Calandiva Plant – How to Care for Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana ‘Calandiva’

The flowering succulent plant Kalanchoe blossfeldiana has been bred into the calandiva plant. Calandivas are perennial plants that blossom year after year. The succulent kalanchoe calandiva has leathery, dark-green leaves and a profusion of stunning double blooms that resemble roses. The calandiva plant is a popular flowering houseplant because it is easy to care for. … Read more

31 Backyard Birds In South Carolina (Pictures & Facts)

Curious about the feathered visitors gracing your South Carolina backyard? Look no further! This comprehensive guide is your key to identifying these birds through their distinctive appearances and melodic calls. Discover when you can expect to spot them in South Carolina and seize the opportunity to print a complimentary ID chart featuring the most prevalent … Read more

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Plant – Growing Flowering Kalanchoe Succulent as a Houseplant

The flowering succulent plant Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is simple to maintain indoors. Perennial plants that bloom every year are known as Kalanchoes. Pink, red, white, yellow, and orange blooms emerge on the flowering kalanchoe. Flaming Katy, florist kalanchoe, Madagascar widow’s-thrill, and Christmas kalanchoe are some of the other names for this succulent houseplant. How to care … Read more