16 of the Best Farmhouse Accent Chairs in 2022

The interior design of a farmhouse is lovely. It’s stylish yet comfortable, and it has a Bohemian feel to it. For sure, the countryside comfort it offers is beyond compare.

Getting the correct accent chair will do the trick if you want to build a cohesive farmhouse room! Because a farmhouse allows for so much more flexibility than one would assume, there are several different options to pick from. The top 16 farmhouse accent chairs are listed below.

Plaid Is a Classic for a Reason

Plaid is a print that will never go out of style. Clothes, accessories, furniture, or anything else in between – it’s all the same to me! A classic never goes out of style. Plaid, in particular, provides a excellent mix of sophisticated and comfortable when it comes to furniture.

For a reason, this wingback accent chair is a wonderful classic. It fits in beautifully with the farmhouse colors. It’s a little more intriguing thanks to the plaid print. It’s super comfortable because of its removable foam-filled cushions. A farmhouse living room covered in this kind of furniture would be perfect.

Achieve a Country Chic Look With This Striped Accent Chair

Stripes are a classic print that never goes out of style. They may match any interior design style, as long as you choose the right stripes in size, type, and color.

This accent chair is a fantastic contender for the ultimate striped look. The upholstery has a green and white pattern that is stylish. It blends nicely in a farmhouse living room, combining complexity with comfort. Trust us, this is the one if you’re trying for the greatest of country style accent chairs.

Recliners Are Always a Good Idea

You will most likely appreciate having a recliner if you are the sort of person who enjoys to relax in an armchair with a interesting book in one hand and a hot drink in the other. These sorts of chairs have been popular for a long time, and they’re still popular today.

They’re extremely comfortable for a good reason. There is no need for your living room to be without its own recliner. With beige and black stripes, this one matches the design perfectly. And the best part is that you simply need to push back and relax to recline, no levers or buttons required!

Folding Chairs Make a Great Farmhouse Piece

Gardens and patios are commonly associated with folding chairs. They are often overlooked by many people. And for all the wrong reasons, too. Maybe you’ll prefer a folding lounge chair in your ideal modern farmhouse. You can’t know until you risk it!

This chair is already a excellent candidate for a farmhouse accent chair due to its leather upholstery. With a sleek frame, the leather adds a traditional exquisite look to the equation. You may also simply fold the chair and store it away if you require more room in your room.

Get a Barrel Chair for a Touch of Elegance

A barrel chair with long legs has a certain elegance to it. It has a antique appearance that beggars description. Even so, items like this one suit the style just right, even if the farmhouse isn’t always vintage in itself.

This chair adds a touch of elegance to any room it occupies, in addition to its vintage charm. Since it can look lovely in a variety of interior design aesthetics, it has amazing versatility. So, no matter how little or how large your space is, it will undoubtedly elevate it.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Classic Silhouette

For a reason, classics are classics. They’re stylish, versatile, and comfortable. So when it comes to accent chairs, opting for a classic design will guarantee that you have a classic piece in the room that won’t overwhelm the space.

A plaid print, especially when used in various color combinations, will surely have an effect. Plus, the slightly slanted backrest of this chair will provide your back with all the support it requires, not to mention providing comfort. In any farmhouse home, it’s a must-have item.

Add a Pop of Color With a Blue Stripe

The interior design of the farmhouse is simple and subdued in color. With a burst of brown and black here and there, it mostly emphasizes light colors, beiges, and whites. However, don’t fear if you like bright furnishings. It’s a good idea to add color to your farmhouse home!

A simple yet bold approach to add color to your room is to choose an accent chair with a pop of color, such as this blue stripe. It adds a new dimension to your living space, and it’s vibrant and exciting. A touch of sophistication is added by the chair’s silhouette. Overall, a wonderful addition to your home.

A Light Blue Chair Will Surely Make a Statement

It isn’t a sin to add some color to your farmhouse living area. It appears to be superior to anyone’s expectations. Investing in a chair that stands out from the rest of the furniture is another excellent approach to do so.

For consistency, the accent chair should match the other furnishings. Yet, unlike any other piece of jewelry, it creates a statement. This one would look fantastic with a nice oak finish on neutral furniture. It’ll quickly become your favorite sitting area in the room, thanks to its cosiness!

A Classic Silhouette With a Textured Look Fits Perfectly in a Farmhouse Living Room

When it comes to farmhouse accent chairs, the classic design is often the most popular option. It’s a classic for a reason, as we always say. That’s the style if you want an accent chair that gets little attention in the room, but wants a lovely and cohesive look.

Texture is a big part of the farmhouse style. And without drawing too much attention, this gorgeous accent chair adds just the right amount of texture. Forget about the fact that your chair is upholstered in a classic style with legs that are hand-carved to last for years.

Choose a Simple Design for a Timeless Look

Simplicity is something that never ages. Several of those flashier designs appear to be nothing more than a fad, while basic pieces seem to always look nice. It’s a good idea to purchase a simple chair, which will last for years.

If you’re trying for a inexpensive farmhouse accent chair, simple chairs are also a good option. This one has a classic beauty that works with any style of decor and is able to stay in the shadows without looking shabby. And it’s even more budget-friendly!

Bring the Farmhouse Look to Your Home With a Textured Accent Chair

Creating this exciting mix without losing the lovely countryside atmosphere that the farmhouse style gives off is possible in a variety of ways.

Combining the two is simple with this textured, leather accent chair, which has a contemporary farmhouse design. The leather upholstery gives the farmhouse style a certain contemporary feel, while also providing the tactile delight that it can’t help but adore. For sure, it will become a focal point in your room.

A Tufted Accent Chair Looks and Feels Regal

Tufted chairs have a unique character. A tufted armchair seems like a throne from which you can relax. In particular, if it features gorgeous wooden legs and armrests, such as this one. It becomes the chair of your dreams with the addition of upholstery to the mix.

The regal nature of this accent chair is unmistakable. It has a little aspect of the rural French aesthetic that is constantly appealing, while still matching in with the rest of the farmhouse décor. It doesn’t sacrifice comfort, despite its opulent vintage look. Comfy and beautiful combined!

A Checkered White and Blue Armchair Feels Like Home

The perfect farmhouse color combination is white and blue, which we all can’t help but adore. It exudes a sense of rural beauty that’s almost reminiscent of bringing you back to your childhood. This print brings back a lot of memories and gives us all much-needed happiness.

Why wouldn’t you spoil your inner child by purchasing this lovely piece of furniture? Its wingback backrest shares a particular vintage aesthetic, yet it also provides the support and relaxation we seek. This armchair is ideal for creating a cosy living space.

This French Classic Will Fit Perfectly in Your Farmhouse Living Room

The French rural style has a wealth of inspiration to offer. Their classic chair designs have a quiet effect on every space they’re put in, and are unforgettable. In addition, they blend flawlessly with the farmhouse aesthetic.

This armchair is a classic example of a French country style. The furniture is upholstered in subdued hues, letting the remainder of the area shine. It has an organic appearance because it is made of natural materials. The shaky wooden legs seem specifically designed for a country house setting!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Florals

They may be readily integrated into a farmhouse living area if you’re a lover of cottages and that charming rustic design. So why not use a floral pattern to achieve it?

Florals are always a safe bet. The flowers on this lovely grey armchair give it a rustic charm that is almost palpable. Because of its compatibility with the rest of the space, the color performs nicely within the farmhouse color scheme. In a farmhouse-style bedroom, this chair would look fabulous as an extra one!

Get a Round-Back Chair for a Dash of Elegance

Another royal favorite is round-back chairs. They give the room a sleek, polished feel and are simple to install. It has an elegant versatility that makes it feel at home in both a traditional room and a farmhouse.

You may get the polished elegant look you want by selecting a round-back chair in a lighter color like beige or tan. It’s the ideal accent chair because of its formal nature. These splendors may also be utilized as dining chairs, and in no time, your eating area will seem and feel spectacular.


Your number one priority when it comes to designing a comfortable welcoming area in your home is most likely creating a farmhouse-style look. Yet, the snugest corners are sometimes the ones that allow you to just slumber for the rest of the day.

But in the beginning, it may seem difficult to make sure those locations are well-decorated and comfortable. Yet, lovely chairs aren’t always uncomfortable, as we’ve demonstrated here. There are several options to choose from that will improve the ambiance of your area. And we’re sure you’ll discover the perfect match. Have a wonderful time shopping!

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