Is A Turtle A Reptile? Why Are Turtles Reptiles? Pictures & Facts

Is A Turtle A Reptile? Reptiles are turtles. The order Testudines, one of four groups of extant reptiles, includes turtles. Turtles are cold-blooded, egg-laying scaly-skinned vertebrates that breathe air with lungs, which have the typical features of reptiles. This bog turtle, like all other turtles (including tortoises and terrains), is a reptile. The answer to … Read more

List Of Amphibians With Pictures & Facts: Examples Of Amphibian Species

A description and facts about amphibians. Anura (frogs), Urodela (salamanders), and Apoda (caecilians) are all represented with examples of amphibian species from each of their groups. Page Index Introduction to Amphibians List of Amphibians Discover More Introduction To Amphibians The class Amphibia includes vertebrates such as amphibians. Most amphibians spend their first few weeks after … Read more

Baryonyx Facts for Kids, Students and Adults

Baryonyx, the cousin of the gigantic Spinosaurus, was a predatory dinosaur. This piece is part of our Dinosaur Facts Series and contains facts about Baryonyx for kids and adults. Let’s learn more about the early Cretaceous dinosaur. Baryonyx Facts for Kids, Students and Adults Baryonyx was a two-legged meat-eating dinosaur that lived during the mid-sized. … Read more