Cucumber Beetles (Striped and Spotted): Identification, Damage and Control (With Pictures)

Cucumber beetles are striped and/or spotted insects that harm a variety of crops. On cucurbit plants, such as cucumbers, pumpkins, watermelons, squash, and zucchini, you may find tiny yellow or orange beetles crawling. The yellowish-green cucumber beetles, which are spotted or striped, devour shoots, blossoms, and foliage until they kill your plants. If you want … Read more

Full Sun Florida Plants (Flowers, Shrubs) – Pictures and Identification

Full sun plants in your Florida yard will provide year-round beauty, texture, and flowery scents. Finding appropriate plants, on the other hand, may be tough in Florida’s warm, humid, and coastal environment. In addition, the shift from scorching tropical weather in southern Florida to mild winters in northern Florida must be taken into account. Temperatures … Read more