10 Best Wall Paint Colors that go with Cherry Cabinets

Cherry cabinets have been around for decades, but thanks to their undeniable allure, they have managed to stay in-trend. Finding the perfect complementary wall color, on the other hand, is difficult due to their fiery appearance.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re shopping for the greatest paint color for cherry cabinets. Below are a few popular kitchen color schemes, including cherry cabinets, that you can try at home:

Reclining Green by Sherwin Williams

Relish is a vibrant pastel green with positive energy by Sherwin William. Relish is not, however, an overpowering hue despite its vivid hue. As a result, it is a fantastic color for cherry red cupboards that need a bright yet controlled backdrop.

On the color wheel, red and green are almost on opposite sides. As a result, they’re an outstanding indoor pair that’s ideal for living room use. When your new red and green combination is introduced to the dynamic energy generated by it, your interior space will shine brilliantly.

Nicolson Green by Benjamin Moore

Sherwin William’s Reclining Green is a closer relative to Benjamin Moore’s Nicolson Green. Yet, either hue has a distinctive, incomparable presence in spite of both being members of the same fundamental color family.

Nicolson Green is a richer, earthier alternative to Reclining Green’s pastel pallet. Nicholson Green is no stranger to the concept, and we’ve already discussed why red and green complement each other so well. In addition, it will complement cherry red cabinets in terms of relative intensity.

Quiver Tan by Sherwin Williams

Quiver Tan stands out among other beige hues due to its earthy energy and medium-dark, beige brown color. Similar to cherry red’s unwavering boldness, it also has a strong, grounded appearance.

On the color wheel, brown and red are close to one another. As a result, painting your walls with Quiver Tan is a good option since it makes them appropriate matches for one another.

Just keep the different accents at bay; if you add any more color, you might wind up with a bowl of mush! Since your walls and cabinets will be decorated in bold, bright colors, this is the case.

Slipper Satin by Farrow&Ball

Farrow&Ball’s Slipper Satin is an unconstructed, smooth beige with a lighter tone than most colors in the same color group. It has a calming energy that may be felt in a room since it has a soft, welcoming look.

The fire in cherry cabinets is distinctive, and it won’t go unnoticed. Cherry wood is still a force to be reckoned with, despite its appearance, which isn’t as harsh as some red shades.

However, finding hues that can cope with cherry red’s incredible intensity is also difficult. Fortunately, one of the few colors that can tame your cherry cabinet set’s fire is Slipper Satin.

Panda White by Benjamin Moore

A color with as much character as cherry red seldom pairs well with drab, uninteresting white walls. Regular snow white is out, and Sherwin William’s Panda White is in.

Panda White isn’t what you’d expect from white paint. Instead, it has a lovely cream color that will liven up your walls! It matches well with cherry cabinets because of its cream-toned appearance. Your cherry furniture will be uplifted and given an undeniable dazzling appearance by Panda White’s unmistakable warmth.

Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams

While Panda White is a stunning hue, it isn’t appropriate for everyone. If you want a shade that is cooler than Panda White, but falls within the white family, Marshmallow is a good option!

Marshmallow, by Sherwin William, is a pale creamy white with a little bit of heat thrown in. It can’t be classified as a traditional “warm” color because it isn’t as bright as Panda White. Instead, it has a creamy appearance that is soft. As a result, it is an ideal option for homeowners who want to add a bright, unbleached white to their cherry cabinets.

Rarified Air by Sherwin Williams

For homeowners who prefer neutral hues, Rarified Air by Sherwin Williams is a great choice. Rarified Air, like the other whites in the family, has an extraordinary, distinct presence that distinguishes it from the others.

Rarified Air-colored walls can easily balance out your cherry cabinet set’s intensity, with a light blue undertone and gray tint. Since the blue undertone of this color will complement cherry red’s passionate attitude, it will help establish a tranquil mood.

Shy Smile by Behr

Cherry cabinets with pink walls is an uncommon combination, but it’s not prohibited. Behr’s Shy Smile is a classic, dusty mauve pink with a sweet allure. Shy Smile isn’t a passive color, despite its name. It is a excellent match for stubborn, determined cherry red because of its mild yet lively appearance.

The red color family includes both cherry wood and Shy Smile. The two are brought together by their shared resemblance, which results in a dynamic marriage of feminine pink and unrelenting red. Shy Smile is also a fantastic backdrop option for cherry cabinets because it’ll help them blend in with one other flawlessly.

Eclipse by Benjamin Moore

Eclipse has a strong blue undertone and is a cool, medium grey. It has a crisp, cool appearance that can instantly refresh a dull room, thanks to its ode to blue.

Eclipse is no exception to Benjamin Moore’s colors, which never fail to amaze. Cherry wood’s red tint can be paired with this color’s chilly undertone. On the color wheel, red and blue are polar opposites. As a result, they are natural companions and a lovely, attention-grabbing color combo.

Gloucester Sage by Benjamin Moore

Regular sage green is updated with a touch of Gloucester Sage. This color has a handsome brown tone that distinguishes it from most greens. Gloucester Sage is a wonderful backdrop option for your cherry cabinets because both brown and green are excellent complements to fiery red.

Because of its complex origins, this hue is incredibly adaptable, ranging from brown to green. As a result, combining your Gloucester Sage walls with other furniture or decorations should be simple.

Final Words

It’s difficult to find the right hue for cherry cabinets. Fortunately, you can solve the puzzle within minutes if you use a little bit of internet research!

Remember to take into account any other accents in the area when deciding on which color to paint your walls. Stay away from light-colored wall paints like Reclining Green if you have a lot of black in the area, for example. Heavy, dark colors don’t mix well with light colors!

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