Red Oak Tree: Leaves, Bark, Acorns (With Pictures) – Identification and Care Guide

The dark green lobed leaves with bristle tips, pale green catkins (flower clusters), and a wide-spreading irregular crown of a red oak tree make it a rapid-growing deciduous tree. The spectacular fall colors of red, burgundy, copper, and bronze on red oak trees are famous. The red oak produces acorns, which are rounded brownish nuts … Read more

Growing Artichokes: The Complete Guide to Plant, Care, and Harvest Artichoke

If they had the opportunity to taste this vegetable in its most fresh form, I believe more individuals would be cultivating artichokes. Those who claim to despise artichoke are often referring to the canned variety. The preserved product does not have the same amazing flavor of fresh artichoke from the garden, despite being edible. Because … Read more

Carolina Cherry Laurel (Prunus Caroliniana): Leaves, Flowers, Berries (Pictures) – Identification and Care Guide

The popular evergreen shrub Carolina cherry laurel is a great hedge and privacy screen option. The plant’s lovely densely growing leaves and spectacular blooms are the plant’s greatest assets. Shiny green lance-shaped leaves, lovely white blooms, and black berries identify Carolina cherry laurel plants in the fall. The leaves and blossoms have a lovely fragrance. … Read more