Tropical Florida Plants (Flowers, Shrubs, Trees) – Pictures and Identification

The perfect touch of tropical flora to a Florida yard is a wonderful thing. Plants, on the other hand, must tolerate the scorching, humid, and coastal air of the southeastern United States in order to thrive in Florida’s tropical environment. Moreover, finding plants that grow throughout the whole Sunshine State may be difficult due to … Read more

The Best Foundation Plants For Front of House (Pictures) – Identification Guide

Foundation plants for the front of house can create a terrific impression of your property. Front-of-house flowers, shrubs, and evergreen bushes help blur the line between your yard and home and add fantastic curb appeal. Foundation planting helps transform the appearance of your front yard by adding greenery, a pop of bright colors, and floral … Read more

Royal Poinciana (Flamboyant Tree): Flowers, Leaves (Pictures) – Identification

In late spring and early summer, the royal poinciana, a stunning blooming evergreen tree, produces masses of bright red-orange blossoms. The royal poinciana is distinguished for its fern-like leaves, spreading umbrella-like canopy, and lovely mahogany seed pods. It is also known as the flame of the forest, flamboyant tree, or flame tree. In Florida, southern … Read more

Types of Black Spiky Caterpillars (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Butterfly or moth larvae that have black spiky caterpillars are unusual. With their jet-black bodies, light or white markings, and fleshy spines or spikes on their body, the dark-colored, worm-like bugs may give a terrifying effect. Despite the fact that their spines are filled with poison, black caterpillars are not generally venomous. The great leopard … Read more