17 Wall Decor Ideas With Greenery and Plants

Greenery is frequently included into modern interior design. As a consequence, by looking for techniques to mix vibrant green plants with their drab surroundings, several individuals have jumped onto the trend bandwagon.

Artificial or natural, living plants may be used in this style of greenery wall décor. Ultimately, it comes down to how much time you want to spend caring for your hanging greenery wall décor.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to discover novel plant-based wall décor methods! The greatest greenery wall art themes are shown below:

Decorate with a Cascading Plant Basket

Against both bare and patterned walls, cascading plant baskets look lovely. They’re a fantastic way to jazz up plain walls that aren’t stylish.

This is especially true with Ivy baskets. The English Ivy, unlike most plants, has the tendency to spread outside its pot. Ivy leaves cascade down walls as a common occurrence.

You might want to add a cascading plant basket to your neutral wall if this concept appeals to you.

Hang Up a Decorative Wreath

A festive touch to your wall can be added with a lush, green wreath. Wreaths are often hung up during the holidays, however there is no rule prohibiting you from hanging it every day!

Fresh leaves won’t make a wreath that will last long. After a week, it will start to rot and leave you with an unattractive brown husk.

If you must, go with an fake plastic wreath instead. You can save a stunning green product for a long time by doing it that way!

Install a Set of Pyramidal Wall Hangings

For contemporary indoor settings, these trendy pyramid-shaped planters are ideal. Their beautiful white finish makes them stand out, and their unique configuration projects a strong, confident attitude.

This holder is ideal for holding smaller plants. Succulents, ferns, and spider plants are great options for cascading. Because of their minimal sun requirements, these plants are ideal for indoor use.

Create an Artificial Indoor Hedge

Because of their low maintenance and attractive design, artificial indoor hedges are all the rage among contemporary designers! Artificial hedges do not need to be watered or exposed to sunlight, unlike true plant-based hedges. Indoor usage is thus recommended.

They won’t bring in detrimental organisms into your home because of their inorganic structure. Moreover, their bright, bold appearance can instantly liven up a dreary wall, and they’re lovely to look at.

Revamp a Bare Wall with Overflowing Foliage

Instead of traditional shaved hedges, consider using lush artificial foliage if you prefer not to. Pretty spider plants and ferns, for example, are found in the foliage wall shown above.

An artificial foliage wall is much simpler to care for than a actual one, similar to the artificial hedge described earlier. It requires no watering, and it may be put on any bare wall in your home without the need for tools.

A bathroom wall covered in vibrant foliage, for example, is shown in the picture above; why not try it out?

Go All Out with a Pink Hydrangea Wall

Why not choose a bright pink hydrangea wall instead if neither hedges nor foliage walls suit your personal taste?

Patios and indoor configurations, such as a little girl’s bedroom, would benefit from this wall. Pink has a calming influence and may remove stress while instilling serenity. You can create a calming decorative combination by pairing the pink with some green potted floor plants.

Hang Artificial Succulents in Rounded Planters

Indoor settings with these artificial succulents are ideal. They don’t need watering, so they’re extremely simple to care for. Thus, busy individuals who don’t have time to care for live plants will appreciate these juicy wall planters.

They’re ideal for today’s minimalistic environments because of their understated appearance. These planters, for example, would suit well against a plain white backdrop that matches the planters’ hue. You can also brighten up the area by hanging them against a textured grey wall.

Let Your Pothos Plant Cascade Down the Wall

Pothos (money plant) is renowned for its capacity to spread beyond its pot, similar to English Ivy. This live plant may create a lovely vine just for you if you allow it to grow long enough.

To embellish the area, you might then position this wall against an empty wall shelf. Imagine the elegance of a simple white wall with a gorgeous Pothos vine cascading down it; this is pure minimalist beauty!

Opt for a Multi-Tier Hanging Plant Stand

Installing a multi-tier plant stand in your living room is a fantastic way to brighten up an dreary interior area. This stand can easily accommodate a dozen plants. The ability to choose between potted and cascading plants is the best feature.

When grown against the mesh, Bougainville would look wonderful. Why not try to incorporate some Pothos or Ivy if you’re feeling extra creative?

Hang Up a Line of Pretty Plants Overflowing from Dainty Baskets

These cascading flower baskets are absolutely stunning, don’t you agree?

Why not choose these lovely flower cascades if you’re looking for some quirky, tiny plant décor? Pink, violet, and Canary Yellow are just a few of the gorgeous hues available. Against a plain white wall or one with red bricks, they would stand out brilliantly.

These baskets may be put anywhere because of their simple, low-maintenance design. They’re ideal for busy (or forgetful) individuals since they don’t need sunlight or regular watering.

Add Potted Plants to Your Wall-Mounted Shelves

To enhance the overall look of any bare shelves, simply add attractive potted plants. Try to find low-maintenance indoor plants that don’t need watering or weeding on a regular basis.

Consider adding a Bird’s Nest Fern plant to your shelves if they aren’t exposed to direct sunlight. They’re not just attractive, but they’re also super easy to maintain.

It’s a good idea to add various potted plants to the equation! For a farmhouse vibe, you can also add some old books with attractive covers.

Tape Artificial Flowers and Leaf Sprays to a Bare Wall

Why don’t you take this popular trend into your bedroom? Taping some artificial flowers and stems to your wall is a subtle, minimalist approach to plant-based décor.

This décor trend has been around for a long time and is frequently flaunted by social media celebrities, despite the fact that it may sound ridiculous at first.

So, get your hands on some tape and a bouquet of lovely pink silk peonies right now before the frenzy dies down!

Decorate Your Wall with Mini Succulent Hangers

Decorate Your Wall With Mini Succulent Hangers

Succulents are lovely, and there is no argument about it. So, what makes succulents look even cuter, you ask? Hanging them on your walls is a great option.

Hang little hanging planters against a well-lit wall and simply toss your favorite succulents inside. Additionally, succulents are very easy to care for, so don’t be concerned about not having a green thumb.

These tiny plants need watering only once or twice a week, if not more, and they won’t take up much of your time.

Dress Your Wall in Creeping Ivy

It’s probably not a good idea to use real creeping Ivy since you may attract all kinds of nasty insects! Artificial Ivy is a far superior concept. With a plastic plant, you won’t have to stress about pests, UV exposure, or watering!

You certainly won’t have to sacrifice appearance for the sake of utility. If not better, Artificial Ivy looks identical to the “natural” variety.

When set against rustic-looking walls with a grainy texture, it looks best. You can also place it against a white wall if you’d prefer a more contemporary look.

Get Creative with Hanging Eucalyptus Stems

Hanging (artificial) Eucalyptus branches from a dried limb is another popular internet craze. Attaching some stems to a thin rope tied to a tiny limb is an simple way to do this.

Because of its rustic look, this décor idea is ideal for farmhouse-themed settings. Tying the stems with rough twine rather than regular rope gives this look a farmhouse appeal. Hang it in the background until it’s ready by placing it against a bare wall.

Install Rounded Planters

In today’s sleek residences, these rounded planters are ideal. These planters blend in with most backgrounds due to their minimal, matte black appearance. Against a traditional whitewall or grey bricks, they’d look fantastic.

For optimum outcomes, fill these planters with tiny plastic plants or low-maintenance indoor flora such as spider plants and ferns. Plants that need a lot of water should be avoided since these planters lack drainage!

Place a Set of Vertical Planters

Farmhouse-themed homes will appreciate these lovely, muted green planters. These planters would look great against textured walls because of their simple appearance. Against the wall’s ornate appearance, their simplicity will stand out.

You may put any tiny plants you want in these containers. Plants with tiny blossoms are a great option if you want to add a touch of color. For cities with warm weather, Marigold is a great low-maintenance option.

Final Thoughts

As seen above, there are several ways to use greenery wall décor in your home.

Consider whether you want an artificial plant or a genuine one before selecting a design option. If you’re sure you’ll be able to look after the plants, only pick them!

You should also choose a piece that matches your wall’s texture. You might end up with an unattractive greenery wall décor display if you don’t.

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