6 Best Lawn Edger (Electric and Gas) – Review & Buyer’s Guide

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We as homeowners prefer to keep our gardens and lawns looking nice all year. We, however, need the best equipment for the job: a power lawn edger to get our gardens that professionally manicured look.

A power lawn edger is a machine that trims and cuts grass and leaves, producing a stunning lawn with perfectly manicured edges featured in horticultural and gardening publications.

Choosing the appropriate edger for you and your personal garden requirements might be difficult because there are so many power edgers on the market. In order to purchase the finest power lawn edger for your garden, here are a few suggestions.

Our Top Pick for the Best Lawn Edger

This trimmer/edger/mini-mower is ideal for gardeners with a small to medium-sized yard. It’s portable and lightweight, but has a lot of power thanks to a powerful lithium-ion battery, making it a 3-in-1 power tool. It is a very dependable and sturdy power tool that can offer a thorough cutting performance in your lawn, resulting in a flawlessly manicured yard.

3 Benefits of Using a Lawn Edger

  1. After you have recently mowed the lawn, you can utilize a lawn edger to keep your paths and driveway clean.
  2. To keep the pavement outside your home perfectly groomed, and thus make your front grass the subject of neighborhood envy, you may employ a lawn edger.
  3. The edger can neatly cut and trim around the lawn’s edges, making your flowers stand out as the pride and joy of your garden, if you have flower beds.

2 Main Lawn Edger Types

Pole single-wheel edgers and walk-behind multi-wheel edgers are the two most common varieties of power lawn edgers.

Pole Single-Wheel Edgers

Pole single-wheel edgers have two wheels in the front and two wheels in the back, similar to a weed trimmer. They’re small, making them easy to move around in confined spaces.

Walk-Behind Multi-Wheel Edgers

Walk-behind multi-wheel edgers feature two, three, or four wheels, a bigger and more efficient engine, and a broad handle or two lever handles that make it simpler to regulate the edger’s movement.

Choosing the Right Power Lawn Edger for Your Garden

There are five gardening/mechanical requirements to consider before purchasing your new lawn edger.

1. Size of Your Garden

There are a variety of gardens to choose from. When buying a power tool that isn’t suitable for their garden, people may have issues with it. As a result, think about the issues listed above.

  • Do you have a tiny yard that requires little upkeep?
  • Is your garden irregular in shape? Is it medium-sized?
  • Do you have a vast garden with numerous walkways, a broad driveway, circular flower beds, and vegetable patches?

2. Power Source

– Electric (corded)

Smaller sized yards that need less upkeep are advised to use electric (corded) edgers, which are manufactured to be lightweight and simple to maneuver in tight areas. They’re also cheaper.

These are environmentally friendly, and you don’t have to concern about using the correct quantity of oil or dealing with unpleasant fumes.

You simply plug the electric edger into the power source and you can get right to work on transforming your yard into a masterpiece. Since they are usually quieter than gas-powered devices, electric edgers are particularly suited for suburban life.

Electric edgers are not portable and have a limited edging range, so you must stay close to a power source or use an extension cord.

An electric edger is the best choice for doing simple and efficient edging and trimming of your garden and lawn.

– Battery-Powered

Battery-powered edgers are the ideal solution for anyone who needs a portable and ecologically friendly option. For medium-sized gardens, battery-powered edgers are ideal. You don’t have to worry about stumbling over a cord since they don’t need any fuel. The batteries in most battery-powered edgers are powerful lithium-ion batteries that offer excellent battery life and charging speed.

The battery life will be affected by the size of your yard, and you’ll have to recharge the battery, which is a disadvantage of a battery-powered edger. As a result, it’s a wise move to get a second battery if you have a lot of garden upkeep.

Edgers that are battery-powered are also a good choice. Your operating expenses will be substantially lower than with electric (corded) or gas-powered models, in addition to their portability, emission-free, and reduced noise benefits.

– Gas-powered

For a medium to large-sized garden or property that demands a lot of upkeep, gas-powered edgers are the finest option. In comparison to an electric edger, gas power lets you get a safer, more precise cutting with just one pass. They are typically more effective, simpler to operate, and accomplish the task quicker than conventional engines. Either a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine is used to power them.

Heavy-duty edging is best served by four-cycle engines, which are more efficient and environmentally friendly. There’s no need to add engine oil since the car is powered by electricity. In addition, this kind of engine is more robust.

While two-cycle engines consume fuel, they are lighter than four-cycle engines.

Gas-powered models cost more, release fumes, and may be noisy. They also emit noise. CARB-compliant edgers, which can be used in California, are also available.

3. Blade Adjustment and Depth of Cut

With lawn care, it’s all about the last cut. So, look for a blade that you can adjust to suit your height and different cutting depths, as well as a trimming edge with a height adjustment feature. Most cutting requirements can be met with a 2.5-inchcutting depth and a 7-9-inch blade.

Depending on the portion of your yard where you will utilize the edger, the depth of cut will fluctuate, necessitating an variable blade. Any overgrown grass or garden buildup must be trimmed back to give the border a clean and neat finish, so make sure the border along your flower beds is deep enough.

To get the edges of the lawn to have a neat sharp line and that overall freshly manicured appearance, only need to be trimmed just enough to chop away any overgrown parts.

Look for an edger with a head that can pivot 90 degrees and a flower guard to protect delicate foliage if your lawn is bordered by garden walls and hard surfaces like paving or concrete pathways.

4. Comfortable and Easy to Use

You’ll need to pick an edger that is comfortable and simple to utilize in addition to the power supply and cutting force of a lawn edger. A lightweight edger that is labeled as “simple to start simple to utilize” is ideal for a modest garden.

If you have a bigger yard that requires a walk-behind multi-wheel edger, go for one with a large handle or two levers to make controlling and maneuvering the edger easier. Some come with Right or Left Handed Assist Handles, and others have adjustable shafts for you to alter the height of the edger for those tough to reach areas in your garden.

5. Extra Attachments

Multi-functional edgers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They may be utilized as a trencher or a line strimmer with just a simple change of accessories, in addition to functioning as a basic edger. If you want to eliminate any long grass or alter your garden or flower beds, this sort of edger is ideal.

6 Best Lawn Edgers – Reviews

1. BLACK+DECKER LE750 Landscape Edger and Trencher

The BLACK+DECKER LE750 Landscape Edger and Trencher is a great option if you have a small-sized garden that desperately needs trimming.

When you are reshaping your flower bed or installing lighting or invisible dog fencing, it’s a versatile gardening tool that can keep your lawn edges looking perfectly manicured and can also be converted into a trencher for digging clean-looking trenches.

It features a powerful 12 amp 2¼ HP motor that can generate 150 in-lbs of torque for cutting through tough grass, as well as being lightweight and simple to use. For cutting along hard surfaces like driveways, the edger features a 7.5-inch blade and a 3/16-inch thickness for a clean and tidy cutting action.

You have more control over how deep you need to cut in and around garden beds and trees with the 3-position adjustable blade depth.

The Right or Left Handed Assist Handle, which is intended to offer additional flexibility for maneuvering in tight spaces, is one of the highlights of this edger.


  • Small yards will benefit from this grass.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Multifunctional
  • Good cutting action
  • Good power
  • Right or left handle


  • Heavy-duty edging is not recommended.
  • Because of the thick grass, it’s difficult to maneuver.
  • When dealing with sharp curves, it’s difficult to use.

2. GreenWorks Electric Corded Edger

The GreenWorks Electric Corded Edger is a great electric power tool for cutting and manicuring a small yard because to its numerous features. This bright green edger has a strong, yet lightweight construction that makes it simple to operate and control. Greenworks has created it. The edger can be started with just a press of a button, so you don’t have to worry about struggling with a ripcord.

The blade on the edger can cut up to 1.5-inches deep and is adjustable for thickness and length of the grass, giving you an accurate and smooth finish. It features a powerful 12 amp motor and a 7.5-inch double-edged blade. The edger features three wheels, two larger wheels at the back, and a spring-assisted front wheel that aids in guiding the edger and maintaining the lawn’s proper depth of cut.

The edger features a secondary handle that provides you with that much-needed maneuverability when you have to negotiate tiny flower beds or while working with thick grass, as well as an extendable shaft that you may adjust according to your desired height. The cord lock, which prevents the extension cord from disconnecting, is another handy feature.


  • For small-sized yards, this is an excellent choice.
  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Solid construction
  • It is simple to control and maneuver
  • Very good edger


  • It’s not the best grass-cutting tool.

3. McLane 101-5.5GT-7 Gas Powered Lawn Edger

The McLane 101-5.5GT-7 Gas Powered Lawn Edger is your best option if you have a medium to large-sized property and are looking for a professional-style edger that will give you great edging performance.

The McLane edger, which is powered by a Briggs and Stratton 3.5 HP engine with 4.74 gross torque for better cutting and trimming performance, will breeze through all of those gardening manicuring tasks.

The 9-inch edging blade and single-level blade clutch provide more precision over the depth of cut, making it ideal for harder cutting and edging tasks. When edging along flower beds or trimming along the sidewalk, you may choose to use a deeper cut or a lighter cut.

The 4 large 8-inch rubber replaceable wheels with ball bearings offer you that extra mobility and control for uneven terrain, and the sturdy edger is well designed with a strong steel frame. The McLane edger has an added benefit of being CARB compliant, which makes it suitable for use in California.


  • Suitable for properties ranging from medium to huge.
  • For the money, it’s a good value.
  • Easy to start
  • Excellent edger
  • Solid machine
  • Plenty of power


  • Heavy
  • It’s difficult to follow the instructions.
  • Off comes the throttle cable.

4. Earthquake 23275 Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn Edger

The 9-inch spring steel blade of this grass-cutting pro cuts cleanly and precisely, making it ideal for lawns. Regardless of the grass type, or even cut tiny trenches, the versatile bevelling head cuts angles from 70-110° and has five different depth settings ranging from 0.5-3.5-inches.

The 4 sturdy and well-balanced wheels help you maintain consistently straight edges if you need to keep the grass neatly trimmed along your driveway or sidewalk. While the linked tool holder on the ergonomic handlebars offers a handy place to store smaller hand tools, you are shielded from flying debris by a tough chain debris guard.


  • For medium to large-sized yards, this is an excellent choice.
  • Powerful engine
  • Makes quick, clean lines by making smooth, accurate cuts.
  • The head can be adjusted in five positions.
  • Five different depth settings
  • Chain debris guard


  • Expensive
  • In tight spaces, it’s difficult to maneuver.
  • Heavy

5. WORX WG170 GT Revolution Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower

The WG170 GT Revolution Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower from WORX can be used as an edger, line trimmer, and even a small to medium-sized mower for yards of all sizes.

Without using any tools, it may be easily transformed from a line trimmer. So after you’ve finished trimming your lawn, just pull and release the trimming head, attach the edger tool, and twist to secure it. The instrument has been transformed into an edger.

The in-line wheels and the adjustable spacer guard help you guide the trimmer/edger along the edges of your driveway or around flower beds for precise landscaping, while also protecting delicate foliage. The trimmer/edger has a large 12-inch cutting swath with a single-line feed system, so there’s no bumping to extend the line.

The two powerful 20-volt max lithium batteries that power this trimmer/edger offer you longer runtime, no loss of power, and fast charging times. The cutting head can be pivoted 90 degrees, allowing it to cut between rocks and other hard-to-reach areas around your garden. The lightweight telescopic shaft is adjustable.

The edger features a front auxiliary handle with seven locking adjustments for that extra level of maneuverability and operator comfort. Trim, edge, and beautify your lawn to perfection in no time at all with the help of the WORX trimmer/edger/mini-mower.


  • For small to medium-sized lawns, this is ideal.
  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Three-in-one functionality
  • The adjustable space guard
  • Good battery life
  • Excellent edger


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty edging tasks
  • Battery takes a while to recharge

6. BLACK+DECKER LSTE523 String Trimmer

The BLACK+DECKER LSTE523 String Trimmer is the ideal gardening buddy if you’re looking for an affordable, emission-free, and lightweight lawn edger with plenty of power for all your trimming and edging tasks.

It can be maneuvered for edging around flower beds and even tough weeds, in addition to providing an great cutting performance for a little-sized yard.

This multipurpose garden equipment may be easily changed from a trimmer to a wheeled edger, giving you two in one. The telescoping shaft is simple to adjust, and the adjustable handle gives you that extra touch of control. With the push of a button, you may advance your line without bumping, thanks to the Easy Feed system.

The POWERDRIVE™ Transmission gives long-lasting torque that you can control via the dual-mode switch, and the edger/trimmer comes with a 20-volt lithium battery. Depending on the level of cutting or edging that is needed, you may adjust the amount of power. You may save the battery for when you need it for more difficult edging operations if you’re only doing light edging.


  • For tiny-sized yards, this is an excellent choice.
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • A two-in-one gardening gadget
  • A power-saving dual-mode switch
  • Excellent cutting ability


  • Large-sized yards should avoid this grass.
  • It takes a long time to charge the battery.

Our Top Pick for the Best Lawn Edger

You can’t go wrong with this trimmer/edger/mini-mower if you have a tiny to medium-sized yard. It is portable and lightweight, but packs a lot of power thanks to a powerful lithium-ion battery, making it more than just a 3-in-1 power tool. It is a highly dependable and durable power tool that will provide a flawlessly manicured garden if used correctly.

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