Types Of Lizards List: Pictures & Facts On Amazing Lizard Species

The Komodo dragon (the world’s biggest lizard), Gila monster (a venomous desert lizard), green iguana (a big, tree-dwelling lizard), frilled lizard (which raises a brilliantly-colored ruff when threatened), Texas horned lizard (able to squirt blood from its eyes) and flying lizards that glide from tree to tree in rainforests are all examples of well-known types … Read more

Types Of Monkey With Pictures And Facts – The Different Monkey Groups & Well-Known Monkey Species

A overview of the various monkey species and groups, with photographs and information. Explore the most monkey species, from the largest to the tiniest… Types Of Monkey Monkeys are now found in approximately 267 different species. Old world monkeys and new world monkeys are the two kinds of monkey that exist. Old world monkeys are … Read more

Wild Dog Species List: All Types Of Wild Dogs, With Pictures & Information

There are currently 35 wild dog species recognized. All extinct dog species belong to the Canidae family of dogs, which includes all modern dog breeds. Canids or canines are the members of the Canidae family, and may also be referred to as ‘canines. Wolves, foxes, and jackals are among the world’s wild dogs. Gray wolves, … Read more