Weeping Willow Trees: Leaves, Flowers (With Pictures) – Identification and Care Guide

The weeping willow is a distinctive tree known for its elegant drooping branches, slender lance-shaped leaves, and finger-like flower clusters. It belongs to the Salix genus, with its botanical name being Salix babylonica. These medium to large-sized trees grow rapidly and have pendulous branches and sturdy grayish trunks, thriving near bodies of water such as … Read more

Types of Desert Flowers (With Pictures and Names) – Identification Guide

Desert flowers possess the remarkable ability to thrive in the harshest and driest environments of the country. These resilient plants, including sturdy flowering plants, blooming trees, and cacti, can transform barren landscapes into vibrant panoramas adorned with hues of yellow, orange, purple, pink, and red. Apart from their aesthetic value, flowering desert plants are excellent … Read more

Types of Jasmine Flowers: Amazing Varieties of Jasmine Plants

The clean white color and exquisite fragrance of jasmine blooms have made them famous. The Jasmine genus belongs to the Oleaceae family and includes fragrant shrubs and vines. Jasmine, olive, lilac, and forsythia plants are all in the same subgroup. Jasmine shrubs and vines come in about 200 different varieties. They are native to Asia … Read more