Where Can Bee Balm Be Grown as Perennials

After discovering their allure and enduring nature, I commenced the act of planting bee balm vegetation. Swiftly, I acquired a fondness for these botanical specimens due to their remarkable resilience. Perennial stalwarts spanning Zones 4 to 9. Dependent on your whereabouts, the bee balm flowers will grace your presence from the onset of June until … Read more

Bouteloua Gracilis: Blue Grama Information and Care

Blue grama, also known as mosquito grass or Bouteloua gracilis, is a native grass from Missouri that thrives in warm seasons. It possesses a unique characteristic with seed spikes resembling mosquito larvae that dangle from only one side of its flowering stems. This exquisite plant is an excellent choice for rock gardens, whether planted as … Read more

Carex Pensylvanica: Pennsylvania Sedge Information and Care

Let’s dive into more details! Are you ready to explore? Let’s commence our journey. Essential Facts Behold the captivating emerald carpet created by the petite, elongated foliage of Pennsylvania Sedge. This renowned sedge serves as a superb alternative to grass or a splendid ground cover. Its propagation occurs gradually through rhizomes, thriving when arranged in … Read more

Mushrooms in Potted Plants (Yellow and White Mushrooms): Causes and Solutions

Discovering tiny, golden mushrooms nestled within potted plants is a common occurrence. Yet, one might express concern when encountering these yellow stalks adorned with caps sprouting amidst their houseplants. These minuscule, yellowish mushrooms typically emerge in moist soil during warm and humid conditions. However, should one feel alarmed upon spotting mushrooms in their potted plants? … Read more

Creeping Thyme Lawn: Types, Advantages and Care

An excellent alternative to the traditional lawn is a mesmerizing carpet of creeping thyme. It’s easier to maintain and requires less watering compared to the usual grass. Moreover, every summer, the creeping thyme blankets your yard with a stunning array of pink, purple, or magenta-red flowers, something that a regular lawn can never achieve. Furthermore, … Read more