14 Beautiful Industrial Wall Decor Ideas

You’ve probably heard them all before: contemporary, rustic, farmhouse. Yet, industrial design may be a style that you want to include into your home decor. It combines a variety of genres that you already know and adore, which makes it stand out. It’s both current and vintage, yet classic and distinct at the same time.

You may be delighted to learn that there are multiple options out there if you want to embellish your walls in an industrial manner. Here are 14 of our favorite industrial wall décor suggestions, ranging from wall shelving to standout clocks and more.

Decorate Large Spaces With an Oversized Industrial Wall Clock

An oversized wall clock is one of the best ways to fill a lot of wall space. You might pick between a classic monochromatic design or a dazzling luxury design, depending on your preferences. There are, however, several clock designs if you want to go with a rustic industrial wall design.

A clock with visible gears, which is a perfect mix of vintage and mechanical, is one of the most popular options. A classic brown color scheme is used to blend in with your existing look while standing out as a dramatic statement piece, and it can be found on this clock in particular.

Add Three-tier Pipe Shelves for Design Versatility

Metal pipes are another common feature of industrial-style rooms, along with clocks. Industrial design draws influence from old manufacturing plants, and old manufacturing plants had a lot of pipes, so it makes sense.

Pipes can be found on many contemporary furniture items, ranging from tables to sofas and chairs. Pipe-frame shelving, on the other hand, is one of the greatest furniture items to buy if you want to fill up a space on your wall. You may add items to them to maintain the industrial style, not just because they make a statement on their own.

Use Metal Shelves for an Added Modern Flair

Some industrial spaces, such as deep bronze and black, have beautiful and dramatic dark hues. Adding metal shelving is a excellent way to match your wall decor.

These metal shelves are ideal for creating a room stand out by displaying a wide range of items. Moreover, among ordinary metal wall shelves, the wire detailing in the back distinguishes it.

Replicate the Look of Windows With a Window Mirror Set

Large, dramatic steel windows are common in industrial rooms. The metallic black frame makes it look particularly industrial, not only allowing in more natural light to allow the design to shine. Unfortunately, not every room has a huge window like this, and having them installed isn’t cheap. You can easily replicate the look with window mirrors, though.

For a smaller entryway, this window mirror is just the right size. It would complement a rustic-looking wooden table, which is common in industrial spaces, giving the rustic and modern design.

Go For Stylish Practicality With a Wall Sconce or Two

Wall sconces come in a variety of styles and may be used in practically any industrial-style setting. Because it has two globe-shaped lights rather than just one, this wall sconce in particular stands out.

It’s not just stylish, but it’s also functional. It makes a fantastic contemporary statement piece. Without table lamps, you can put them in your bedroom or even a living room to brighten it up. If the room you’re designing doesn’t have much space to spare, it’s ideal for incorporating into a space-saving design.

Add a Set of Pipe Shelves for Visual Variety

Industrial spaces often feature pipe shelves, which are available in one, two, or three layers. But, adding in a set of pipe shelves is an even better idea if you want something with greater visual variety.

Being a set, it’s ideal for taking up a lot of wall space and can be arranged in any fashion you choose. You can also add new items on each one, giving the visual variety even more depth.

Add an Artsy Look With Industrial Clock Artwork

An antique clock is one of the most basic ways to enhance the look of an industrial, while you don’t have to buy one to obtain it. Instead, clock art may be used to add an extra creative touch.

Keys, gears, and a prominent clock are all common design elements in industrial rooms, and this wall art is no exception.

Go For a Subtle Vintage Flair With Antique Padlocks

Because they both aim to be both vintage and modern at the same time, industrial and steampunk styles often have a lot of crossover elements. Vintage-style keys, which you may use in huge wall hangings to key art, are one of these elements.

These antique-looking padlocks are ideal if you want something a bit more individual but not too crazy. These small size profile and dark monochrome color palette imply they’ll blend in with your existing industrial furniture.

Add in a Modern Touch With Modern Wire Wall Decor

In an industrial space, there are numerous vintage wall décor choices available, but if you want to inject a contemporary vibe, here are some options.

Thankfully, there are a variety of options available. This contemporary wire art piece is one possibility. It has sleek lines and geometry, making it ideal for any industrial space.

Make Your Industrial Room Look More Modern With Some Geometric Shelving

Contrast is a huge part of today’s rooms, as you probably already know. Modern rooms, in particular, often include white against black, which adds a little more intensity. Yet, contrast works flawlessly in industrial spaces as well, so there’s no need to confine this to contemporary styles.

The rhombus front and hexagon exterior of these black and white shelves are both unique, and they contrast with each other. It would look good in lighter-colored industrial spaces, although they are uncommon and may still generate stunning outcomes.

Add a Plane Print for Some Vintage Industrial Flair

It’s obvious that planes are a part of some industrial designs. During the industrial age, the first aircraft was constructed and flown, becoming a symbol of both independence and progress.

A variety of plane-themed décor, such as this black and white plane print, may give you that same sensation. It’s a fantastic addition to your current industrial room décor, with incredible attention to detail.

Stand Out With a Gear Wall Clock

Moving gears can be found inside many clocks. Gear wall clocks, on the other hand, are available if you want something distinct. The gears are the focal point of the design.

This clock is a combination of metal and wood, which will give your industrial-style room extra texture. Moreover, because of its huge proportions, it can take up more wall space than a normal clock, especially if the room is broad.

Make a Unique Statement With Bike Wall Decor

With its broad variety of options, the industrial style is extremely adaptable. You don’t always have to add complex gears or intricate machinery when you’re looking for the perfect industrial wall decor to add to your space. Instead, use a bicycle that you already have in your garage to decorate.

Of course, you can put anything on the wall that you want. Instead, there is wall décor that matches bicycles with a vintage aesthetic and metallic hues, such as this one. Whatever industrial space you put it in, it’s certain to make a unique statement.

Add a Touch of History With an Antique Map Sectional Set

From images of planes to clocks, industrial art prints are common in the world of wall décor. You may use either a contemporary-looking or a vintage print depending on the flexibility of industrial design. This map print is a excellent choice if you prefer to go with the past.

Since it depicts a hand-colored map prepared hundreds of years ago, it not only looks antique–it is antique. Since you can space the sections out or place them closer together, it’s suited for flexibility.

Final Thoughts…

Industrial-style rooms, including those with wall décor, offer virtually limitless design possibilities, as you may have seen by now. You could also include modern wall sconces and vintage bicycle wall décor, which are options that aren’t usually available in rooms. Or, instead of decorating the entire space, you could simply outfit some shelves.

It can be difficult to choose from all of the options available. We want this guide to provide you with a starting point for developing an integrated wall design that truly suits your needs.

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