Small or Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs For Shade (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

In shaded gardens, little evergreen plants add variety and sophistication. Many shade-tolerant evergreen bushes, including crimson, white, yellow, orange, purple, and pink varieties, also produce attractive flower blossoms. In addition, small shrubs that bloom in the shadow of trees, buildings, walls, and bigger shrubs prevent your front or backyard from looking barren and devoid of … Read more

Types of Butterfly Caterpillars With Pictures and Identification Guide

Caterpillars, which transform into butterflies, are a variety of colorful worm-like crawling creatures. The bodies of butterfly caterpillars are usually smooth, and some strange-looking caterpillars may have a spiky appearance. Furthermore, butterfly larvae may have distinctive stripes, patterns, and other identifying features, as well as being green, brown, black or yellow. Caterpillars that transform into … Read more

Purple Leaf Plants (Including Plants with Purple and Green Leaves) – With Pictures

Adding color to your garden landscape or interior living space can be done inexpensively with purple leaf plants. Eye-catching shrubs, trailing plants, leafy perennials, purple succulents, and annuals with dark-colored dramatic foliage are all possible varieties of purple-leafed plants. Purple-leafed plants also stand out against green-leafed plants because purple leaves contrast vividly with brilliantly colored … Read more