What Color Dresser Goes With a Grey Bed? – 5 Ideas

Dressers are the second most common bedroom furniture, behind only the bed itself. In short, buying a dresser that doesn’t match your bed is pointless.

Imagine you have a gorgeous grey bed, but you’re totally lost about what color to pair it with.

However, you’ve landed in the right spot! Here’s a list of great grey bed attire that you may experiment with!

So, continue reading to find out more about the color of furniture that goes with a grey bed.

Cream White

Look no further if you’re looking for a traditional complement for your grey bed. You need a brand-new cream white dresser!

White has the ability to complement any other color because it is a neutral hue. In addition, white is a derivative of grey. In reality, adding black to white results in grey, according to color theory. As a result, since they belong to the same color family, we can see that both of these colors work incredibly well together.

If you’re trying for something that won’t clash with your grey bed, a white dresser is a good option to consider.

Dark Grey

Dark grey has a strong, professional vibe, unlike most colors. You should definitely choose a dark grey dresser if your bedroom’s aesthetic matches those two adjectives.

Three large drawers are available in this dresser, allowing you to store all of your daily needs easily. These drawers are stylish and functional, made of a durable yet soft fabric.

This dresser will look best with plain white walls from a decorative standpoint. You may alternatively choose to use it against a matching dark grey wall, which has an all-over grey appearance.

Light Grey

Three large and four small drawers make up this light grey dresser. Needless to say, it can hold everything you need, plus any extra items like hosiery or makeup.

The color light grey is rather neutral. Stronger colors like dark grey or black have a harshness that it lacks. As a result, this hue will suitings with a softer feel.

When matched with a grey bed and matching grey wall, this light grey dresser will shine the most. You can, however, experiment with various grey tones to create depth and variety.

Light Pink

The monotone grey-on-grey color scheme is broken up by this charming pink dresser. Of course, if you appreciate monochromatic styles, a grey dresser is something you should consider. Yet, this very pink dresser may be precisely what you require if you want to try new colors!

This small dresser is ideal for single-person bedrooms because it comprises two large drawers. Because of its elegant, delicate pink color, it also emits a powerful, feminine energy. As a result, it is an ideal selection for young girls who want to have a fun and energetic dresser.

Light Brown

We have something exciting for you if you like classic wood furniture! If you don’t want to, there’s no need to change your bedroom dresser. You may alternatively opt for a light brown furniture constructed of genuine wood.

In coastal and rural-style residences, wooden dressers are ideal. In reality, one of the variants illustrated above may be used in today’s residences. Instead, include an eye-catching ornament piece to the equation to prevent it from looking dull!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list will assist you in selecting the ideal dresser for your grey bedroom.

You may choose between a grey-on-grey aesthetic or a divergent color depending on your preference. Take into consideration the other furniture in your room as well!

Don’t match a brilliant red wardrobe with a light grey dresser, for example. Instead, you may choose a different hue that matches both your bedroom and closet. Your dresser should suit all of the other furniture in your room, rather than just matching your bed.

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