Desert Plants List With Pictures And Facts

A list of desert plants with photos and information. Discover the characteristics of species that grow in the harsh desert biome and learn about well-known plants found in a desert. Desert Plants Introduction Deserts are difficult, unpleasant environments in the world. Deserts are home to a small number of species that can tolerate these severe … Read more

Ocean Animals: A List Of Animals That Live In The Ocean With Pictures & Facts – Plus FREE question sheet

With photographs and facts, here is a list of ocean creatures for children (and adults). Discover the incredible creatures that live in the sea. Introduction The sea is one of the most significant animal habitats, covering nearly three-quarters of the Earth’s surface. Almost 230,000 species have been documented, with many more awaiting discovery and naming. … Read more

Wild Dog Species List: All Types Of Wild Dogs, With Pictures & Information

There are currently 35 recognized species of wild dogs, all of which belong to the Canidae family, the same family that encompasses modern dog breeds. Canids, or canines, are the members of this family and may be commonly referred to as ‘canines.’ The world’s wild dogs include species such as wolves, foxes, and jackals. Some … Read more