Types of Dates: Delicious Varieties of Date Fruit From Around the World

Soft, sweet, nourishing, and delectable fruits of all types are available. Dates are cultivated in much of the Middle East and North Africa. Date palms thrive in this warm environment, producing these delicious oval-shaped fruits.

Each variety of date has its own particular taste – some are delicate and have a light brown color. Fresh dates with amber to dark brown flesh have a sticky texture and nutty flavor. Dried dates, on the other hand, have a longer shelf life and provide all of the nutritional benefits of fresh dates.

Dates may vary in length from 1.2″ to 1.8″ (3–7 cm). The fact that these delectable fruits contain up to 75% sugar when dried contributes to their sweetness. The date palm, whose scientific name is Phonenix dactylifera, produces dates. Medjool date is the most popular date variety, but there are thousands of different date varieties.

The date palm (Phonenix dactylifera) is a genus of wild palms that includes more than 12 species. The term “date” alludes to the fruit’s oblong shape and literally translates to “finger” in Greek. The various sorts of dates that you may buy are discussed in this article. You’ll discover that there are a slew of different date varieties than the ones available at the store.

Fresh Dates vs. Dried Dates – What’s The Difference Between These Types of Dates?

Soft, semi-dry, and dry varieties of fresh dates are offered. As a result, many individuals believe that a dry fresh date and a dried date are the same thing; however this is not true. The moisture in dates evaporates up to 80% when they are ripe. As a result, the longest ripening on the date palm is usually associated with a dry variety of fresh date.

That indicates that dry fresh dates are not completely dried, yet they have less moisture than soft or semi-dry fresh dates. To minimize the moisture content of certain dry dates, they have been dehydrated further. As a result, dried dates have a greater storage life than fresh dates.

Types of Dates (With Pictures and Names)

Let’s examine the most common and delicious varieties of dates that are available to purchase in further depth.

Medjool Dates

Due to their sweet caramel-like flavor and delicate skin, Medjool dates are one of the most common types of dates. One of the biggest varieties of date fruit is this one. The sun-dried, wrinkleskinned surface has a delicate reddish-brown hue and is sticky to touch. Medjool dates are lovely to eat fresh because of their delicate texture and rich taste. Medjool date palms (also known as Medjoul or Majhool) are the most common in Israel. California, South Africa, and the Middle East are also places where they grow.

Deglet Nour Dates

Several individuals refer to Deglet nour dates as “the queen of all dates” because of their semi-dry nature. Deglet Nour palms mature from light amber to dark brown as the dates ripen. Deglet Nour dates are some of the greatest dates for cooking due to their rich texture.

The sweet honey-like flavor of one of the greatest things about this variety of date. Deglet Nour dates are often compared to “real dates” in terms of flavor. They are one of the most commonly available kinds of date in the world because they don’t spoil easily and are a medium to large kind.

Sukkari Dates

One of the most delicate varieties of sweet dates available is Sukkari. These foods are almost melt-in-your-mouth easy to consume. Sukkari dates are also known as “Royal dates” because to the high quality of this fresh type of soft date. Harvesting them before they are ripe is the reason for their softness.

Unlike dried dates, you don’t have to soaking them before eating because of their high moisture content. This kind is a delicious sweet snack that will help you reduce your sugar cravings, as are most new kinds.

Mazafati Dates

Mazafati dates are a medium-sized soft date with dark flesh that is delicious to eat fresh. Mazafati dates are native to Iran. The Mazafati variety, for example, is a medium-sized date that grows to be about 2.5 cm long. This sort of date isn’t suitable for drying because of its high moisture level.

The skin is dark purple and virtually black when fully mature. Mazafati dates are considered some of the best snacking dates by many. They are the ideal sweet treat, with their delicate caramel flavor and succulent meat. Mazafati dates are a fantastic source of fiber, nutrients, and sweet goodness, just like other varieties of dates.

Barhi Dates

The Barhi date is a tiny date with distinctive yellow skin and sweet flavor that may be consumed unripe or fully ripened. Barhi dates, unlike most other types of dates, have a crunchy texture and are sold as unripe dates. The sweet butterscotch-like flesh is covered by a thin yellow skin that has some astringency.

The little dates turn a darker color of brown as they ripen off the tree. Their sweetness increases while they lose some of their astringent flavor during this time. Also, most dates have a chewy softness to their flesh that is distinctive. This is a kind of date that is both eatable and fully ripened. It is one of the most unusual kinds. This kind of date spoils very quickly, so it’s best eaten fresh.

Khola Dates

Khola dates have a rich, but not too rich, flavor and golden brown velvety skin. What sets Khola apart from other popular types of date? These dates have a fairly flimsy light-amber skin. They’re also particularly sticky when it comes to dates. These soft dates are often served with Arabic coffee as a popular snack.

Thoory Dates

Thoory dates are one of the varieties of delicious dry fresh dates on this list, with a hard consistency. They have a hard consistency and a nutty, buttery flavor. Thoory dates have a rather dry skin, unlike various types of soft, moist dates. Thoory’s snackable dates are therefore among the greatest. Not only will your hands not get sticky while you eat them, but you’ll also get little boxes of delicious sweetness.

Because of their excellent texture, thoory dates are ideal for baked goods. In actuality, “bread dates” are another name for Thoory dates. If you want to use hard sweet dates in a baking recipe, however, “bread dates” are a great choice.

Khadrawy Dates

Khadrawy dates are ideal when you want a medium-sweet date that isn’t too big. The dry flaky skin of these mahogany-colored oval fruits protects the meaty flesh. These are somewhat smaller and maybe not as sweet than Medjool dates. Their excellent feel and sweetness, on the other hand, make them a popular option for many. You should eat Khadrawy dates fresh, since they don’t last as long as other types of dates to get the most out of them.

Mabroom Dates

Mabroom date, which grows in Saudi Arabia, is a kind of delicious soft dry date with a long oblong shape and firmer flesh. The skin on these lengthy periods is dry and wrinkled, with no flakiness. Mabroom dates and Ajwa dates have a lot in common when it comes to texture and flavor. The Mabroom variety, however, is not as sweet and has firmer chewy flesh when compared to other sweet juicy dates. This is a type of date that ripens on the palms and is picked after it has dried.

Mabroom dates are a great option if you like eating dates but don’t have a sweet tooth. Their flavor isn’t as strong as Medjool or Deglet Nour, and they have a mild sweetness. The long oblong shape of this kind of date is one distinguishing feature. These dates have a long shelf life since they are harvested in their dried state. Mabroom dates are also more expensive than other types of date, due to their premium status.

Barkawi Dates

Barkawi dates are a ripe and sweet date fruit with a golden-brown to reddish-brown skin. Barkawi dates have an extended form when compared to other date types. This date palm produces fruits that are roughly 2 inches (5 centimeters) long and 0.6 inches (1.5 centimeters) broad.

Anbara Dates

The Anbara type of fruit resembles long, slender fingers and is a huge kind of fruit. One of the most common and costly date types is this date variety. The exquisite flavor and sweet taste of these dates are one of the reasons why they are so highly desired. These are ideal for snacking on because of their firm fleshy texture and huge size. They are also sweeter than some fresh soft date types, yet not as sweet as others.

Khudri Dates

One of the most exported dates varieties in the world is Khudri dates, which are a rich dark-brown dry date with a wonderful flavor. The wrinkles on the deep mahogany skin are slight. On the other hand, this form of dried date does not flake. A Khudri date has sweet, chewy flesh that tastes fantastic when bitten into.

The sizes of these dates vary. The Khudri date palms are one of the world’s most exported date varieties because they produce bumper harvests and store for a long time. Ripe, fresh, and dry dates will keep for around eight months if kept in an airtight container.

Safawi Dates

The Safawi date from Saudi Arabia is a semi-dry version of the date that can be left to dry on the tree. These are medium-sized, oblong black dates that are wonderfully sweet. The fruit retains its soft sweet flesh and is a variety of semi-dried date. This date variety has an oblong shape, similar to Anbara and Barkawi dates.

The dates may be delicate and sweet or crunchy with a little sweetness, depending on their maturity. The fruit stays fresh for a long time if it is left to dry on the tree as it ripens. The Safawi fruit will be dark and wrinkled in its dried condition, with no flakes on the surface.

Ajwa Dates

Ajwa dates are a kind of fruit with wrinkly skin that has a rich flavor and smooth texture. One of Saudi Arabia’s most popular date varieties is this type. Their wrinkly skin is dark, almost black, and they retain their suppleness. The soft flesh of these dates feels like it melts in your mouth because to the fact that it is so smooth. Ajwa dates are high in nutrients and minerals, as are most varieties of dates. Vitamins A, C, and K, as well as potassium, calcium, and magnesium are all plentiful in this date variation.

Halawy Dates

Halawy dates are a juicy, thick fleshy date with amber-colored skin that is quite tasty. Halawy dates have a sweet flavor that has been likened to honey. Biting into these sweet dates produces a caramel-like sensation in the mouth. The skin is neither sticky nor flaky, despite its wrinkles. This means that Halawi dates are a fantastic option for enjoying sweet, delicious desserts without concern about calories.

Maktoom Dates

The Maktoom (or Maktoum) variety is another kind of large reddish-brown date. Maktoom dates are not too sweet and have a wonderful flavor. This allows you to consume them at any time of day. Maktoom dates have thick wrinkly skin that covers exquisite soft meat, as compared to other varieties of dates. The skin on this kind of date is slightly sticky. Several claim that the texture and flavor of these almonds are comparable to those of the famed Medjool.

It’s preferable to eat the fruits from the Maktoom palm tree when they’re freshly picked. The sweetness and softness of dried variants tends to diminish.

Zahidi Dates

Zahidi dates are a light amber color and have a high fiber content. They are a delicious kind of dry date. The fact that Zahidi dates are sweet and creamy without having a high sugar content is one of their unique characteristics. In reality, these semi-dry dates are less sugary than Medjool dates.

These are medium-sized and oval-shaped dates. Zahidi palm fruits are light brown when mature, unlike other dates varieties. Some in the Middle East nickname them the “butter date” because of their smoothness and light flavor. The amber fruits have a nice texture that holds up well in cooking and baking, and they are delicious eaten fresh as a snack.

How to Choose the Best Dates?

Soft dates, semi-dry dates, fresh dry dates, and dried dates are all options depending on your taste and preference. Remember that on the tree, many different dates will dry and mature. As a result, even if the date isn’t fresh, dry wrinkly skin doesn’t imply anything.

How do you choose between various date types? Fresh dates will have a wrinkle or glossy surface. Avoid dates that are difficult to touch because of their glossy sheen. Similarly, an old, not quite fresh date might be indicated by the presence of crystallized sugar on the skin.

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