7 Best Bug Zappers for Indoors and Outdoors – Reviews & Comparisons

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When the seasons change from the colder months to that warmer time of year, lying in the garden reading a book or caring for the plants, swimming in the pool, or hosting a BBQ or dinner party with friends comes to mind.

Unfortunately, creepy crawlies and flying bugs that bite and sting can be attracted to you during the warmer seasons, particularly summer. It’s an uphill battle to keep the insects at bay that rudely invade our private lives spaces, despite our best efforts.

Have you used up the conventional ways of insect extermination: sprays, citronella candles and torches, and bug traps in your attempts to rid yourself of these nasties? If you say, “Yes!” After that, you should buy a bug zapper.

Our Top Pick for the Best Bug Zapper

The coverage is great, and the little gadget is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. Flowtron BK-15D is the best at zapping little to big insects for its price. If you find the attractant package useful, you may also purchase it.

Why Should You Invest in a Bug Zapper?

The quickest and most efficient way to get rid of those nasty flying bugs is with bug zappers. Some are electric, others magnetic, battery-operated, or solar-powered; there is a wide range of these bug zappers available. Some zappers may be positioned on patios, while others may be situated indoors or around the garden, giving off an appealing blue or soft white light. So, which is the best option for your home and yard?

Here are some guidelines for reducing the number of insects in and around your home before you buy.

You can begin the pest elimination process by following these 5 helpful tips, despite the fact that these zappy bug neutralizing products may keep a large number of flying bugs away from your home.

  1. Standing water in containers should be removed. Stagnant water attracts flies, especially mosquitoes. Because it is their primary breeding habitat, keep an eye on your home’s unused water containers and regularly empty them.
  2. Cover your food to keep it safe. Covering your food is a good idea even if you have a bug zapper. Pop-Up Mesh Screen Food Cover Tents are a great way to protect your food while looking good at the same time.
  3. Move your eating zones away from any trash bins. It’s a good idea to keep overflowing trash cans clean, securely covered, and move them away from eating areas since crawling and flying insects love them.
  4. Keep your pool clean and up to date if you have one. Checking the pool for chlorine levels and cleaning it. Pool covers are fantastic, but they may attract unwanted crawling and flying insects if they are kept in place over a pool for too long.
  5. Insect-repelling plants, such as beetles and mosquitoes, should be purchased. Flowers like Marigolds and Petunias, as well as carnivorous plants like Pitcher, may help to repel insects by adding basil, lavender, or rosemary.

If, however, you want a bug zapper to rid your home and patio of insects quickly and effectively, then buy one today.

While the above strategies may aid you limit the number of insects in and around your house, a handy bug zapper is the most effective way to get rid of them.

Bug zapper trivia for a little while. Sound technicians utilized the bug zapper to create sound effects for the lightsabers in the original Star Wars films, and it is perhaps the finest weapon against flies.

How Do Bug Zappers work?

A bright ultraviolet (black) light is emitted by the bug zapper’s light bulb, which is housed inside an ABS plastic or polycarbonate cage. Most insects are attracted to the ultraviolet light, which causes them to get an electric shock when they get close. Some models come with a fan that sucks the insects in, and a chemical or slow-release Octenol (which is present in human breath and sweat) attractant or bait is occasionally used.

Mosquitoes are not as drawn to UV light as other flying creatures, according to research, so using an attractant like Octenol in combination with the UV bulb is more successful.

Bug Zappers for Indoors or Outdoors

Indoor Bug Zappers

Many bug zappers employ natural-based attractants or just the UV light bulb, instead of chemical attractants. There are additionally zappers that illuminate as well as function as bug zappers, and some kinds of zappers resemble a tennis racquet and emit a deadly 2750 volt pulse of energy.

These hand-held zappers, on the other hand, are not child-friendly and should not be used as a toy.

Outdoor Bug Zappers

Many ways of attracting and killing insects are used in outdoor bug zappers. They are harmful to children, pets, and food sources, and they may include some high-powered chemicals that make them very powerful and effective at killing insects. Some designs come with environmentally friendly features that are both effective and safe for eliminating unwanted insects.

Some models need a power source, others are battery-operated, and solar-powered zappers are also available. There is a variety of styles to choose from. Some resemble heaters, while others resemble ornamental lanterns and may be hung from the ceiling or placed on the ground to illuminate your yard or walkways. There are portable zappers that may be put on a table and appear like decorative lamps.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bug Zapper

Follow these guidelines to choose the finest zapper for your home and garden:

  • Indoor or outdoor is how you choose to live. First, check to see if the model is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Indoor usage would not be appropriate for the models that emit a chemical to attract the bug, and some of the more natural baits may be unpleasant for some individuals. Indoor and outdoor models are available.
  • Child and pet safety is a big concern. Harmful chemicals, fumes, and poisons are not used in many models. They provide non-toxic means of eradicating insects from homes without poisonous repellants, pesticides, or bait, while achieving the desired effect. They could also work with just an UV light bulb. Select a zapper with a child- and animal-safe enclosure to ensure that the insect traps are totally secure.
  • It’s important to have a good size. It’s a good idea to review the model’s specifications or manual before you purchase it, depending on the size of your verandah or yard and where you want to install it. Some models claim to be effective in covering areas up to one acre, but you may need more than one if you have a large area to cover.
  • The zapper should be cleaned on a regular basis. The majority of units include a compartment for dead insects, but it’s a good idea to clean it out every so often.

7 Best Bug Zappers – Reviews

1. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

For more than 80 years, Flowtron has been a worldwide leader in outdoor goods. It is a family-owned business. The Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer is a smart black electronic lantern-style zapper that delivers a strong punch. Insects are lured inside the weatherproof polycarbonate cage and trapped on the electrostatically charged grid by high-intensity ultraviolet light.

You may also utilize an USDA-tested Octenol attractant, which is a well-known mosquito lure, to make it an environmentally friendly item. The attractant comes in a 6-pack and can be purchased individually or as part of a package deal.

The zapper is ideal for small to medium-sized yards since it works effectively for up to half an acre radius. It should only be used for outdoor purposes and is not recommended for placement within 25 feet of human activity.


  • Affordable
  • Good design
  • Effectively kills insects
  • Suitable for a small to medium patio or lawn.
  • Minimal noise


  • Buggies get tethered to the grid and may clog it.
  • Short bulb life
  • You may need an extension because Chord is too short.

2. KAPAS Electric Bug Killer Lantern

KAPAS’ bug zappers are perfect for residential and commercial usage and the company provides a variety of goods for your home and garden. FLIES, Moths, and Mosquitoes are among the flying insects that the super-powerful KAPAS Electric Bug Killer Lantern kills. It works well both indoors and out.

The grid is easy to clean, and the mesh is rust-free and no crack; this contemporary bug-zapping lantern features a waterproof strict metal design that protects your fingers from touching the grid. It may be placed on a wall, hung from the ceiling, or placed on a table.

The specially designed heavy-duty blacklight UVA 40-watt bulb can last up to 3-5 years and the effective high-voltage power grid has an efficient killing zone of 16,000-square feet. A removable collection tray and a brush are included with the KAPAS bug zapper, making it easier to clean.


  • Good coverage
  • Waterproof
  • Kills small and large bugs


  • A bulb that is not working properly
  • When replacing the light bulb, you’ll need a magnetic screwdriver.

3. ASPECTEK Electronic Insect Indoor Killer

Milo Enterprises, ASPECTEK’s parent company, provides superior items that build confidence in consumers and are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. The ASPECTEK Electronic Insect Killer is a chemical-free insect killer for indoor use.

The zapper’s strong grid can readily eliminate flying insects like flies and mosquitoes, and it comes with two ultra-violet 20-watt light bulbs that may attract creatures up to 6,000 square feet. Because it comes with a detachable washable collection tray, you don’t have to clean it often, and the dead insects are simple to clean away.

You can hang the zapper on a wall or place it on a flat surface with the metal chain included. Models with a power range of 30 and 40 watts are also available.


  • It is effective against both small and huge flying insects.
  • Easy to clean
  • Energy efficient
  • Good coverage


  • Indoor usage only recommended.
  • Noisy
  • It needs to be kept near an electrical outlet.

4. ERAVSOW Bug Zapper

The ERAVSOW Bug Zapper is not just ideal for killing insects around your home, but it’s also perfect for camping. The IP67 waterproof rating on the bug zapper is made of heavy ABS plastic. The 360° grid attracts insects like mosquitoes and is outfitted with 5 UV LED lights. A rechargeable battery, power source, USB charger, car charger, or power bank may be used to charge up the bug zapper. It may also be utilized as a lantern or flashlight.

The ERAVSOW bug zapper is a certified child and pet-friendly device that provides a safe, chemical-free, and noise-free solution for a small 16 x 16-foot room. The bug zapper is tiny and transportable, with a cleverly hidden hook that allows the lamp to be hung on a flat surface or strung up on a tent or tree limb.


  • Ideal for tiny indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • A lantern and flashlight may be powered by it.
  • Compact and transportable are two ways to describe it.

5. Black Flag Handheld Fly Zapper

The Black Flag Handheld Fly Zapper is a high-powered insect-killing gadget that resembles a tennis racquet. On those hot summer evenings when insects ravage your home and interrupt your social functions, the handheld bug zapper is ideal.

All you have to do is press a single button and swipe at insects on contact, particularly high-pitched micro mosquito demons that annoy you at night. It’s great for insects and bugs of all sizes and shapes, thanks to its 2750 volts of power. Just two AA batteries are required, and it may be utilized both indoors and out.


  • Great price
  • Mosquitoes, for example, are affected by this.
  • It is environmentally friendly and saves energy.
  • Indoor and outdoor applications are both possible.
  • Camping is also a good idea with this one.


  • At night, it takes more than one swipe to kill insects.
  • A loud zap is emitted

6. PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch

The PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient 2-in-1 bug zapper solution for any outdoor area, with an insect-luring ultraviolet light and a solar-powered LED. The blue UV LED attracts insects, and the 600-volt power grid kills them, while the LED’s lifelike flicker flame effect creates a beautiful golden glow around your lawn, garden, or beside a path.

The PIC bug zapper light is made of durable waterproof plastic, and it will serve you for many seasons. The outer grid, for added security, keeps children and pets safe from unintentional injuries. The LED solar panel can provide up to 6+ hours of light and bug-zapping power, so it’s simple to install. Just place the bug zapper in direct sunlight.

You can use the torch on a table or choose from three different pole heights, and it comes with 3 poles, 2 connectors, 1 ground stake, and 1 tabletop base. A 1 or 2-pack of PIC’s solar-powered bug zapper torch is also available as a lantern, as is a lantern.


  • Effective against mosquitos, you say?
  • Easy to install
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Can be used as a light as well as a bug zapper
  • In the garden, it seems to be a nice touch.


  • To be effective, solar panels need to be in direct sunlight.
  • Plastic poles aren’t particularly robust.

7. Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer

Another piece in the Flowtron line is this ultra-powerful electronic insect killer. It may cover up to one acre.

Flowtron is back with an environmentally friendly solution to get rid of flying, biting insects from your outdoor living space. The powered Vertical Rod attracting grid system, in addition to the 40-watt high-intensity ultraviolet (blacklight) bulb and the scientifically proven attractants, also lures insects to a killing grid that is maintenance free.

The zapper comes with a cartridge of Octenol mosquito attractant. The piece is made of durable, water-resistant polycarbonate and will not rust, fracture, or fade as a result.

The zapper comes with a cartridge of Octenol mosquito attractant. The gadget is made of robust weatherproof polycarbonate, so it won’t rust, crack, or fade over time.


  • Uses less energy and is environmentally friendly.
  • UV light may be utilized on its own or in conjunction with the repellent.
  • Up to 1-acre kill zone provided
  • Mosquitoes are among the insects that it can kill.


  • Expensive
  • Only for outdoor use.
  • Difficult to clean

Our Top Pick for the Best Bug Zapper

Flowtron has traditionally produced goods that effectively remove pests from outdoor spaces, which have long been sought by consumers. Their bug zappers are both visually appealing and more importantly, they keep insects away from your recreational zones, demonstrating a dedication to environmentally friendly and energy-saving items.

The Flowtron brand has produced goods that keep undesirable flying insects at bay in outdoor settings for many years. Their bug zappers are aesthetically appealing, and more importantly, they keep insects away from your entertaining spaces. They demonstrate a dedication to environmentally friendly and energy-saving products.

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