Because of its mobility and ease of use, it would be a desirable option. In addition, it is a pleasure to gaze at. As a result, it would make a lovely decorative item.

42. The Easy DIY Potting Bench

The potting bench is simplified into its most basic form. Directions are my favorite feature of this kit because they make building it simple for anyone.

While it is a basic potting table, most gardeners would be happy with it. These plans provide you with enough potting and storage space.

43. A Basic Potting Bench

A basic potting bench is shown here. Save for the exposed shelf beneath the work area, which is supposed to be utilized for potting your plants, there is no shelving.

It may not be fancy, but it seems simple enough to construct and would be a wonderful addition to any property.

44. An Organized Potting Station

A fantastic potting station, as a matter of fact. It features a sink, which may be used for cleaning up or storing trash.

There are also hooks on the wall for hanging your work gloves and equipment, so you can keep them neatly organized. Yet, larger items can be stored in drawers and open shelving.

45. A Mobile Potting Table

The fact that this potting table has a large amount of area is fantastic. However, since it’s a superb use for plant storage, it also features exposed shelving over and under the exposed work area.

The mobility of the potting bench is another outstanding feature. Because of its mobility, it’s simple to shift to various locations, whether it’s for a limited amount of outdoor space or simply for planting.

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