Orange Flowering Shrubs (With Pictures) – Identification and Planting Guide

Any garden landscape can benefit from the addition of orange flowering shrubs. Orange-flowered bushes are simple to establish, drought tolerant, and perform best in full sun to moderate shade. The bright orange blossoms contrast beautifully with the deep green foliage. Foundation planting, borders, and growing as a specimen plant are all ideal uses for orange … Read more

Types of Manzanita Trees and Shrubs (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

The gorgeous red bark of manzanita trees and shrubs makes them a stunning blooming plant. Bell-shaped light pink or white blooms bloom on little decorative trees or shrubs. The beautiful reddish-brown or mahogany bark that covers twisted, knotted branches is the most appealing characteristic of evergreen plants. Compact bushes or little manzanita trees may reach … Read more