76 Raised Garden Beds Plans & Ideas You Can Build in a Day

When compared to planting on the ground, raised garden beds offer several advantages. Yet, even in a restricted soil region, you may cultivate a garden.

Garden beds may be the ideal option if you suffer from back issues. Also, see our article on scrap wood garden beds for more information.

However, there is one drawback: you must create the bed before you may begin your garden. It takes additional effort to create garden beds.

As a result, we’ve compiled 76 raised garden bed plans that you may build easily to make your job easier. This list will definitely come in handy if you need some ideas or instructions.

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How to Build Your Free Raised Garden Beds (the Right Way)

Although garden beds aren’t meant to be moved or replaced once they’re on the ground, you don’t want to do so. Particularly after you’ve added soil and vegetation.

That’s why before you start building, there are four things to consider:

  1. Determine where you’d like to put the beds. The region with the most sunlight is normally preferred. Unless you plan to grow plants that need shade.
  2. Determine how many beds you’ll need before planning. It is more cost-effective to buy one large bed rather than many smaller beds. Smaller beds may be more appropriate depending on what you intend to plant. In one bed, it’s preferable to put comparable plants and ‘optimal companions.’
  3. Decide on the size of your bed. It’s more difficult to manage a bed that is larger than three feet wide. However, it is up to you how long it should be. You may not need huge beds if you’re planting smaller plants like herbs.
  4. Prior to using the material, plan it out. Woods are used by the vast majority of people; they’re cost-effective, tough, and light. Recycled wood from pallets is another option for a low-cost material. However, if a more permanent solution is required, concrete can be used.

Now, let’s begin with the free raised garden bed plans.

76 Free DIY Raised Garden Beds Plans

1. Two Tier Garden Bed

This is a one-of-a-kind raised garden bed. It’s a two-tiered system. As a result, the pattern has a stair-step appearance.

The fact that you can plant on both levels is really cool about this design. Plant them on the bottom tier if you want to grow something that is taller than the others.

On the second tier, you may then place smaller plants or flowers, and they will be visible while receiving sufficient sunlight.

2. The No-Frills Garden Bed

So maybe you’re not interested in a one-of-a-kind design. Maybe you’re looking for something that’ll keep your plants neat and clean, but also simple to put together.

There’s no need to search any further. This is a basic square garden bed with minimal construction instructions. That’s it in a nutshell.

This could be a good starter project for you if you’re just starting out in carpentry. It’ll also give your yard a really nice effect.

3. Simple Cedar Garden Boxes

These boxes will blend in well with your fenced yard if you have one. This is one of my favorite classic garden beds. Since they’re two boards high, digging in them is considerably simpler on your back.

I adore how everything looks so sleek and clean. Cedar wood, on the other hand, isn’t too bad. So, why not add these beauties to your garden if you’re looking for an neat way to plant flowers or veggies? Your yard will definitely come to life when they’re around.

4. Landscaping Timbers Garden Beds

So have I ever mentioned my landscaping timber ‘affliction’? So, I do. They’re typically inexpensive and, in addition to organizing and aesthetic improvement, they help transform a room that’s been chaotic and unlovely.

Why should your garden beds be any different in terms of results? You have an organized area for whatever fruit or flower you want to cultivate in that location once you place these beauties together.

5. Raised Bed With Benches

These attractive garden beds are razor-sharp. Let’s just talk about the functionality of these raised beds, aside from their beauty.

They’re also rather tall, to begin with. Less bending and a happier, less stressed back are both benefits of this. But, they also have benches, so you may store your supplies or even sit while working in your flowers in a designated area.

6. Fenced Garden Bed

Do you have annoying vegetable eaters in your home? That’s me, too! Rabbits and squirrels are common around here. When you live in the middle of the woods, all of it comes with the territory, right?

So, this garden bed may be right for you if you have that issue. It’s three boards high, which makes it easy to work in your garden. However, there is a barrier that surrounds your garden bed. This may help keep your planted gardens safe from unwanted visitors.

7. DIY Garden Enclosure

Don’t be confused by the picture. Three raised beds and a place to stand are what you have here. The facility is surrounded by netting and a door.

Since the enclosure limits the possibility of any uninvited visitors disturbing your flowers and plants, this is fantastic news for you. So maybe you should give this habitat a try if you have a pest issue.

8. Garden Enclosure

Another garden enclosure can be found here. Isn’t it gorgeous? It provides a secure environment for your plants and flowers to develop, as well as adding a touch of rustic beauty.

I like how it seems to be able to support a small amount of what you want in your yard. As a result, if you have certain plants that pests are desperate to eat, growing them successfully might be a safe place.

9. Raised Bed Planter Stand

If you want to create something new and lovely and put it in a lesser space, this is an uncommon strategy. On my front porch, I believe this would work wonderfully. Without having them low to the ground, how do you display your flowers?

If you’re an apartment homesteader, another good idea is This would be a fantastic addition, able to grow a lot of fresh herbs and veggies on a balcony.

10. Raised Bed With Legs

A raised garden bed is something I’d really like to do. Let’s say you’re living in a flat and want to create something in a limited area. You may do just that with this raised garden bed.

It’s also portable, to say the least. So don’t be concerned about it in this instance if you don’t like the idea of something staying. You just have to relocate it if you decide to place it somewhere else from year to year.

11. DIY Raised Garden Beds

I think these elevated beds are quite fascinating. These are absolutely stunning. The fact that they seem to be quite simple to make is even more exciting for me. I say this because the writer of this article, who had never constructed garden beds before, made them look lovely.

This may be a great guide for you if you’re just starting out with garden beds. Her instructions are readily understandable, as is her materials list. It may take you no time to have these beds installed.

12. Puppy Proof Garden Beds

Do you have a dog that enjoys digging? Is it particularly useful in your garden beds? I share this sentiment as well. I understand your suffering. My dog believes she has a responsibility to dig up the plant if it is put in one of the beds. If those bothersome plants refuse to go away, how else is she supposed to sunbathe and roll in the dirt?

These garden beds may be able to assist you if you find yourself in this boat. Most dogs cannot dig through them because they are taller. Unless you have exceptionally nimble canines that would find leaping on top of these objects their regular amusement, I’d advise you to be relatively secure.

13. Elevated Garden Bed

Our garden bed with legs has been enlarged in this version. It’s a big box with legs that sits on the ground. Since it makes it difficult for bugs to enter your plants in this manner, this is a great design.

Also, consider how much simpler it will be to plant, weed, and harvest with no need to bend over once you see how much more comfortable it is. This makes this elevated garden bed look even better to me, given my mornings are spent pulling a lot of weeds and ending with aching backs.

14. The Inexpensive Raised Garden Bed

I loved the instructions and thought this garden bed was cool. Why? She doesn’t just look nice, but she also provides budget-friendly advice.

This is a fantastic project for anyone who wants to enhance their backyard’s beauty while also encouraging a lot of plants.

15. Striped Garden Bed

This is a inexpensive way to give an attractive appearance to a basic elevated garden bed! A fantastic method to add elegance to your yard!

This is an easy to follow project and will look great in your front yard!

16. The Square Foot Garden Bed

This garden bed stands out from the rest. Imagine for a second that you don’t want a huge garden. All you need is a little area to produce some vegetables that you eat throughout the summer.

This garden bed is perfect for you if that’s the case. It’s a raised bed with a frame that divides it into sections for different crops, with each section delegated to one crop. It’s a terrific way to keep an tiny garden neat.

17. DIY Tiered Herb Garden

This herb garden is stunning. You’ll utilize it again, and it’s a really attractive way to grow herbs that won’t become an eyesore or take up much space.

A front porch or even a rear patio would benefit from the addition of a herb garden. It would provide a nice aesthetic to any sitting area, while also being a handy spot for keeping them clean.

18. Hoop Garden Bed

This is a really cool raised garden bed with an extra feature. But, a frost strikes after you’ve planted your seeds or plants. What do you do once you’ve made your decision?

So, simply lowering the lid is the solution if you have this wonderful garden bed. By keeping your plants safe from frost, while also allowing you to plant sooner or harvest later in the season, this lid provides maximum protection.

19. Tire Garden Beds

This garden bed might be perfect for you if you’re on a tight budget but want something unusual. Old tractor tires are frequently available for little or no cash.

So, all you have to do is spread out the tires and fill them with dirt. You now have your very own garden bed by planting seedlings or seeds.

20. Curved Raised Beds

This raised garden bed option is for you if you want to add a little pizzazz to your design.

They stack multiple mattresses to form a ‘U.’ It has a very nice design, but it also keeps a lot of your plants closer together, making caring for them easier.

21. The Ultimate Garden Bed

This garden bed tutorial has you covered. If you are new to building garden beds or growing plants, they walk you through each necessary step.

This garden bed has a basic design, but they also demonstrate how to utilize a frost cover or protect your crops from birds, which is always helpful.

22. Planter Box

For a planter box, this is a fundamental but lovely design. Their box was placed against their fence, right up to it. Being a little taller makes caring for your plants simpler for you.

It’s just a matter of filling it with dirt and planting the plants you want after constructing the basic framework. It’s a simple and pleasant way to inject some life and color into your yard.

23. Pallet Planter

As a result, if there is something that may be constructed out of a pallet, there will almost certainly be a way. Of course, I am a supporter of pallet-based constructions since they are a durable, cheap construction that is readily available.

This planter has a higher elevation, making it more convenient to use. However, the yard it is in has a nice rural feel that adds to the appeal.

24. Herb Planter

Herb planters are one of my favorite tools. They’re gorgeous, and they can brighten up any room they’re in. The elevated bed is accompanied by unique table legs, which I particularly appreciate.

The elevation is another advantage of growing herbs in an elevated bed. It makes herbworking less backbreaking and more enjoyable.

25. Raised Garden Bed Benches

Would you like to combine these garden beds with some additional sitting area in your yard? If this design is what you’re looking for, Imagine being completely encircled by gorgeous flowers and plants in your yard.

You could literally sit down while you worked when it came to weeding or harvesting. That definitely adds to the overall experience, making it more enjoyable.

26. Sleeper Garden Bed

Using recycled railroad ties or sleepers as a framework for your new garden mattress, this is a hands-on do-it-yourself project.

It’s a simple, attractive design that’s tough and useful. In addition, it’s impossible to make a home project easier than this!

27. Cement Block Raised Garden Beds

It was incumbent on them to be acknowledged. My fenced-in backyard is filled with these garden beds, which I adore.

These garden beds were picked because they are inexpensive and simple to put together. You simply fill them up and place them where you desire. I like the way they look, too.

28. Natural Wood Garden Bed

Have you recently acquired some land that you needed to clear? Now that you’ve got a lot of extra twigs and limbs, what’re you going to do with them? So don’t set them on fire or toss them away.

Why, may I ask? You can use those limbs to make a natural planting box if you frame them well enough. It’s unusual and cost-effective to make at the same time. That is, without a doubt, an added benefit to this endeavor.

29. Dresser Herb Garden

Upcycling is something that I appreciate. All of the different ways you can repurpose an item that is no longer in service for its original purpose are fascinating to watch.

So, this herb garden is also different from the others. They simply added soil to the dresser drawers. After that, I planted herbs in them. It has a somewhat unusual appearance, yet it’s quite attractive.

30. Raised Garden Beds For Vegetables

This guide teaches you how to build low-cost raised beds that will help you produce more of your own vegetables. Living a more self-sustained life and saving money includes growing your own food.

As a result, it is essentially an expense that may save you a lot of money in the long term if you make your own garden beds that add a stunning touch.

31. DIY Timber Raised Beds

This do-it-yourself guide is great. They set everything out for you in a nice, neat package. Following the instructions to build this masterpiece is simple, and the materials list is straightforward.

Ultimately, I think these homemade garden beds are cool. They give a charming touch of sophistication to any yard, while also having a rustic feel.

32. Elevated Raised Garden Bed

This is a mini-elevated raised garden bed. It would make a nice small garden soil or even a herb garden soil.

The convenience of using elevated garden beds is what I appreciate the most. You know why convenience is so important when gardening in raised beds if you have ever grown a huge garden.

33. Mini Elevated Raised Garden Bed

Creating a full garden out of tiny elevated garden beds appeals to me. They constructed a number of raised garden beds in the process.

They then put them together so that they could grow a garden just above the ground, with minimal weeding required. If you ask me, it’s a great idea.

34. Recycle Masonry Herb Garden

This is a fascinating herb garden that has been elevated. He did so because he used old Masonry pieces to build a one-of-a-kind form.

He then planted his flowers in the spare areas, which he had filled with earth. It grew into a lovely piece that is sure to pique visitors’ attention as they view it.

35. U-Shaped Raised Garden Bed

The u-shaped raised garden bed is one of my favorites. It makes caring for your plants a little simpler, despite the fact that it isn’t elevated.

Since you have to stretch across bigger square garden beds, the u-shape makes it easier to reach where you need to go to care for your plants.

36. 2×2 Planter

This planter is a petite raised garden bed. But not everyone needs large planters.

This may work for you if you live in a flat or duplex and don’t have a lot of space for a bigger planter. If you want, you may even grow a few of them to experiment with different herbs and veggies.

37. The Adjustable Planter Bed

The person that wrote this post brought up a very valid point. They said that if you buy a prefab kit for a garden bed it isn’t always adjustable to fit in your specific area.

That’s the one I was talking about. He walks you through the process of customizing it to your exact dimensions. The plans are detailed yet easy to read. That should make tackling this project a little bit easier.

38. Decorative Raised Planter

This planter is one-of-a-kind. Because of the design on the sides, I personally would love to have it in my backyard.

The planter’s size is another notable feature. It appears to be adequate for a wide range of plants. This may be the ideal environment for you if you’re seeking something different.

39. Reclaimed Wood Garden Beds

Another of my favorite garden beds is these. Why is it that way? Because I have them in my side yard, and they’re beautiful. We made garden beds out of old wood we had from previous projects.

Therefore, don’t let unused wood go to waste if you have it available. Build a gorgeous, rugged raised garden bed that will add to the rustic atmosphere.

40. $10 Cedar Raised Beds

These garden beds are not only gorgeous but also very affordable to create. So, if you are on a limited budget consider giving these plans a shot.

I also appreciate how effortless she makes it to create these masterpieces. Therefore, don’t be afraid if you’ve never built anything before. This seems like a job that you could do with little difficulty.

41. 4×4 Raised Bed

This garden bed might suit your needs if you’re looking for a medium-sized raised garden bed. For someone who wants to produce a modest amount of their own food but isn’t obsessed with it, it’s a ideal size.

This would be a excellent choice if you’re looking for a location to begin growing garden beds.

42. Herb Wheel Garden Planter

With a raised garden bed, this is a one-of-a-kind design. This planter might go well with your other designs if you have a nautical theme in or outside of your home.

This planter also meets those requirements if you’re looking for something a bit less traditional.

43. Self-Watering Veggie Table

Do you have a small area where you want to create your own salad but don’t have a lot of room? Maybe this table is what you need.

Tub inserts allow water to be pulled up through the plants on this special veggie table. You don’t have to check on your veggies every day to make sure they’re watered. It’s a simple, low-maintenance technique to increase your own veggies.

44. The Straw Raised Bed

Gardening with strawbales is gaining popularity. It’s simple to put together, does a fantastic job of growing whatever you put in it, and it’s simple enough to take down at the finish of the season.

Consider building a raised garden bed made of strawbales if you’re sold on the idea. You may scale or alter the form to suit your space’s requirements.

45. The Subdivided Raised Bed

A tiny garden can be kept organized using this raised bed. It’s split into four parts, which allows you to get the most development from a limited area.

In addition, they included a trellis that would be beneficial for keeping vines in check while growing upward rather than monopolizing all of the space in the elevated bed.

46. Keyhole Garden

A bit more expensive than ordinary raised beds, keyhole gardens are a little more opulent. They are, however, excellent for attracting the attention of any visitor to your garden and make a pleasant environment to cultivate plants.

To give the plants any nourishment they may need while growing, a keyhole garden is made up of many layers. You’re going to love the set-up because it’s unique.

47. Concrete Vegetable Garden

This might be a cool way to slide a garden if you live in a city or in an neighborhood with rigorous HOA regulations (Homeowners Association).

Build a concrete garden bed as the basic idea. It appears to be a decent spot for adding shrubs or a veggie garden. This raised bed will blend in beautifully if you live in a community with many sidewalks.

48. Wooden Planter Garden Bed

Gardening is a hobby for some people, but they want their garden to look contemporary. It might be because they are restricted by HOA rules, or because it corresponds to the rest of their yard’s style.

Regardless, this wooden planter may be a fantastic option for concealing a garden in your yard without drawing too much notice. This is a multi-level planter with room for a modest garden on each level.

49. The Corrugated Metal Garden Bed

You’ll adore this raised garden bed option if you enjoy doing home improvements. It features a wooden frame that surrounds it.

Corrugated metal, however, is used to construct the planter’s center. This provides a nice contrast and curb appeal for most gardeners, which is ideal.

50. Trellis Raised Garden Box

Do you have a small yard? Do you want to use as much space as possible without occupying a lot of area?

So, move over to this elevated garden bed. On either side, there are two thin elevated beds. A trellis connects the garden boxes. Having running plants (such as green beans) take over the trellis is a fantastic way to plant bigger plants in the box (like tomatoes).

51. The Pallet Raised Planter Bed

Can you use pallets? Are you interested in designing a raised garden bed? We have everything we need.

52. The Raised Garden Bed Greenhouse

This may be the design for you if you’re looking for a raised garden bed that not only provides you with an easier space to cultivate but also functions as a greenhouse.

You’ll create a steel frame and construct the garden beds. Depending on the amount of needed airflow, the steel frame will support the plastic roof and plastic sides, which may be pulled out or hung.

53. Delicate Frame

Building a raised garden bed with untreated wood is always a good idea! If you want to cultivate crops, it’s especially important! A food-grade product might also be an option.

This is a simple carpentry project that’s perfect for learning fundamental carpentry techniques! Involve the children in the project!

54. Wine Box Planter Boxes

Someone’s trash has been transformed into someone’s grow spot with the help of these wine boxes. I like to give old items new life by using them in new ways.

This is the ideal grow box for you if you feel the same way. The plants can drink from the roots thanks to a wicking system found in these planters. In the long run, this saves you effort and is also a fantastic approach to upcycle trash.

55. Water Trough Garden Beds

Are you not into woodworking? Others don’t, but they prefer having odd decor around their dwelling.

In some circumstances, you’ll need to repurpose common items. As a result, the raised bed water trough is ideal. It’s a decent size, and anyone can put it together.

56. Tiered and Trendy

A stunning design that incorporates a two-tier garden box as well as a trellis backboard for climbing plants!

Put your tomatoes and green beans on the top tier, and put your mints and basil on the bottom!

57. The High Garden Planter

Are you fed up with pulling weeds and injuring yourself? Would you prefer to garden with a little bit less effort?

So, you’ve been missing this raised garden bed. It’s designed to allow you to care for it without having to stoop. As a result, weeds have less of a reason to overrun your gorgeous garden area.

58. L Shaped Two-Tier Raised Garden Box

This could be the raised garden bed you’ve been searching for if you’re looking for a way to make a statement in your backyard.

It’s a fantastic design for a yard corner that has an L-Shape. Yet, it’s also good for creating space since it’s two-tiered.

59. Galvanized Raised Bed

Have you discovered a lot of information on galvanized watering troughs? Do you need some style on your fence line?

This concept, however, is perfect for you. Against the fence line, there are watering troughs. To climb the fence, you’ll utilize wooden trellis, which will also serve as a support for climbing plants.

60. Raised Garden Bed for Kids

Teach your kids the importance of growing their own food with their own mini-raised garden bed!

Let them pick the vegetables, plants, and flowers they want to cultivate, and see how pleased they are when their first carrot blooms!

61. Raised Vegetable Garden

Pretty veggies growing in a line on the ground! In a raised bed, of course!

When you simply fill your DIY elevated garden bed with fresh soil and plant right away, there is no need to till the earth.

62. Build and Grow

This is a wonderful guide that will teach you how to plant and water your elevated garden bed, as well as other topics.

Once you have a raised garden bed, there is no going back!

63. Affordable Garden Bed

Everyone loves a good deal, don’t they? I’m sure I do! That’s why this is a fantastic option for garden improvement on a shoestring!

You can design and build your elevated garden bed however high you want!

64. Straight to the Soil

Let’s build the raised garden bed rapid so we can get straight to the soil!

Instead of a wooden plank frame, this is a really simple to follow tutorial that provides you with different options. Have a look at it, if you don’t believe me.

65. With Dividers

It’s a great concept! Include dividers into the design of your elevated garden bed so you can easily pick and water your crops!

This job requires a bit more effort, although the final result is well worth it.

66. Fence Line Bed

Create a stunning raised garden by taking advantage of that awkward space right near the fence line!

Decorative plants or shade-loving plants will love this location!

67. Garden Pond

Wow, that’s incredible. I’m blown away by how well it worked! A pond and a raised garden bed?

If you simply follow the steps, this will seem like a complex project to complete, but it will take you no time at all! After you finish constructing this raised bed pond and garden, your neighbors are going to be envious of your yard!

68. Dainty Garden Box

From your front yard to your balcony, or even in the actual garden, dainty little garden boxes that are elevated off the ground may be placed anywhere!

To add some color, leave the wood natural or paint it with food-grade paint!

69. Curved Corner

I adore how an inconvenient corner of the yard has been transformed into a beautiful raised garden bed. The landscape has a really nice flow to it.

This one has beautiful plants and flowers, but you may add herbs or vegetables if you prefer.

70. Add Landscape Fabric

Make sure to add landscape fabric beneath your elevated garden bed when constructing it! Let’s not forget about those pesky moles! This will stop a lot of weeds from entering.

You’ll be planting in no time with this simple and straightforward construction that takes only five steps!

71. Concrete Pavers

I’ve always been inspired by ideas that spark creativity in me! Those that include upcycling objects and transforming them into something new are especially intriguing!

To elevate this garden bed off the ground, it is composed of concrete pavers! Clever!

72. Some More Plans!

Some basic raised garden bed instructions are here! They used what appears to be chicken wire or mesh netting instead of landscape fabric in the photograph.

You may customise your expanded garden bed to meet your individual requirements! Don’t be afraid to experiment.

73. Metal Fencing

A metal fence is a must for your elevated garden bed! Dear, no today!

The raised garden bed will be taught, as well as how to put up a metal fence, at this workshop! Bears shouldn’t be allowed to eat your veggies!

74. 4 Easy Steps

In just four simple steps, this raised garden bed can be ready to use! Imagine what you’re saying!

Your children will have a lot of fun selecting the veggies they want to cultivate in it, and it’ll look fantastic in your backyard yard!

75. Plastic Tubs

To create a raised garden bed, you don’t need to invest a lot of money. Use what you have around the house to come up with something unique!

Plastic tubs are used to make tiny elevated gardens with this concept!

76. Pallet Pyramids

I’m obsessed with it! For me, this is the absolute winner! Where I live, finding pallets is simple! What about you?

So, if it is, why not? So, I strongly suggest that you experiment with a raised pallet garden! Not only does it look sleek, but you won’t have to strain your back by leaning over!

You now have a plethora of options for creating raised beds that are suitable for you and your family, thanks to the 76 innovative ideas. Have a good time!

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