Types of Pine Trees in Florida (Pictures) – Identification Guide

Florida is home to various pine species that are uniquely adapted to the state’s climate. Pine trees are known for their evergreen needle-like foliage and tolerance to cold temperatures. Despite this, several pine species thrive in Florida, including longleaf and shortleaf pines, loblolly pines, and spruce pines. Florida pine trees are adapted to the state’s … Read more

Katsura Tree (Including Weeping Katsura): Leaves, Bark and Care (Pictures) – Identification

The Katsura tree has heart-shaped green leaves, dazzling golden-yellow or orange autumn foliage, and is a medium-sized decorative flowering tree with light brown shaggy bark. The sweet caramel-like scent of the katsura tree when the leaves fall in the autumn is a beautiful characteristic. With arching branches, the multi-trunked deciduous tree develops an oval to … Read more

Types of Moth Caterpillars With Their Picture – Identification Guide

Caterpillars grow into moths after pupation, and their size and color change throughout their life cycle. Caterpillars with green, black, yellow, or striped skin may be discovered. Some of the most unusual moth caterpillars have spiky tufts of hair, intricate patterns, or a fuzzy appearance. The adult moths and moth caterpillars might look nothing alike. … Read more