Animals That Start With J, List With Pictures & Facts

Mammalian animals such as jackals, jackrabbits, jerboas, junglefowl, and jaguars; birdlike animals like jaegers, jays, and juncos; fish like the John Dory; and invertebrates like the Jerusalem cricket are among the animals that begin with J. Beginning with J, you’ll discover these and other intriguing creatures on this page, along with images and information about … Read more

Cool Dinosaurs List With Pictures And Interesting Facts

A list of dinosaurs that are cool, with pictures and information. Mesozoic Era dinosaurs are waiting for you! Cool Dinosaurs Dinosaurs that have unusual abilities, physical features, or lifestyles are called cool dinosaurs. Tarbosaurus, for example, had even smaller arms than T. Chasmosaurus has a huge bony frill behind its head. Carnotaurus, a distinctive predatory … Read more

Animals That Start With L: List With Pictures & Interesting Facts

Insects like lacewings, leafcutter ants, and locusts; mammals like leopards, lions, lemurs, and lemmings; reptiles like the leatherback and loggerhead sea turtles; and birds like the lammergeier and lapwing are among the animals that begin with L. Beginning with L, this page has a list of numerous animal species, each with photos and interesting facts. … Read more

Tropical Rainforest Plants List

We discussed tropical rainforest plants in the preceding article. A tropical rainforest plants list, including pictures and information on individual plant species, is available on this page. Tropical Rainforest Plants Information There are a tremendous amount of plants in the world’s tropical rainforests. Over 40,000 plant species call the Amazon Rainforest home! The tropical climate … Read more