What Eats Birds

Birds have a variety of killers, including dogs, felines, reptiles, mammals, other birds and even people. What varieties don’t consume birds is perhaps an even more intriguing question. What do birds eat? What do the birds that perform eat? On the planet, there are almost 1000 types of birds, and all of them have predators … Read more

40 Florida Shrubs (Flowering, Evergreen, Vines) With Pictures – Identification Guide

In Florida, gardens are enhanced by the presence of shrubs, blossoming bushes, evergreen plants, and trailing vines. The state’s warm and humid climate supports a variety of shrubs that thrive in both sun and shade. Some popular flowering shrubs in Florida include viburnum, bougainvillea, ixora, pinwheel jasmine, hibiscus, Bolivian sunset, and cape honeysuckle. Evergreen plants … Read more

Mexican Birds

You may see really interesting birds in Mexico without even leaving the country. How do you recognize Cancun, Tulum, Progresso, or even Merida birds that are characteristic of specific sections of the Yucatan? The country house lots of birds found no other place on earth from Mexico’s deserts to rich woodlands to shorelines. Some of … Read more

Ugly Birds

Are you trying to learn more about ugly birds? The following are some of the ugliest birds, along with a detailed description and images. Birds are not all created equal. Beautiful birds follow, and then there are some truly horrible birds. Birds with odd features like beady eyes and long, dangley wattles are known as … Read more