32 Yellow Birds in Virginia (ID and Song Guide)

Virginia experiences an influx of yellow birds during the spring and summer when warblers arrive. However, in the winter months, the American Goldfinch and Yellow-rumped Warbler become the commonly sighted yellow birds in this region. To assist in the identification of yellow birds spotted in Virginia, this guide provides pictures, identification information, song recordings, and … Read more

23 Yellow Birds in Vermont (ID and Song Guide)

In Vermont, during the arrival of warblers in spring and summer, yellow birds are a common sight, but in winter, the American Goldfinch stands out as the most frequently spotted yellow bird in the area. To aid in identifying the yellow birds you encounter in Vermont, this comprehensive guide offers images, identification details, audio recordings … Read more

17 Yellow Birds in Utah (ID and Song Guide)

This comprehensive handbook will assist you in identifying the vibrant yellow avian species found in Utah. By providing you with an assortment of photographs, identification details, melodic recordings of their songs, and migration patterns, you’ll be well-equipped to spot these yellow-feathered marvels. The majority of yellow birds in Utah belong to the warbler or tanager … Read more

32 Yellow Birds in Tennessee (ID and Song Guide)

In the spring and summer seasons when warblers migrate to Tennessee, yellow birds, including the American Goldfinch and Yellow-rumped Warbler, are commonly seen. However, during winter, these two species are the most frequently observed yellow birds in the region. To assist you in identifying the yellow birds you spot in Tennessee, this comprehensive guide offers … Read more

16 Yellow Birds in Oregon (ID and Song Guide)

In Oregon, when the seasons of spring and summer arrive, one can commonly spot yellow birds like warblers and orioles. However, during the winter months, the most frequently seen yellow birds are the Yellow-rumped Warbler and Lesser Goldfinch. To aid in the identification of these yellow birds in Oregon, this guide provides pictures, information on … Read more