Types of Gray Bugs: Silverfish, Stink Bugs and More (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Little, bothersome creatures known as gray bugs can infest homes. Silverfish, a little nocturnal silvery-gray wingless insect that may be seen slithering over the bathroom or kitchen floors, is the most prevalent gray bug. Stink bugs, gray blister beetles, weevils, and pillbugs are some of the other gray bugs that may be found in the … Read more

Types of Arizona Caterpillars (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

In Arizona, caterpillars are abundant. Caterpillars from Arizona are usually huge, worm-like creatures with cylindrical bodies. Black and yellow striped caterpillars, fat green larvae with dots or patterns, black spiky crawling insects, or black and orange hairy caterpillars are common Caterpillars found in Arizona. The southern flannel moth caterpillar and the crowned slug moth caterpillar … Read more

Types of Impatiens Flowers: New Guinea, Walleriana, and Double Impatiens (Pictures)

Impatiens flowers are vibrant, tender perennials that can grow in partial shade and thrive in partial sun. Pink, purple, orange, red, and white are some of the hues available with Impatiens flowers. The shade-loving impatiens species Impatiens walleriana is also known as the shade impatiens. Because they also tolerate more sun, New Guinea impatiens (Impatiens … Read more

Types of Hairy Caterpillars (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Several varieties of hairy caterpillars have stinging spines, despite their appearance as delicate and fluffy. Caterpillars covered in hairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Long pencil setae on fuzzy white caterpillars, for example, are fuzzy. Tufts of thick hairs maycover other hairy caterpillars, giving them a hairy look. Woolly tubes might be … Read more