Types of Asparagus Fern: Foxtail, Plumosa, Sprenger (Including Caring for Asparagus Fern Plant)

Asparagus ferns are attractive, decorative plants characterized by their slender, fern-like leaves growing in clusters. Although they are often referred to as ferns, they are actually perennial plants belonging to the Asparagaceae family. The various types of asparagus ferns include Foxtail ferns, Plumosa ferns, and Sprengeri ferns, among others. Asparagus Fern Facts One may easily … Read more

Owls In Oklahoma (10 Types You Might See)

Many people like owls because they are mysterious and wise. Because of their camouflage and nocturnal habits, the majority of people never see them. This makes them all the more intriguing. It’s also possible that you’ll be curious about how many different owl species may be discovered in my region. Owls in Oklahoma will be … Read more