Beluga Whale In The Thames: A Rare Sighting Of An Arctic Marine Mammal In England

As of Wednesday, October 10th, the beluga whale sighting in the River Thames, England remains unchanged. Specialists closely observing the whale’s condition have determined that it is in good health. There is optimism that the creature will eventually navigate its way back to the ocean unassisted. River Thames Beluga Witness the captivating footage showcased in … Read more

Endangered Elephants: Facts, Threats And Conservation

Endangered Elephants – The future looks grim for the three existing elephant species. The African bush elephant and the Asian elephant find themselves on the brink of extinction as they are classified as endangered, while the African forest elephant is in an even more perilous situation, labeled as critically endangered. Unfortunately, the populations of these … Read more

Meet The Madla Cave Meshweaver Spider – An Endangered Texas Arachnid

Introducing the Living Spider That Has Vanished… Officially declared extinct, the Braken Bat Cave meshweaver spider has seemingly disappeared from existence. However, this intriguing species can still be spotted in specific regions of Texas, known now as the Madla Cave meshweaver. Delve into the captivating world of this endangered spider. Braken Bat Cave – Not … Read more

Asian Animals List With Pictures And Amazing Facts

Animals native to Asia encompass a diverse range of species, showcasing remarkable mammals like the majestic giant panda, awe-inspiring tiger, noble Asiatic lion, elusive snow leopard, intelligent orangutan, and unique proboscis monkey. Among the reptiles, we encounter formidable creatures like the saltwater crocodile, venomous Indian cobra, and legendary Komodo dragon. In the avian realm, Asia … Read more