What Color Curtains Go With Purple Walls – 10 Ideas

Purple is a rich hue with multiple branches. Many hues and tones, including lilac, lavender, and plum, may be found on purple walls while browsing! Each purple hue has its own characteristic energy, so it needs a certain hue to match.

We’ll look at some of the greatest purple curtains in this article. There is also a short lesson on how to match undertones, as well as purple curtains of various sizes!

So, are you willing to learn more?

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Try an All-Over Lilac Look

Monotone themes are a great way to represent a minimalist style without coming off as dull, such as the lilac-on-lilac theme shown above. Even if minimalism is usually white-on-white, there’s no reason you can’t mix it up a bit!

Adults may prefer a monotone white design, while children’s rooms should feature a lilac design. The color lilac emits an energy that is both cold and calming, yet youthful and joyful, which is why it is such a popular choice.

Look Pretty in Pink

Rich, plum walls and blush pink curtains are a great combination. Plum has crimson undertones and is a unique purple color. Other purple family relatives with blue undertones are distinguished by this.

Pink is likewise similar to the hue crimson, therefore it goes well with plum. Therefore, you should consider pink if you’re trying for a pair of light-colored drapes that match your plum purple walls.

Match Cream White Drapes with Lighter Purple Walls

Try cream white curtains instead if you don’t like pink. Cream white is the color we suggest to anybody who values sophisticated simplicity, but there are numerous variations of white out there.

The undertone of cream white bears a yellow tone, which brightens it and gives it a cosy feel. Purity and peace are represented by the color white. This shade is very simple, making it a superb pick for calm indoor environments like your bedroom or reading corner.

Try Bright Angel White Curtains for a Purple Bedroom

Angel white is a simple hue with an energizing quality if you’re trying for something plain. Angel white is vibrant, vivid, and full of life, unlike its cream-white counterpart.

In strong sunlight, angel white drapes seem to be even more luminous, making them a fantastic option for windows that get a lot of natural light. This matches with your purple wall and accompanying furniture, making it a neutral hue as well.

Hang Silver Curtains to Match a Purple Wall

Buy yourself a new set of lustrous silver drapes if you want to give your interior area a metallic finish!

A lighter, more energetic shade of grey is silver. Silver takes a more fun and bold approach, whereas grey adds a formal, collected vibe. Its lustrous gloss, in particular, is what distinguishes it from ordinary grey.

A pair of silver drapes can shine like no other when paired with a brilliant purple backdrop. Furthermore, the color purple gives off a vibrant, deep energy, which is balanced out by their neutral-colored look.

Go for Brown Curtains to Compliment Deep Plum Walls

The red undertone of the color plum is as previously mentioned. Brown, on the other hand, is a variation of the red family. Brown drapes complement plum-colored walls remarkably well as a consequence.

In rooms where a formal, reserved atmosphere is desired, dark curtains are appropriate. Experimenting with different curtain styles, on the other hand, might spice things up a bit.

As a contrast to ordinary drapes, try roman curtains.

Hang Beige Drapes to Add Serenity to a Plum Wall

Another fantastic option for plum walls is beige curtains. Plum and beige don’t have the same undertones, but they can work together surprisingly well. Beige bears a yellow undertone, whereas plum bears a red one.

Fortunately, the fact that one shade is lighter than the other creates a slight contrast that results in a gorgeous optical effect.

To help your beige curtains blend in with a plum-colored wall, place beige furniture around them.

Match Violet Drapes to a Violet Background

These violet draperies, when set against a matching violet backdrop, are another outstanding example of monochromatic supremacy.

Using texture on the curtains or the wall is a superb technique to differentiate your violet drapes from a violet wall. Try adding textured drapes to a plain wall, for example. Alternatively, go for non-textured curtains if your wall has a beautiful texture or sports a beveled wainscot.

Install Red Curtains to Contrast with Lilac Walls

Your purple wall can be instantly uplifted by red curtains. Try using a purple with a red undertone that matches the red drapes. This is exemplified by the delicate, pinkish lilac color seen above.

Despite their differences, the two may work well together as long as there are plenty of other neutral-colored elements in the room. You may also create an fascinating contrast by combining your red drapes with a blueish purple wall (think violet!).

Choose Light Green Curtains for Pinkish Purple Walls

The color wheel has purpleish purple and grass green on opposite sides. Light green drapings are thus a ideal match for light, pinkish-purple walls from the standpoint of traditional color theory!

If you’re decorating a space with purple walls with a pink undertone, consider adding green drapes.

In addition, adding a few pink accents to the space (such as a pink chair) may help you go even farther. The green hues present on the walls will stand out even more with this background.

Final Thoughts

It’s now time to choose from among the wonderful selections of purple wall curtains that you’ve seen!

You can only pick one out of the many intriguing possibilities available. So, before picking a curtain to match your purple wall, make sure to check the undertones. If you’re shopping for purple walls, try curtain colors with a blue undertone, for example.

Pick scarlet undertones for your drapings if you have plum walls – brown and pink are fantastic selections!

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