What Do Lobsters Eat?

What Do Lobsters Eat for Dinner? Crustaceans are a type of invertebrate that includes lobsters. In shallow ocean waters, they are commonly found. Lobsters hide in rock crevices throughout the day. When it comes to feeding, lobsters are considered opportunists. Lobsters eat fish, other crustaceans, worms, and certain plants in the wild. In general, they … Read more

What Is A Homologous Chromosome?

What is a homologous chromosome? The genetic material (DNA) of each living cell is encased into coiled structures called chromosomes, whether animal, plant, or bacterial. Chromosomes are only visible when a cell is dividing, despite the fact that they are known to be found in the nucleus. During this procedure, the majority of what was … Read more

Top 10 Spectacular Asexual Reproduction In Animals

Imagine this: asexual reproduction. What if you could replicate on your own, without a partner? That would be fantastic, wouldn’t it? Life, as they say, finds a way; for example, parthenogenesis may be one of life’s wacky tricks. Why waste more time when you have the ability to make “half-clones” of yourself if no suitable … Read more

Overview Of Cellular Respiration Equation, Types, Stages & Products

Every machine requires particular components and fuel in order to operate, according to the Cellular Respiration Equation. Similarly, in order to operate, biological machines need well-engineered components and a sufficient energy supply. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is perhaps the second most significant molecule (after DNA). ATP is essentially the cell’s primary energy currency. What is Cellular … Read more