Types of Creeping Thyme (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Creeping thyme, a stunning herbaceous plant with shrub-like qualities, gracefully expands to create a vibrant carpet adorned with purple, red, and pink flowers. This petite perennial herb, known for its aromatic fragrance and low-growing nature, thrives splendidly in sun-kissed garden landscapes. The effortlessly maintained and mat-forming plant, boasting glossy green leaves and clusters of flowers … Read more

Columnar Trees for Small Gardens (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Compact gardens can benefit greatly from the presence of columnar trees, as they bring a strong visual impact to small spaces. These slender deciduous and evergreen trees are perfect for narrow areas, serving as focal points, elegant statements, or accents to enhance your property’s features. If you’re looking to create a natural privacy fence in … Read more

20 Hummingbird Plants Ohio

There exists a multitude of flowers that have the ability to captivate hummingbirds, but it is crucial to discover plants that can endure and flourish in the specific weather conditions of your region. In cases where the temperature becomes excessively hot or cold, these plants may wither away or fail to grow sufficiently, resulting in … Read more