Yellow Birds in Ohio

Ohio is a excellent birding destination, with more than a dozen offshore islands, varied habitats from banks and spines to bogs, meadows, and forests. It includes two national historic playgrounds, three national wildlife refuges, 83 condition playgrounds, 312 miles of Lake Erie coastlines. In the Buckeye State, there are over 400 different bird species, with … Read more

American Elm Tree: Leaves, Bark (Pictures) – Identification and Care

The American elm tree is a popular deciduous broadleaf landscape tree with appealing form and fall colors. The upright-spreading posture of American elms, which produces a beautiful urn-shaped, wide crown, is identification. Leathery, dark green leaves, yellowish-green dangling flowers, and seeds enclosed in a papery casing characterize the American elm, which is a spectacular fast-growing … Read more

Desert Birds

Desert Birds: A desert is a barren yard region with little to no water (no precipitation) that is extremely harmful for plants and animals. Several desert birds thrive in this severe condition, with a variety of developed adaptations. Let’s take a look at 15 desert birds and their one-of-a-kind mutations within this page. Desert Birds … Read more