Types Of Lizards List: Pictures & Facts On Amazing Lizard Species

The Komodo dragon (the world’s biggest lizard), Gila monster (a venomous desert lizard), green iguana (a big, tree-dwelling lizard), frilled lizard (which raises a brilliantly-colored ruff when threatened), Texas horned lizard (able to squirt blood from its eyes) and flying lizards that glide from tree to tree in rainforests are all examples of well-known types … Read more

Are Alligators Dinosaurs? How Crocodilians Are Related To Dinosaurs

Are Alligators Dinosaurs? Alligators are not dinosaurs, but they, along with the other crocodilians, are the closest living relatives of dinosaurs (apart from birds, which¬†are¬†dinosaurs). Although alligators are neither dinosaurs, nor the descendants of dinosaurs, they are more closely-related to dinosaurs (and therefore birds) than they are to other living groups of reptiles, such as … Read more