Maple Trees: Types, Leaves, Bark – Identification Guide (Pictures)

Beautiful shade trees with leafy foliage, maple trees are popular in the autumn. The bark of maple trees is furrowed, with tiny winged fruits and thin reddish-brown twigs. In the fall, maple trees’ green lobed leaves turn crimson, yellow, orange, and black. Maple trees’ lobed leaves are the most noticeable characteristic. The tallest maples may … Read more

Types of Palm Trees with Identification Guide (Pictures, and Name): Small, Dwarf, and Tall Palm Tree Varieties

Palm trees, tropical beaches, pleasant sunny conditions, and lovely landscaped gardens are all synonymous with one another. The fan-shaped or feathery fronds (leaves) and fiber-covered trunks or stalks of palms are what distinguish them from other plants. Palm trees thrive in warm nations, such as date and coconut palm trees. However, temperate climates and cold … Read more