Weirdest Birds

Yes, everyone enjoys looking at beautiful birds, but it is the odd ones that stop you in your tracks and make you wonder, “What kind of bird is that?” That is what makes them so fascinating. There are some with weird habits, odd eating regimens, and outright terrifying components among the planet’s ten thousand or … Read more

How to Attract Crows

Crows are bright birds who, in addition to a group of crows, got in touch with a “flock” or a “homicide,” which might be an excellent addition to your yard. While some see them as a risk, attracting crows via bug management to city cleaning has a number of benefits. Given that crows don’t typically … Read more

‘Autumn Blaze’ Maple (Acer x freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’): Leaves, Bark – Identification

The spectacular orange and crimson red color of the ‘Autumn Blaze’ maple tree makes it a desirable ornamental tree. The beautiful upward branching habit, rounded canopy, and deeply lobed maple leaves make the ‘Autumn Blaze’ maple a deciduous tree that is worth planting. The scarlet red leaves of the ‘Autumn Blaze’ maple tree stay bright … Read more

Cardinal Bird House

The north cardinal is expected to be one of the most popular and beloved yard birds in the future. These birds are well-liked by many people, who have been referred to as a condition bird in seven states. States of this type are found throughout the world. Cardinals do not commonly travel far enough to … Read more