Red Twig Dogwood Shrubs: Types, Leaves, Bark (Pictures) – Identification

Brilliant red bark, lovely white blooms, lance-shaped green leaves, and whitish summer berries that last until autumn characterize red twig dogwoods as spectacular shrubs. The four-season interest of red-stem dogwood shrubs may be seen in gardens. In the spring and summer months, before changing to spectacular orange and red hues in the fall, red twigs … Read more

Green Bugs on Plants (Pictures) – Identification and How To Get Rid of Them

Our world, particularly North America, is home to myriad insects that sport a green hue. Many of these are capable of flight, while others are adept crawlers. Certain green insects, like grasshoppers, possess the remarkable ability to leap. Evolution has equipped these bugs with a green exterior for camouflage, a survival tactic that allows them … Read more