15 Black Tile Bathroom Floor Ideas

The beautiful black tiles are a bonus. Your bathroom will seem elegant and stand out if you choose black tiling. It’s an excellent strategy to make your bathroom stand out! So, where should you begin?

Black tiling comes in a variety of styles. Maybe you’re looking for a sleek, contemporary style or a classic appearance? We’re here to assist if you’re unsure about where you want to go. The following are 15 bathroom floor ideas from black tiles that will stand out!

Pick Black Matte Tiling for That Classic Look

The classics are the best option if you just want to keep it simple yet stunning. There are several approaches to lay tiles, but using the appropriate black tile to achieve the classic staggered brick effect is truly remarkable. The simplest way to ensure your bathroom looks nice is to do this.

Here, we enthusiastically suggest using black matte tiles. The expensive feel of matte tiles adds to the bath’s elevation. This is a fantastic safe option that works in practically every bathroom!

Going for Black Rhombus Tiling Adds a Modern Edge to Your Bathroom

If you’re going for a contemporary style, rhombus tiles are among the coolest options. Super trendy bathroom designs include contemporary black flooring. There’s a good reason for that, too! The contemporary style is perfect in Rhombus tiles, which add a bright touch to your space.

You may achieve that uniform look by using this sort of tiling in both bathroom tiles and tiles. This exquisite design is enhanced by the fact that tiles are cut and placed down. Your bathroom will look incredible with this fantastic interpretation of a geometric style.

Add a Twist to That Marbled Look by Choosing Honeycomb Tiles

Marble is a classic material that will never go out of style. It seems and feels like a luxury item. Maybe you’re someone looking for something a little more current? This marbled concept is fantastic for both your bathroom floors and walls, and here’s a fun twist on it.

The marble flow is broken up by choosing a honeycomb that has been cut for marble tiling, which creates a visually appealing effect. Even so, you can’t eliminate the exquisite luxury feel of marble tiling with this unusual twist.

Go With Black Pebbled Tiles for an Organic Feel

Your bathroom will appear both natural and stylish by using black pebbled tiling. These black pebbles combine the best of both worlds because they are a stylish, elegant color on their own. This is a fantastic choice.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Matte Black Honeycomb Tiles

Honeycomb tiles are incredible, and we can’t say enough about them. Depending on their size, they’re super versatile style-wise. When you want something modern and distinctive, huge honeycomb tiles, for example, are ideal. They instantly change the ambiance in a room.

Your floors (and walls, if you’re into the sleek uniform look) in matte black can be created by opting for huge honeycomb tiles. They are sleek, stylish, and simply gorgeous. These are absolutely fantastic!

Black Tiles With a White Floral Pattern Look Fantastic

It’s possible that the black floor bathroom will be a hit. Because there are so many options that suit so many bathrooms, it’s hard to choose. There’s something for everyone, if you’re the sort of person who prefers patterned tiles. A gorgeous example is these black tiles with a floral pattern.

Every home has a little touch of tradition thanks to a simple floral pattern with a beautiful black base. These tiles may make your home appear both retro and modern. For farmhouse bathrooms that maintain that sleek black appearance, this is a fantastic option.

Matte Black Grid Tiling Has That Sleek Look

Another popular example is grid tiling. It’s a kind of tile that’s quite popular for a good reason. It’s basic, yet pleasing to the eye. It’s also popular on both sides of the room. If you prefer a matte black grid tiling instead of this sort, it may be for you!

The grout line is also matte black, giving everything a more uniform look, which makes these ones particularly nice. This gives the grout tiling a sleek, ultra-modern appearance that complements the contemporary black floor bathroom.

Black Terrazzo Tiles Are Perfect for a Mediterranean Bathroom

The Mediterranean style is lovely, yet it’s rarely seen. It’s a design that can make you feel like you’re walking around your house, inhaling the sea breeze. Bathrooms in the Mediterranean region have a warm, opulent feel. Everyone desires that, doesn’t he?

If you want to acquire that look while preserving that distinct aesthetic black bathroom floor has, choose black terrazzo tiles. And not to mention the fact that terrazzo is a gorgeous and long-lasting material that will suit your bathroom perfectly!

Be Creative With a Fun Pattern on Matte Black Tiles

There is a lot of freedom in using patterned tiles. Tiles with varied designs, for example, tiles that may be placed in several ways. As a result, there are several solutions for you if you’re a pattern lover who enjoys black tile.

One of our favorite pattern selections is this one. It allows you to create four distinct looks that work well on both bathroom floors and walls. While ensuring that the finished look is stunning no matter what, these tiles allow you to be inventive.

Pick an Interesting Mix of a Classic Marbled Look and a Modern Pattern

This one is for individuals who appreciate a little texture. Even when you’re sparse on décor, textured tiles may contribute so much to a bathroom that it seems sumptuous and adorned. Yet, by opting in for a contemporary design like this one with a light marbled texture and slight texture changes, everything changes.

It may seem like a lot to take in at first. The combination, on the other hand, generates a stunning bathroom aesthetic that is visually stunning. It’s ideal for daring individuals who want something new!

Look for Art Nouveau Inspired Black Tiles to Elevate Your Bathroom

Beautiful intricate designs and, of course, Antoni Gaudi, the legendary Spanish Catalan architect, are two things that come to mind when we talk about Art Nouveau. His work is spectacular, and it has been a huge influence on interior design.

A great example is these amazing black tiles. Gaudi’s work was heavily influence by the detailing. Your bathroom will look and feel like a spectacular art piece on its own thanks to the fantastic black material and the stunning textured pattern!

Consider a Rugged Industrial Look for Your Bathroom

This is for you if you can’t help but appreciate the tough, industrial design that comes with it. Because of its dark aesthetic, a black floor bathroom feels like it was made for industrial homes. You must, however, discover the proper tiles.

We recommend using imperfect stoneware in this tiling, which has a beauty similar to that of industrial buildings. They provide a distinctive touch to your place that will stay with you for a long time. Not to mention that they are responsible for both the walls and the floors!

Glossy Beveled Black Tiles Always Look Stunning

The texture of beveled black tiles is incredible. Those who prefer consistent tiling across wide areas will appreciate them. These tiles are glossy and attractive. They produce a lovely beam of light that ensures your black bathroom is not gloomy.

Their elegant beveled structure gives your bathroom a sophisticated touch. This style of tiling is ideal for a variety of styles, so it’s difficult to go wrong!

Choose an Art Deco Inspired Look for That 1920s Vibe

The 1920s were marked by opulence, excess, and a slew of other riches. And, with beautiful clean patterns and lovely design, the Art Deco art style does a great job of encompassing it. These designs are really timeless, and they suit our residences today perfectly! What makes them so appealing is that they aren’t out of date.

With its clean lines and a matte black backdrop, this art deco bathroom tiling design is a great example. These are tiles you shouldn’t overlook for a mid-century modern bathroom.

Black Lantern Tiles Are Perfect for a Retro Look

We have the right tiles for you if you’re a fan of the beautiful Moroccan style or want a classic retro bathroom look. A long history of black lantern tiles exists. They can’t help but look stunning, no matter where and how you place them. For a reason too.

Black lantern tiles give your bathroom a dark, mysterious arabesque ambience that makes it feel spectacular. They also give a lovely retro feel to traditional bathhouses, making them especially suitable. As a whole, they make for a fantastic selection!


Is it matte or glossy? What shape is it? Lantern or hexagonal? There are far too many black tile options to choose from, and it’s difficult to know where to start. But, the effort is well worth it for black tiling. As you can see, regardless of the form, size, or finish of the tiles, they look nice.

There are black bathroom tiles that will add drama to your floors, regardless of whether you prefer contemporary or classic. We wanted to highlight their greatness here, too. We hope we have helped you choose between black floor tiles. Maybe we even supplied you with some brand-new ones? Nobody knows for sure. Have a wonderful day!

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