25+ Super Sleek Scandinavian Kitchen Design Inspirations

The principles of Scandinavian design are consistent throughout various rooms, including the kitchen. When you step into a Scandinavian-styled space, you’ll immediately recognize several key aspects that are integral to the style’s identity.

These distinguishing features are essential elements within a Scandinavian room, and they play a crucial role in creating its distinct character. The first aspect is the prevalence of neutral colors, particularly white and grey, which establish a clean and airy atmosphere. Additionally, warm wood tones are often incorporated into the furniture and flooring, adding a touch of natural beauty and serving as an accent.

Scandinavian design also places a strong emphasis on functionality and simplicity, and this philosophy is evident even in the kitchen. The designs prioritize efficiency and practicality, ensuring that every element serves a purpose and contributes to a clutter-free space.

With these guiding principles in mind, we present 26 fresh Scandinavian kitchen designs that will bring a touch of modern elegance to your home.

Small Scandinavian Kitchen

In this kitchen, a white backdrop sets the stage for a stunning display of natural wooden brown accents that adorn the cabinetry. This combination of colors creates a harmonious and inviting atmosphere, blending modern simplicity with organic warmth.

To make the most of the available space, three-layered drawers are utilized to maximize storage capacity. This smart storage solution allows for the convenient organization of extra glasses, plates, bowls, and spices, ensuring that everything has its designated place within reach.

Adding a delightful touch of nature, potted plants are thoughtfully placed behind the sink, infusing the kitchen with a refreshing and lively ambiance. These green accents bring a breath of fresh air into the space, connecting it with the natural world.

With its thoughtful design, efficient storage solutions, and a hint of nature, this kitchen offers a harmonious and functional environment that is both visually appealing and practical.

One Wall Scandinavian Kitchen

Once again, an elegant atmosphere envelops this kitchen, thanks to its pristine white decor. However, to add a touch of drama, the backsplash steals the show with its white tiles that extend from the sink all the way up to the ceiling. This elongated backsplash creates a striking visual impact, elevating the overall aesthetic of the space.

To achieve a perfect balance, the black countertop and dark floors provide a stunning contrast to the white color scheme. These darker elements serve as grounding elements, adding depth and dimension to the kitchen’s design.

Furthermore, the inclusion of storage bars on the wall brings a strong character to the space. These functional and stylish additions not only provide convenient storage solutions but also contribute to the overall visual appeal of the kitchen. They create a sense of organization and efficiency while adding an interesting design element to the walls.

By combining these elements, this kitchen exudes an elegant and sophisticated ambiance, enhanced by the striking backsplash, balanced color palette, and thoughtful storage solutions.

Monochrome Scandinavian Kitchen

Yellow Accent Scandinavian Kitchen

To enliven the dominant white palette, incorporating vibrant touches of other colors becomes essential.

In this kitchen, a delightful yellow accent breathes life into the space by adorning the upper cabinets. This pop of color adds a playful and energetic element, creating a focal point that draws the eye and breaks the monotony of the white backdrop.

For the countertop, a natural brown wood material is chosen, infusing warmth and earthiness into the overall design. This organic touch complements the vibrant yellow and adds a natural element to the space.

To enhance the visual interest, unique monochrome tiles are selected for the backsplash. These tiles, with their distinctive patterns and shades, create a captivating backdrop that adds depth and texture to the kitchen’s aesthetic.

By combining these elements, the kitchen becomes a lively and dynamic space, where the dominance of white is beautifully balanced by vibrant accents of yellow, complemented by the warmth of the natural wood, and elevated by the unique monochrome tiles.

Simple and Functional Scandinavian Kitchen

Contrary to the popular notion of open spaces, Scandinavian kitchens often embrace a minimalist approach, as showcased in this example.

While the concept of open space may not be prominent, the essence of Scandinavian design is palpable. The predominant use of white creates a clean and crisp aesthetic that pervades both the walls and cabinetry. This choice of color reflects the Scandinavian preference for light and airy interiors, contributing to a sense of spaciousness and simplicity.

The minimalist style, characterized by its sleek lines and clutter-free surfaces, is evident throughout the kitchen. By focusing on essential elements and employing a restrained color palette, this Scandinavian-inspired space exudes an understated elegance that is both timeless and effortlessly chic.

Modern Wall Accent of Scandinavian Kitchen

This kitchen beautifully embodies the signature color palette of Scandinavian style with its elegant use of white and grey. The grey hue takes center stage, adorning the walls and creating a sophisticated backdrop. Meanwhile, the furniture is dressed in crisp white, enhancing the clean and minimalist aesthetic.

To infuse warmth into the space, light brown floors are chosen, complementing the overall color scheme. The material of the floors also matches the doors on the cabinets, creating a cohesive and harmonious design.

Adding a modern and updated touch, the wall is accentuated with a triangle pattern. This geometric motif adds visual interest and a contemporary flair to the space, elevating the overall aesthetic.

By harmoniously blending these elements, this Scandinavian-style kitchen exudes a timeless elegance with its white and grey color palette, warm flooring, and modern geometric accents. It creates a visually appealing and inviting environment that captures the essence of Scandinavian design.

An All-White Scandinavian Kitchen

In this Scandinavian-inspired kitchen, white takes center stage, adding a sense of clarity and openness to the space. The prominence of white creates an atmosphere that feels light and airy, enhancing the overall sense of spaciousness.

Moreover, white accentuates the clean lines that are characteristic of Scandinavian kitchen design. The simplicity and minimalism that define this style are further highlighted by the use of white, creating a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic throughout the room.

By embracing the power of white, this kitchen achieves a fresh and timeless appeal. It harnesses the innate ability of white to create an open and inviting atmosphere while emphasizing the clean lines that are synonymous with Scandinavian design.

One Sided Wall Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchens can be designed to fit into smaller spaces, as demonstrated by this one-wall kitchen layout that cleverly accommodates a breakfast table.

Despite its compact size, this kitchen prioritizes functionality without compromising on style. To create a balanced aesthetic, stainless steel appliances are incorporated alongside the white cabinets. The sleek and modern appearance of stainless steel adds a touch of sophistication while complementing the overall design.

By optimizing the available space and combining practicality with a timeless Scandinavian aesthetic, this kitchen showcases how even a small area can be transformed into an efficient and visually appealing culinary haven.

An Open Scandinavian Kitchen

In this Scandinavian-inspired kitchen, white takes the spotlight, adorning the cabinetry, island, walls, ceiling, and even the curtain. The pervasive use of white creates a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic that is characteristic of this design style.

The abundance of white in the kitchen serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it imparts a sense of openness and airiness to the space, making it feel more expansive and inviting. Additionally, white reflects light, enhancing the natural brightness and creating a fresh and uplifting atmosphere.

The seamless connection between the kitchen and the living room further accentuates the open concept design, allowing for easy flow and interaction between the two spaces. This integration fosters a sense of togetherness and facilitates socializing and entertaining.

To maintain the minimalistic appeal, the kitchen features minimal furniture, prioritizing clean lines and uncluttered surfaces. This emphasis on simplicity and functionality aligns with the core principles of Scandinavian design, where practicality and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Overall, this Scandinavian kitchen showcases the power of white to create a visually pleasing and spacious environment while embracing the minimalistic essence of the design style.

Scandinavian Kitchen Corner Sink

In many apartments, the corner of the kitchen counter often goes unused and neglected due to a lack of ideas on how to make the most of it.

However, in the context of Scandinavian design, incorporating a corner kitchen sink becomes a valuable and practical solution. This clever utilization of space transforms the otherwise neglected corner into a functional and purposeful area.

By installing a corner kitchen sink, you not only maximize the available space but also enhance the efficiency and convenience of your kitchen. This thoughtful design choice aligns perfectly with the principles of Scandinavian style, which emphasize functionality, minimalism, and smart space utilization.

Embracing the concept of form following function, the corner kitchen sink becomes a valuable addition that not only enhances the functionality of the kitchen but also adds a touch of practicality and elegance to the overall design.

In essence, the incorporation of a corner kitchen sink in a Scandinavian-style apartment serves as a brilliant solution to make the most of every inch of available space, transforming an overlooked corner into a purposeful and aesthetically pleasing element within the kitchen.

Exposed Brick Wall Scandinavian Kitchen

The moment you step into the kitchen, your attention is immediately drawn to the captivating exposed brick wall. It adds a touch of raw and rugged charm to the space, infusing it with character and warmth.

Complementing the rustic ambiance, the kitchen features a rustic kitchen counter and a versatile Rustic Island that doubles as a table. The rustic elements in the design create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, evoking a sense of comfort and nostalgia.

The combination of the exposed brick wall, the rustic kitchen counter, and the multifunctional Rustic Island adds depth and texture to the kitchen. It creates an appealing juxtaposition of rugged and refined aesthetics, resulting in a unique and captivating space.

By incorporating these rustic elements, the kitchen exudes a timeless charm and a welcoming ambiance, inviting you to gather around and enjoy memorable moments with loved ones.

Unique Scandinavian Kitchen Cabinetry

This Scandinavian kitchen exudes inspiration and uniqueness, blending simplicity with creative design elements.

The counter and cabinets are thoughtfully arranged along a single wall, maximizing the use of space while maintaining a clean and minimalist aesthetic. This layout allows for efficient workflow and easy access to essentials while preparing meals. The rustic table serves as a delightful spot for enjoying breakfast, adding a charming touch to the overall design.

In addition to the functional aspects, the kitchen incorporates extra storage in a distinctive and open concept. This unique approach to storage not only provides practicality but also adds an element of visual interest to the space. It showcases the Scandinavian design philosophy of combining functionality with aesthetics, resulting in a kitchen that is both efficient and visually captivating.

Overall, this Scandinavian kitchen serves as a testament to the power of simplicity and creativity. It demonstrates how thoughtful design choices can transform a space into a functional and visually appealing environment, enhancing the overall cooking and dining experience.

Artsy Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

In true Scandinavian fashion, this kitchen embodies the essence of simplicity and functionality, as evident in the picture.

The space is carefully curated to include only essential elements, such as the kitchen counter and a dedicated area for dining or enjoying breakfast. This deliberate selection of items creates an uncluttered and minimalist environment, allowing for ease of movement and a sense of openness.

The breakfast/eating table takes center stage in the room, showcasing its unique charm with a rustic touch. Crafted from renewed barn wood, the table adds warmth and character to the space, while its design harmoniously complements the patterned wooden floors. This cohesive connection between the table and flooring creates a unified and inviting atmosphere.

By focusing on simplicity and utilizing renewed materials, this Scandinavian kitchen not only offers practicality but also exudes a timeless appeal. It celebrates the beauty of natural elements and demonstrates how even the simplest choices can contribute to a cohesive and visually captivating space.

Hanging Appliances in Scandinavian Kitchen

In this kitchen, a harmonious balance is struck between the pristine white background and intriguing pops of black accents.

A zebra-cross pattern rug and a sleek black oven contribute to the contrasting elements, injecting a sense of boldness and visual interest into the space. These black accents serve as focal points, adding depth and character to the overall design.

An intriguing addition to the kitchen is the blackboard decoration, which invites creativity and personalization. This interactive feature allows you to write messages or draw artistic designs using chalk, infusing a playful and expressive element into the environment. It serves as a versatile canvas for showcasing important reminders, recipes, or even displaying artistic inspirations.

To further enhance the vibrancy and uniqueness of the kitchen, appliances and potted plants are strategically hung from the blackboard decoration. This clever arrangement not only adds functionality but also infuses life and a touch of greenery into the space. It creates a dynamic visual display that captures attention and elevates the overall ambiance.

With its balanced blend of black and white elements, coupled with the interactive blackboard and creative hanging displays, this kitchen exudes a sense of individuality and liveliness. It celebrates both style and functionality, making it an inviting and captivating space for culinary creations and creative expressions.

Monochrome Scandinavian Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances

This kitchen exudes a sleek and contemporary aesthetic that is truly captivating. The presence of stainless steel appliances adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to the space.

The versatility of the wooden table shines through, as it can easily transform into an island whenever the need arises. This practical feature ensures efficient use of space while offering flexibility in the kitchen layout.

To counterbalance the abundance of white in the room, a well-placed rug adds a delightful pop of color and texture. This thoughtful addition not only breaks the monotony but also infuses warmth and visual interest into the overall design. It creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere that complements the modern elements of the kitchen.

The combination of stainless steel appliances, a multi-functional wooden table, and a carefully selected rug showcases the perfect blend of functionality and style in this modern kitchen. It embraces contemporary design principles while introducing elements that add personality and character to the space.

Overall, this kitchen is a testament to the power of modern aesthetics, practicality, and thoughtful design choices. It presents a harmonious balance between functionality and visual appeal, making it an inspiring and welcoming space for culinary endeavors and gatherings.

Scandinavian Kitchen Barn Wood Floors

This Scandinavian kitchen exudes a charming rustic ambiance, thanks to the clever use of reclaimed barn wood for the flooring and stools.

The choice of reclaimed barn wood not only adds a touch of character and uniqueness but also reflects a sustainable approach to design. It brings a warm and natural element to the space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that is characteristic of rustic aesthetics.

The affordability of reclaimed barn wood might have played a role in the owner’s decision to incorporate it into the kitchen. This material offers a cost-effective solution while still delivering a visually appealing and distinct look. It showcases the beauty of imperfections and the history embedded in the wood, adding a layer of authenticity to the overall design.

In addition to the rustic elements, the captivating backsplash tiles contribute to a modern feel in the kitchen. These tiles introduce a contemporary touch and provide a striking contrast against the white backdrop. This combination of rustic and modern elements creates a unique and visually appealing blend, balancing traditional and contemporary design aesthetics.

Overall, this Scandinavian kitchen showcases the harmonious integration of rustic and modern elements, resulting in a captivating and inviting space. The use of reclaimed barn wood and the choice of captivating backsplash tiles add depth, character, and a touch of affordability to the overall design, making it a truly distinctive and charming kitchen.

Spacy Modern L-Shaped Scandinavian Kitchen

In this Scandinavian kitchen, the arrangement of cabinets and counters forms an L-shape, optimizing the use of space and creating a practical layout. This configuration not only offers ample storage and countertop area but also allows for the inclusion of a convenient breakfast table.

The strategic placement of the cabinets and counters ensures a smooth flow of movement, providing you with the freedom to navigate and work comfortably in the kitchen. This thoughtful design consideration promotes functionality and ease of use, enhancing the overall efficiency of the space.

Additionally, the spaciousness of this large Scandinavian kitchen contributes to an open and airy atmosphere. The minimalistic approach and clean lines characteristic of Scandinavian design principles are evident, creating a sense of simplicity and sophistication. The emphasis on simplicity and functionality aligns with the core values of Scandinavian style, creating a harmonious and inviting environment.

By incorporating an L-shaped layout, maximizing space, and adhering to the principles of simplicity and functionality, this Scandinavian kitchen embodies a modern and practical aesthetic. It provides a well-balanced combination of style and functionality, ensuring a pleasant and efficient cooking experience.

Scandinavian Kitchen with Exposed Red Bricks

The presence of an exposed brick wall adds a captivating focal point to the room, effortlessly drawing attention and creating a sense of visual interest. The natural texture and rugged beauty of the bricks contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal without overpowering the other features in the space.

In addition to the striking brick wall, the dark wood floors further enhance the room’s allure. The rich tones and grain patterns of the wood flooring add depth and warmth to the overall design. They create a contrasting backdrop against which other elements in the room can stand out.

The combination of the exposed brick wall and the dark wood floors creates a harmonious blend of textures and colors, elevating the visual appeal of the space. These features work together to create a balanced and captivating atmosphere, showcasing a unique and distinctive design style.

Overall, the exposed brick wall serves as a captivating centerpiece, while the dark wood floors add an element of allure and sophistication to the room. The interplay between these features creates a visually engaging and inviting space that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Scandinavian Kitchen with Natural Elements

The Scandinavian kitchen style is renowned for its minimalist and clean aesthetic, characterized by a focus on simplicity and natural elements. In this particular kitchen, the incorporation of wooden planks highlights the essence of Scandinavian design.

The wooden planks serve a dual purpose, both as decorative ceiling trims and as additional storage space above the cabinets. This clever utilization of vertical space not only adds visual interest but also maximizes the functionality of the kitchen. It allows for the storage of items that are not frequently used, keeping the countertops and lower cabinets free from clutter.

Furthermore, the inclusion of potted plants further enhances the natural and organic feel of the Scandinavian style. The presence of greenery adds a touch of freshness and life to the kitchen, creating a harmonious connection with nature.

By integrating wooden planks as ceiling trims and extra storage, and incorporating potted plants, this Scandinavian kitchen successfully embodies the simplicity and natural elements characteristic of the style. It creates an inviting and tranquil atmosphere, where functionality and aesthetics seamlessly coexist.

Pure White Scandinavian Kitchen

The love affair between Scandinavians and the color white is undeniable. In Scandinavian design, white is not only a popular choice but also a symbol of cleanliness and purity.

This kitchen exemplifies the Scandinavian infatuation with white, as it dominates the entire space. The walls, cabinets, and even the appliances are adorned in crisp white hues, creating a sense of freshness and simplicity.

To add warmth and a touch of natural beauty, light wood tones are introduced through the counter, island, and stools. This brings a subtle contrast and a gentle earthy element to the predominantly white palette.

The combination of white and light wood creates a harmonious balance, allowing the white to shine while the wood accents add depth and warmth. The simplicity and clean lines of the design further enhance the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic.

Overall, this Scandinavian kitchen demonstrates the affinity for white that is prevalent in the style. The strategic use of light wood accents adds a touch of nature and visual interest, creating a serene and inviting space.

Mid Century Scandinavian Kitchen

The focal point of this room undoubtedly lies in the striking square tiles adorning the kitchen wall. Their unique design adds a captivating visual element that sets the tone for the space.

To enhance the natural ambiance of the room, the choice of using natural wood for the countertop and appliances’ boxes is commendable. This selection not only adds warmth and texture but also emphasizes the incorporation of natural elements in the overall design.

The juxtaposition of the bold tile pattern with the natural wood creates an intriguing contrast, blending modern aesthetics with organic influences. It showcases a harmonious balance between contemporary style and the beauty of nature.

This combination of distinctive square tiles and natural wood accents infuses the room with a sense of character and individuality. It transforms the kitchen into a unique and inviting space that captures attention and exudes a natural charm.

Scandinavian Kitchen with Vibrant Yellow

Creating a harmonious balance between white, black, and a pop of yellow can be an ingenious way to infuse a space with character and a lively atmosphere.

The strategic pairing of white with a darker color like black adds a touch of sophistication and contrast to the overall design. The monochrome palette exudes a timeless elegance and provides a sleek backdrop for the other elements in the room.

Introducing a cheerful vibe through the vibrant yellow accents brings a delightful twist to the space. The unexpected combination of monochrome and a strong, lively yellow creates a unique and vintage-inspired look that catches the eye and evokes a sense of playfulness.

This unconventional mix of colors adds depth and visual interest to the room, giving it a distinct personality. It’s a testament to the creative exploration of contrasting elements and the ability to create a cohesive and visually striking design.

The result is a space that exudes a vintage charm with a modern twist, where the balance between monochrome and vibrant yellow creates a dynamic and captivating ambiance.

A Spacious Modern Scandinavian Kitchen

The incorporation of green elements in this Scandinavian kitchen style is captivating and adds an intriguing touch to the overall design.

Although limited in number, the presence of green elements plays a vital role in enhancing the natural ambiance of the space, harmonizing perfectly with the light wood flooring. The green accents bring a refreshing and organic feel to the kitchen, creating a connection to nature within the confines of the room.

Additionally, the size of the kitchen contributes to its open and airy atmosphere. The spacious layout allows for easy movement and a sense of freedom within the space. This openness not only enhances the functionality of the kitchen but also contributes to a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.

The combination of the green elements, light wood flooring, and the spaciousness of the room creates a harmonious and inviting environment. It showcases the beauty of Scandinavian design, which values simplicity, natural elements, and an open and airy aesthetic.

Colorful Scandinavian Kitchen

In contrast to the traditional notion of Scandinavian kitchens being primarily characterized by neutral colors, this particular design showcases the versatility of the style by embracing vibrant and colorful elements, while still maintaining its inherent simplicity.

A notable departure from conventional designs, this kitchen embraces a delightful array of lively hues that infuse the space with energy and charm. From the vibrant sofa and eye-catching pillowcases to the captivating hanging lamps, colorful paintings, and boldly patterned backsplash, every element contributes to a lively and dynamic ambiance.

Even the chairs and the monochrome tiles beneath the counter display a splash of color, further enhancing the overall vibrancy of the space. This imaginative and daring use of hues adds a playful touch to the Scandinavian aesthetic, breaking free from the confines of a strictly neutral palette.

By incorporating these vibrant elements into the kitchen design, it achieves a unique and refreshing atmosphere. The blend of colors creates a captivating visual contrast against the clean lines and minimalist backdrop, resulting in a harmonious balance between color and simplicity.

This reinterpretation of the Scandinavian kitchen style showcases the creative possibilities that lie within the realm of design. It proves that embracing color while maintaining the essence of simplicity can lead to truly captivating and inspiring spaces.

Simple Scandinavian Kitchen

The focal point of this kitchen is the captivating blackboard feature located next to the refrigerator. It serves as a unique and functional element, allowing for notes, recipes, or creative doodles to be displayed.

Complementing the blackboard, the white background throughout the kitchen creates a clean and crisp aesthetic. It serves as a canvas that highlights the rich and inviting dark wood counters, adding warmth and depth to the overall design.

The contrast between the dark wood and the white backdrop creates a visually striking effect, drawing attention to the elegance and natural beauty of the counters. This combination of elements showcases a balance between the boldness of the dark wood and the freshness of the white background.

Overall, the utilization of the blackboard and the strategic use of white as the dominant color contribute to the kitchen’s overall charm and appeal. It creates a visually pleasing atmosphere that harmoniously blends functionality and style.

Small Scandinavian Kitchen with Monochrome Pattern Tiles

The essence of Scandinavian kitchen style lies in its simplicity and minimalistic design, particularly when it comes to the cabinets and counters. The clean lines and uncluttered layout create an open and inviting atmosphere.

In this particular design, a clever combination of pastel colors layered on a darker backdrop, such as black, adds a touch of modernity to the traditional Scandinavian style. The soft and muted pastel hues bring a subtle and soothing element to the space, while the darker base provides a contrasting foundation that adds depth and sophistication.

This harmonious interplay between the pastel colors and the black backdrop creates a balanced and contemporary aesthetic. It seamlessly blends the timeless simplicity of Scandinavian design with a modern twist, resulting in a kitchen that exudes both warmth and elegance.

By embracing the use of pastel colors on top of the darker base, this kitchen effortlessly captures the essence of Scandinavian style while infusing it with a fresh and updated feel. It showcases the ability to blend traditional elements with contemporary influences, creating a visually pleasing and harmonious space that is both functional and stylish.

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