Animals That Migrate: A List Of Migratory Animals With Pictures & Facts

Examples of animals that migrate include the gray whale, caribou, monarch butterfly, Arctic tern, bar-tailed godwit, Canada goose, Chinook salmon, leatherback sea turtle and blue wildebeest. The best-known and most visible migratory animals are birds, but mammals, reptiles and even insects and amphibians all have migratory species. On this page is a list of some … Read more

African Animals List With Pictures & Facts. Discover Amazing Animals That Live In Africa

List of African Animals: Introduction The continent of Africa is the second biggest in the world (Asia is first). Africa is home to a wide range of animals, from tropical rainforest to arid desert. Just a small portion of the continent’s vast biodiversity is represented by the African animals mentioned below. Be sure to check … Read more

Australian Birds List with Pictures, Facts and Information

Several of Australia’s most renowned birds, as well as several other fascinating or unusual species, are included in our Australian birds list. Australian Birds List: Introduction Australia’s birds are no exception! It is home to a slew of unusual and distinct animals. Birds with beautiful plumage, birds that may build nests, birds that may assault … Read more

Animals That Start With E: List With Pictures & Interesting Facts

Mammalian species such as elephants, elands, echidnas, and elk; avian species such as eagles, eiders, emus, and emperor penguins; insect species such as earwigs; reptile species such as eastern coral snakes; and fish like eels and eagle rays are among the first animals that begin with E. Beginning with E, this page contains a list … Read more