22 Beautiful Sliding Barn Door Ideas for Your Home

Barn doors have been a popular interior design element for some time now, and they’re still in style today. You’ll be pleased to learn that barn doors come in a variety of styles, including contemporary, industrial, and more, and are often associated with rustic farmhouse rooms.

They’re stylish, but they’re also practical, particularly if you don’t have enough room to swing a door that opens wide. Here are 22 barn door ideas so you can finally get the room of your dreams if you’re looking to get a barn door for yourself and don’t know where to start.

Keep It Simple With a Classic Walnut Barn Door

For good reason, the majority of barn doors feature a basic rustic aesthetic with a wooden finish. These doors are versatile and work in practically every space you place them in. You can also add it to a room that has a contemporary aesthetic to make it feel more homelike and welcoming.

Sticking with a classic option like this dark walnut barn door is a smart decision if you’re not attempting to recreate the wheel with your interior designs.

Add Subtle Elegance With Gray Doors

Gray pairs nicely with just about anything because it is neutral. It may help reduce the contrast between extremely light and extremely dark hues, or it may stand out on its own as a major room hue. Gray barn doors are similarly designed.

The calm gray color would go well with blue-toned rooms, and these doors come in a classic style.

Add a Flush Barn Door for a Clean Look

Panels in various configurations, from vertical planks to X-shapes and more, are commonly found on wooden barn doors. They’re ideal for adding visual texture, but depending on where you put it, a clean, smooth look may be more appealing.

Since they’re simply solid wood pieces, flush doors are ideal for this. For a little bit of visual texture, the wood grain continues to show through, but it’s designed to match entirely with your existing furnishings.

Add Some Natural Light With a Mirror Door

You have two door options when it comes to adding more natural light to your space–a glass door or a mirror door.

Glass windows let light from other rooms of the home enter, while mirror windows reflect the light already inside them. For this scenario, a classic-style room is matched with a mirror door with a white frame, such as this one.

Go For Cohesion With a Metal and Glass Door

Steel-framed windows may be found in your house if you have an industrial area. Industrial designs really need them. You may also add industrial-looking metal and glass doors for a more finished look.

You can give your whole home a cohesive look with these. Additionally, because the glass is clear, it allows in a lot of natural light, which allows for maintaining the atmosphere of an open floorplan even when the doors are closed.

Upgrade a Standard Door

Six-panel white doors are ubiquitous in almost every home you can imagine, and they’re found in practically every home. Thankfully, some barn doors come in the same style, so if you want to add a barn door without changing the look too much, go for it.

In this manner, you may still preserve your present design while realizing the functional advantages of barn doors.

Add a Slight Bit of Color With a Blue Toned Glass Door

Blue can go with almost every tone and hue, ranging from warm to cool. A frosty blue-toned glass door is one method to take advantage of the blue’s versatility without altering your room drastically.

It can fit in most spaces you place it in because of its basic design. In addition, a frosted glass barn door allows you to appreciate the beauty of glass while maintaining privacy.

Emulate the Look of French Doors With French-style Barn Doors

French glass doors are widely used in home offices and patio entries, which you may already be aware of. They go with just about any design, and they’re also functional since they let in a lot of natural light.

But, if you want a barn door, don’t give up on your French door ambitions. Doors with a barn door rail at the top instead of door hinges have the same style as French doors.

Go For Practicality With a Chalkboard Barn Door

To-do lists or sticky notes are almost certainly visible if you have a hectic schedule. Even when you try, it’s difficult to recall everything you have to accomplish for the day or week. Using a chalkboard barn door is one of the best ways to address this issue. Because you have to view it before leaving the room, you can write everything on it without losing your place.

You may, however, make some exquisite chalk art instead if to-do lists aren’t your thing; this may even enhance the design of your room.

Add a Modern Flair With Black and White Barn Doors

You’ll be pleased to learn that the same contrast you can see in contemporary furniture is also present in some barn door designs if you’re hunting for contemporary barn door designs. Black doors with striking white highlights are a good example of this.

The contemporary color scheme totally transports the entrance into the twenty-first century, despite its rustic appearance with its traditional barn door style. In a contemporary farmhouse-style space, it would seem to belong.

Add a Splash of Color With a Sapphire Blue Door

While others have an all-neutral color scheme that makes them seem great, others are practically begging for a burst of color. Splashes of color can help a room feel complete by adding visual appeal. You might want to install a painting on the wall or a bright red sofa, but a barn door can also provide a burst of color.

This one features a stunning and elegant color palette of sapphire blue, which looks great in any room. You may even create a room scheme around this barn door and use a sapphire blue color scheme throughout if you don’t already have one in mind.

Add Contrast With Unfinished Metal Frame Barn Doors

Barn doors that are still incomplete are old. Several of them arrive in pine, and they’re ideal for giving a country effect to a lighter-colored space. But, there are unfinished barn doors with black metal frames available if you think they’re a little plain.

With the benefit of contrast, they add the same rustic charm and texture as typical unfinished doors. Since it combines ancient and new characteristics, it would fit well in a contemporary farmhouse space.

Add a Diagonal Gray Barn Door for a Subtle Modern Look

Dark colors, whether used as an accent for contrast or throughout, are often found in modern rooms. As a result, various dark color palettes may be found with contemporary barn doors.

If you prefer a toned-down version of black’s stark contrast, you might add a dark gray door to a room in this case. It also matches with a lot of things because it is neutral. Add to that the unique diagonal-facing wood boards, and you’ve got a sleek contemporary door that will go great with your current decor.

Go For a Modern Look With a Chevron Black Barn Door

Chevron patterns have a long history, going back to ancient Greece and beyond. Chevron barn doors are available in addition to chevron rugs and wallpaper. With a tinge of futurism, this chevron door appears to be very sleek and contemporary.

It pairs nicely with other chevron-themed furniture, and it stands out on its own if you want. Either way, your room will stand out thanks to this unusual barn door design.

Use a Raised Scrollwork Barn Door for Subtle Elegance

What if you want something different? White doors are common in many homes. That idea is exemplified beautifully by this door. It has a raised scrollwork design for added elegance and is a relatively standard white door made to match with your current room setup.

You can use it in a lighter-colored space for greater cohesion or in a dark-colored space for some dramatic contrast. Because of its brilliant white hue, it would work well.

Use a Multi X Barn Door for a Unique Look

Images of a crimson barn with white Xs might come to mind when you think about a barn. The stereotype of the ancient red barn is sure to endure for a long time, given how long they’ve been around.

This contemporary barnhouse door, like many others, incorporates aspects of these traditional red barns in some form or another, most notably the X pattern. It has a sleek gray color that would go well with both rustic and contemporary aesthetics, and it has multiple Xs as a unique design element. With a Castle Barn Door, You Can Have a Medieval Look

It would be wonderful if everyone had enough money to live in beautiful castles. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible for the bulk of us. Even if you’re on a budget, you can recreate some of the old castles’ characteristics.

This castle-style barn door, which features antique-looking wood and metal components, is one way to achieve this. You might even consider medieval elements, such as red tones and exposed stone, if you’re looking for a unique makeover for your home.

Add a Paneled Wooden Door for Visual Texture

Several barn doors include panels of different shapes and designs, as previously indicated. Do you know what horizontal and vertical planks are on paneled doors?

With its four sections of alternating direction planks at various depths, this one has a particularly unusual appearance. The distinctive design can add some extra texture to any interior design, despite the fact that the color palette is rather conventional.

Use Bright Red Barn Doors for a Dramatic Flair

Every room can benefit from a splash of color, however bright red barn doors are the ideal way to make an bold statement.

In a black, white, and red room, these doors would look particularly good. Red barn doors may swiftly give it a rustic vibe, despite the fact that the color scheme seems to be very modern.

Add in Brown and Blue Doors for a Unique Look

Brown and blue color palettes aren’t always the most popular, but they’re certainly worth a try. They create elegance in every room they’re in, whether it’s mint and chocolate brown or a sapphire tint with dark brown.

You can always style a room around gorgeous brown and blue doors like these if you don’t have a decor idea for it yet. You might create it into a brown and blue rustic farmhouse room for an even more distinctive atmosphere.

Use a Scrollwork Door for Unique Elegance

This barn door is sure to add some character to your space if you’re trying for something different. It’s ideal for making a stunning and dramatic statement in your home thanks to its distinctive scrollwork design.

It also comes in clear and frosted glass, which means it would work with almost any color scheme.

Add Some Cheer With a Sunburst Door

Sunburst mirrors and direct sunlight with windows are just a few of the methods to brighten up your room décor.

A sunburst door, like this one, is one of the few ways to bring some sunshine. Because of the light-colored wood construction, it would especially suit lighter-colored rooms. It’s certain to stand out among the rest of the homes in your neighborhood since sunburst doors are so uncommon.

Final Thoughts…

Barn doors come in practically endless styles, from a basic walnut door to rarer options like a sunburst door, due to their popularity. The variety of options means that you can even find modern or other choices to meet your stylistic preferences, while many of them look right at home in a farmhouse-style room.

A new interior design for you may have been inspired by one of these doors. We hope this list helps you with your search for the perfect barn door for your room.

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