Types of Arborvitae: Hedges, Trees, and Shrubs (With Pictures and Identification)

Arborvitaes are slow-growing evergreen conifers with delicate, lush feathery leaves that develop slowly. Arborvitae produce tiny conical trees, globe-shaped shrubs of various forms and sizes, and upright columnar trees. Arborvitae trees and shrubs prefer natural privacy screens, broad hedges, living fences, and specimen trees. Types of Arborvitae Trees Thuja is the Latin name for five … Read more

Sago Palm: Tree Care and Growing Instructions

Sago palms (Cycas revoluta) are tropical plants with long arching green palm-like fronds or branches that are evergreen and slow growing. The trunk of a sago palm is hairy or shaggy. Sago palms are an ornamental cycad rather than a genuine palm tree. King sago, cycad palm, sago cycad, and Japanese sago palm are all … Read more

Clover Lawn: Benefits and How to Grow Clover Lawn

Clover lawns are a low-maintenance, carbon-neutral option to conventional grass lawns. Clover, which requires less watering, fertilizing, and mowing than grass does, is a popular lawn grass. Clover may enhance the appearance and performance of your front or backyard lawn, rather than being a pest lawn weed. White clover and microclover are the two most … Read more