Azalea Bushes: How to Care For Flowering Azalea Shrubs (including Pruning and Growing in Pots)

Azalea bushes are stunning blooming shrubs that feature a variety of hues and shapes of flowers. Pink, red, orange, white, yellow, and purple azalea blooms are funnel-shaped and have a bright color. From late winter until early fall, flowering azalea bushes are simple to maintain in a garden landscape and provide a lot of hue. … Read more

All About The Mandarin Duck — The World’s Most Beautiful Duck

Scientific Name: Aix galericulata Geography: Eastern Russia, China, Japan, and Siberia Habitat: Temperate forests and wetland Diet: Omnivores Behavior: Social animals Life Span: 6 – 10 years Conservation Status: Least concern Threats: Mink, raccoon, dog, otter, polecat, grass snake, and Eurasian eagle-owls The mandarin duck is by far the most gorgeous of over 120 different types of ducks … Read more