30 Yellow Birds in Iowa (ID and Song Guide)

During the spring and summer months in Iowa, when warblers and orioles make their appearance, it’s not uncommon to see yellow birds, particularly yellow warblers and orioles. However, in the winter, the American Goldfinch is the only yellow bird that can be easily spotted in the area. To assist you in identifying the yellow birds … Read more

Warblers in Kansas (ID and Song Guide)

Warblers are migratory songbirds that embark on long journeys, traveling from as far as Kansas to breeding grounds as distant as Canada. These vibrant and energetic birds make their way from their breeding to wintering grounds in a brilliant display of yellow and green, accompanied by a delightful medley of songs. Wood-warblers, commonly known as … Read more

36 Species Of Warblers in Louisiana (ID and Song Guide)

Discover the incredible variety of warbler species that can be regularly found in Louisiana with the help of this guide. Complete with captivating photographs, detailed descriptions, enchanting audio recordings of their melodious songs, and fascinating trivia, this guide will assist you in identifying these beautiful migratory songbirds. Warblers, these small avian travelers, embark on remarkable … Read more

35 Species Of Warbler in Iowa (ID and Song Guide)

Unveiling a comprehensive guide to aid in the identification of the numerous warbler species frequently encountered in Iowa. This resource incorporates photo identification, detailed descriptions, captivating audio recordings of their melodious songs, intriguing facts, and much more. Warblers, those petite migratory songbirds, embark on remarkable journeys spanning vast distances, from South America to breeding grounds … Read more

32 Yellow Birds In Michigan (ID And Song Guide)

In the state of Michigan, yellow avian creatures are a familiar sight during the arrival of warblers in spring and summer. However, when winter arrives, the American Goldfinch becomes the most commonly sighted yellow bird in the area. To aid in the identification of these yellow birds in Michigan, a comprehensive guide has been provided. … Read more